Lord of the Magical Beasts

Chapter 490 - Lightning Divine Tribulation

Chapter 490: Lightning Divine Tribulation

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“Please spare him!”

When the Dark Great Elder waved his blade at the Great Templar Elder’s throat and was about to cut it open, a golden-haired knight quickly rushed over from a distant place, and an arrow shot at them before he reached them. As a jingling sound echoed, the arrow hit the Dark Great Elder’s scimitar, and it saved the heavily injured Great Templar Elder that was in imminent danger.

The Golden Lion?

When the Great Dark Commander saw the graceful golden hair of the person that came over, he snorted coldly and blocked the man’s path with his spear, “Barker, this is between our Dark Association and the Church. Could it be that your Borg Family also wants to meddle in it?”

“Barbosa, I don’t care about your grudges with the Church. Now, the spatial crevice has become more unstable, and none should start a large-scale war for the sake of Tailun Continent’s peace and for our joint benefits.” The knight Barker was neither haughty nor humble, and he spoke while he softly patted the warhorse below him.

After the knight Barker detected the earth-shattering battle between the two Mid-Level Deities like the Great Templar Elder and Dark Commander, he quickly rushed over and saved the Great Templar Elder at this crucial juncture.

“Hehe, joint benefits?” Barbosa’s expression turned ice-cold, and he spoke coldly, “Several thousand years ago, the Church mounted a sneak-attack on us when we were trying to seal the spatial crevice. You have joint benefits with us. So, why didn’t we see anyone of you coming over to obstruct the Church? Why don’t you clearly inform me of the reason behind this?”

When the Great Dark Commander Barbosa recalled the long years he spent as a prisoner in Iron Edge Castle and recalled his brothers that were killed by the Church, his expression turned gloomy, and intense Energy Ripples emanated from the Dragon-Slayer Spear in his hands. It was building up power and waiting for action.

The continent’s few great God-Level Experts had their own influence domain and didn’t oppose or help the Church. But the sole exception was the Golden Lion Barker’s Borg family, and it had many dealings with the Church. At this critical juncture, Barker came over to save the Great Templar Elder, and even though he came up with a good argument, it was obvious that he sided with him.

The God-Level Knight Barker was titled the Golden Lion and was Rossi Empire’s spiritual pillar. His power was unquestionable, but Barbosa still didn’t mind fighting to take revenge, and also for the well-being of the association.

When Barker saw that Barbosa, whose expression was gloomy, was ready to take action, he didn’t dare to take him lightly, and he carefully raised the spear in his hands. He didn’t want to have a conflict with the Dark Association. But even if he didn’t care about his family’s benefits, he still couldn’t ignore his dying old friend and not save him.

A great battle could happen at any moment!

Barker was a powerful God-Level Knight, and he possessed great thrust power. Ten thousand years ago, he had stabbed to death a Golden Behemoth whose height surpassed ten meters, and he went through the Orc Army freely. It could be discerned through this how great his power was.

As for the Dark Association’s Cavalry Great Commander Barbosa, his power wasn’t any worse, and he still possessed great power even though he had just gone through a great battle against the Great Templar Elder. As for the wound on his chest, it recovered quickly thanks to the help of the Dark Great Priestess’s magic.


Many ripples appeared in the air, and it was distorted. The intense energy collision gave rise to many explosions, and ear-piercing noise echoed. The Great Dark Commander Barbosa and Golden Lion Barker didn’t back off, and they faced each other sternly. They both released their Divine Domains and started an invisible confrontation before the beginning of the battle.

As a cold gust of wind blew over, it swept many fallen leaves toward the fighters, and when the leaves just entered the scope of the two people’s Divine Domains, they were torn into shreds.

The horned beasts and groundhogs felt an intense sense of danger, and they fled in panic from the region where the confrontation between the two people occurred.

Many cracks appeared on the giant angel statue in front of the church, and the few houses that still didn’t collapse yet were destroyed and shattered into fragments like glass.

If it could be said that the confrontation between the Great Dark Commander Barbosa and the Great Templar Elder was evenly matched, then the confrontation between him and the Golden Lion was like the collision of Mars against Earth.

“Humph! Stop, you should all stop.”

When a great battle was about to occur, several experts appeared suddenly in a remote region, and they rushed over. Their leader was an old man clad in scarlet armor, and he wore leather boots. He wasn’t angry, yet he seemed awe-inspiring, and he seemed like a ball of raging flames.

There was a man and a woman behind him. The man was clad in a white robe and had a one-meter-long sword on his back. He wore a calm look and seemed like a swordsman that toured the world. As for the woman, she held a black Magic Staff, and she was unexpectedly a beautiful Forest Elf.

“Sir Raymond!” the Golden Lion Barker saluted the old man respectfully and collected his Divine Domain.

The Sword God and Chief Elven Priestess behind the Fire God Raymond also rushed over. This matter demonstrated that the battle between the Dark Association and the Church had already caught the attention of the continent’s few God-Level Experts, and all great factions were implicated in it.

Now, the Dark Association wouldn’t be able to continue its battle against the Church, and Barker wouldn’t have to fight against them.

Barker didn’t want to have a conflict with the Dark Association unless it was absolutely necessary, and he also didn’t want to have a feud with them.

“Sir Raymond!” The Dark Great Elder glared at the Great Templar Elder that heaved a sigh of relief before he collected his scimitar and respectfully saluted the Fire God Raymond along with the Great Dark Commander and Great Dark Priestess.

“Rebraca, I don’t care about your grudges with the Church. But now, the spatial crevice became more unstable, and none should start a large-scale war.” The Fire God Raymond looked at the Great Templar Elder that stood with great difficulty with the help of the Golden Lion Barker before he looked at the resentful Dark Commander. He said, “An Alien Plane’s demon may take avail of the continent’s turmoil to sneak here through the Spatial Crevice, and this won’t be beneficial to anyone. Anyone who stirs up turmoil will become our joint enemy.”

The Dark Great Elder didn’t utter a word, but the Great Dark Commander Barbosa became more resentful as he thought about the past events, and he said, “Sir Raymond! Several thousand years ago, we went to seal the spatial crevice for the continent’s peace, and we didn’t get any thanks for it. Instead, we suffered the sneak-attack of the despicable Church that seized the chance, and innumerable members of the Dark Camp died due to this. We have suffered great damage, while the other two and I were imprisoned for several thousands of years. Could it be that we have to forget about it like so?”

“Humph! Some people’s heads became muddled with age,” the Fire God Raymond glared coldly at the ashamed Great Templar Elder and said, “The Church’s reinforcements will quickly reach land, and at that time, you can get enough compensation from them. Several thousand years passed, and this matter should be settled.”

When Raymond saw Saint Peter Castle where blood flowed until it formed rivers and saw the innumerable Magical Beasts, he furrowed his brows, and he flew outside of the castle ahead of others.

The crowd exchanged several glances before they also followed him outside. The Great Dark Commander was still resentful and wished badly to break the Great Templar Elder’s throat, but when he looked at the Great Dark Elder, the latter shook his head at him, and he could only swallow his anger and follow the other people.

What happened later was within the crowd’s expectations. The Church came later with a large group of Templar Warriors and high-level angels, and after the Fire God Raymond talked with them, all factions’ members sat on a mountain’s peak next to the castle, and they started again dividing up the factions’ domains, as well as other crucial benefits.

However, when the Pope and Great Dark Elder were quarreling endlessly, an unexpected incident occurred.


After a loud rumble echoed, the energy whirlwind in the sky became larger by much, and thick black clouds engulfed a thousand miles. Thunder rolls echoed ceaselessly, and many shocking serpentine lightning bolts appeared frequently. Tremendous energy gathered in the sky, and even the Dark Commander, Golden Lion, and their companions were shocked by this berserk heavenly might, let alone the Corpse Wizard King, beauty Sala, and others.

“Huh? A lightning divine tribulation?” When the Fire God Raymond saw Yang Ling that was sitting cross-legged on the Great Wizard Altar and detected the overwhelming energy in the sky, his expression turned grave.

No matter if it was a human or a Magical Beast, once they advanced into God-Level, they would suffer a Divine Tribulation, and similar matters would occur in all planes, and even the legendary Divine Lord Planes weren’t an exception. The greater the potential and power of the challenger, the greater the might of the divine tribulation, and he would either cross it successfully and become a genius practitioner or die. Both his soul and body would be exterminated!

In the innumerable planes, the might and form of divine tribulations varied. Some of the divine tribulations would send down an Icicle, while some would send a large number of meteorites or a large fire that would spread to a thousand miles. Among them, the most powerful and mysterious divine tribulation was the legendary lightning divine tribulation.

It was rumored that the lightning divine tribulation was the most terrifying tribulation, and only a few people faced it. As for the number of people who crossed it successfully, it was lower, and it wasn’t sure than even one in ten thousand people could survive it.

“Is this the Magical Beast Realm’s lord that is titled the Great Demon King?” The Fire God Raymond looked at Yang Ling that sat cross-legged on the Great Wizard Altar, the soldiers prostrating around the altar that prayed devoutly, and the Magical Beasts prostrating respectfully around the altar before he questioned the Great Dark Elder next to him with a smile.

The spatial crevice’s oscillation that would occur every several thousand years brought great danger to Tailun Continent, and if they weren’t careful, Alien Planes’ domains would seize this chance to sneak here, or the whole plane might even be torn to shreds by a terrifying spatial storm. At this time, if the continent got another God-Level Expert, they would get more power.

“That is right. He’s the Magical Beast Realm’s lord Yang Ling.” When the Great Dark Elder saw the terrifying meteorological phenomenon, his expression turned grave.

The Great Dark Elder hesitated for a moment before he led the Great Dark Commander and Great Dark Priestess to the Great Wizard Altar, where Yang Ling was.

The Great Dark Elder instructed the Corpse Wizard King to leave Saint Peter Castle along with the Magical Beasts and soldiers, and he asked them to distance themselves from this land the furthest possible before he took out a large number of Premium Crystal Ores and high-level Magical Beasts’ Essence Crystals.

The Great Dark Elder didn’t mind consuming a large amount of his Magical Power to set up an Ancient Magical Formation Spell that would protect Yang Ling, and he hoped to help him cross this crisis. He was doing so for the joint benefits of the Dark Association and the Magical Beast Realm, and also to pay back Yang Ling for saving his life.

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