Lord of the Magical Beasts

Chapter 489 - Asura Battlefield

Chapter 489: Asura Battlefield

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Graham was a noble and was one of Saint Peter Castle’s important and famous nobles.

The reason why he became famous wasn’t due to a high noble position or great wealth. It was because he controlled Saint Peter Castle’s unique industry. All prostitutes in the castle were controlled by him no matter if they were in a high-class or were singers groomed since childhood or even women that solicited clients in the roadside. The reason behind this was quite simple, and it was that he was the sole person whose work got the Church’s tacit approval and support.

Saint Peter Castle wasn’t like the continent’s ordinary cities, and it could be considered a castle constructed and supported fully by the Church. Even great influential families couldn’t get a foothold here without the Church’s recognition and support.

Graham exploited his relationship with the Church to monopolize Saint Peter Castle’s Flesh Trade, and he gained a large sum of Crystal Coins. This time, he wanted to use the celebration party to deepen his relationship with the Red-robed Archbishop Carell, and he didn’t expect that he would instantly fall from Heaven to Hell.

When he opened his eyes and observed the surroundings, all he could see everywhere were just Magical Beasts that covered the land and the sky. Violent Groundhogs were rushing over like a tide, and they tore to shreds the powerful Guardian Knights and the nobles’ guards. Corpses covered the ground, and blood flowed until it formed rivers.

Graham was quite fat because he ate and drank as much as he wanted all year round, and his belly was bigger than most ten months pregnant women. But, he still responded quicker than everyone in the face of the sudden calamity, and he quickly escaped through the Church’s back door. He hid in a house in the vicinity while protected by a few guards, and he shivered as he observed the Magical Beasts running amok outside while he still prayed nervously. He hoped to get God’s protection.

It was probably not destined for them to die here, yet it might also be that God granted their wish. Their group stayed scared and on edge until the arrival of the Honorable Knights Team, and they saw hope for avoiding danger. But, the Magical Beast Lord Yang Ling that was called a Great Demon King possessed shocking power, and he cut open the Red-robed Archbishop Carell’s throat with his blade before he inflicted heavy injuries upon the Honorable Knights Team’s commander.

The commander was shortly torn into two shreds by the Dark Dragon King, and the Knight Team that lost their leader lost their advantage and were slaughtered by the crazy Magical Beasts that swarmed into them.

The death of the Red-robed Archbishop Carell let Graham’s limbs turn ice-cold, and the miserable defeat of the Honorable Knights Team made him descend into despair. Every time he saw a Groundhog passing in front of the door, his heart would contract intensely. He wasn’t bitten and killed, yet he was nearly scared to death.

Soon after, the Angels Corps’ appearance let him became wild in joy, but when the Angel Battle Formation was broken forcefully, he descended into despair again. However, the Great Templar Elder’s appearance delighted him, and when he saw the Magical Beasts lying limp on the ground, he finally saw hope for rescue. But, it was a pity that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

After the Three Heads of Darkness appeared, the Great Templar Elder was entangled by the Darkness Cavalry Commander, and the Magical Beast Army started a counterattack. He still didn’t get excited for long, yet he had already fallen from the clouds, and he fell from Heaven to Hell again. This time, there wasn’t any hope for a change of fortune.

When the Great Templar Elder streaked his sharp blade across thin air, the stable house collapsed, and the pig-like fatty Graham could only stare blankly at the falling stones, and he had only managed to let out several screams before he was buried alive by innumerable stones and was killed. He would have never imagined even his dreams that a celebration would instantly turn into a terrifying slaughter, and he didn’t expect that even though he avoided the violent Magical Beast Army, he still died, and he died in the hands of the Great Templar Elder that he awaited anxiously.

An intense battle occurred between two Mid-Level Deities, and the Magic Crystal Cannons and Magical Towers started firing, while the Magical Beasts that covered the land and the sky started a crazy counterattack. Those occurrences turned Saint Peter Castle into hell on earth for its people, and if they rushed out, they would be killed by the crazy Magical Beasts, while if they hid in the cellar, they would be buried alive.

As time passed, the bloody smell permeating in the castle’s air became more intense, and if one observed this land, he would see blood and dismembered limbs everywhere.

There were crazy Magical Beasts, angels and knights that were persisting strenuously, as well as believers that had no room for escape. The bloodstains present everywhere turned this land into a tragic Asura Battlefield.

After the outcome was determined, Yang Ling didn’t bother with killing the struggling knights and angels personally, and he teleported toward the Great Wizard Altar. He sat on it cross-legged and drank several drops of Black Crystal Marrow to replenish his Wizard Power and Mental Energy, as well as quicken his body’s recovery. Moreover, he still read a Wizard Mantra in silence and cast the high-level Soul Tampering Technique to refine the shocking amount of Soul Energy in the castle.

Ordinary people’s souls were quite weak, but there were thousands upon thousands of them, and they reached a shocking figure. Moreover, there were still the souls of high-level Guardian Knights and angels, and a large amount of Soul Energy was present in the Castle’s sky. Yang Ling used a high-level Soul Tampering Technique to absorb the Soul Energy in the sky, and the amount of Soul Golden Liquid in his brain turned higher as time passed. It turned from a small pond to a lake, before it turned into a great sea. Every drop of Soul Golden Liquid contained a large amount of Soul Energy.

As he absorbed more Soul Energy, the Soul Golden Liquid’s amount became greater, and his perception ability became sharper. Even if Yang Ling closed his eyes, he could clearly detect what was happening in the several hundred miles around Saint Peter Castle, and his perception scope became greater as time passed. He could see the common people shivering with fear in cellars, yet he could also see the Groundhogs’ calamity that devastated Ural Plains and the endless stream of Groundhogs coming from the depths of Ural Mountain Range.

After an unknown amount of time, the Soul Golden Energy that rose drastically in amount started shrinking, and it started fusing together. Soon after, it started congealing and changed from a liquid state to a solid-state.

Yang Ling was crazily absorbing the energy in a thousand-mile-radius, and a giant energy whirlwind appeared in the air, while the jade pendant gifted to him by the Dark Great Elder became more scarlet and scalding.

“Well? Would he cross the tribulation on the battlefield?” When the Great Dark Priestess holding the Staff of Darkness saw the terrifying energy whirlwind in the air and detected the intense Energy Ripples emanating from Yang Ling’s body, she cried out involuntarily.

For the past innumerable years, she had seen many experts that invited their friends to help them cross the tribulation, yet she also had experts that used a powerful Divine Weapon to cross the tribulation, and she even saw some people that set up many layers of Formation Spells. But, she had never seen anyone trying to cross the tribulation without making any preparations like Yang Ling.

The Divine Tribulation was a turning point in every practitioner’s life, and if they could safely cross it, they would become a powerful God-Level Expert and form a Godhead. On the other hand, if they failed, they would be exterminated, and even their soul would be extinguished.

Even an incompetent Domain-Level Expert would get cautious upon detecting the arrival of a Divine Tribulation, and he would hide to deal with it carefully. But Yang Ling didn’t just lead a great army to conquer Saint Peter Castle. He had even started crossing the tribulation on the battlefield. It was incredulous!

The Dark Great Priestess shook her head and observed the Dark Cavalry Commander that fought evenly against the Great Templar Elder before she looked at Yang Ling that was on the Great Wizard Altar. She didn’t hesitate any longer, and she started mumbling with the Staff of Darkness in her hand. Soon after, many sparkling snowflakes were formed in the sky.

When the Allied Armies’ soldiers and Magical Beasts touched the snowflakes, they only found them slightly cold, but when the struggling Church’s knights and angels touched them, their bodies turned ice-cold as if they were bitten by a snake, and in an instant, a thick layer of frost appeared on their skin. Their bodies, blood, and brains were frozen and turned into ice, and as long as their bodies were touched by the soldiers or Magical Beasts, they would break into fragments like glass.

“Absolute Zero?”

When the Great Templar Elder saw the terrifying snowflakes in the air, his body shivered. He didn’t expect that the matter he was the most worried about would still occur. It if was just the Dark Commander alone, he was still confident that he could persist until the arrival of reinforcements, but if the Dark Great Elder and Dark Great Priestess joined hands, he surely wouldn’t be a match for them.

The Three Heads of Darkness didn’t just train until the Mid-Level Deity Stage, as they were still adept at cooperating, and they would be more fearsome together.

The Great Templar Elder waved his great blades and extinguished several snowflakes that closed on in him, and started backing off toward the Church’s Teleportation Formation Spell. He wanted to use it to teleport back into the Holy City, but as a blur flickered in front of his eyes, the Dark Great Elder that held a scimitar blocked his road, and when he turned his head around to take a look, he discovered that the Dark Great Priestess and the Dark Cavalry Commander also surrounded him. He instantly fell into a heavy encirclement!

The Three Heads of Darkness exchanged a glance before they started attacking jointly without wasting their breath. The Dark Great Elder thrust his blade at the Great Templar Elder’s chest, while the Dark Commander thrust the Dragon-Slayer Spear at the enemy’s back. As for the Dark Great Priestess, she summoned an Icicle and fired it at the enemy’s belly.

“Humph! Die, let’s die together.” When the Great Templar Elder realized that he couldn’t dodge the attacks, he let out an angry shout and raised the Gravity Domain’s power to the pinnacle. He turned a blind eye to the Dark Great Elder’s scimitar and the Dark Great Priestess’s Icicle before he turned around to hit with his blade the Dark Commander that cornered him.

“Even if I have to die, I will bring someone down with me.”


The Great Templar Elder was quite fierce, but the Dark Commander was unexpectedly fiercer than him, and he faced the Great Templar Elder’s blade head-on without trying to dodge it. He thrust his spear at the Great Templar Elder and penetrated the Godhead on his body with his sharp spear’s pointed end. They both risked their lives and let out a miserable shriek.

Blood flowed from the Dark Commander’s chest, and a large wound so deep that bones could be seen was on his chest. As for the Great Templar Elder, his situation was more miserable because he faced his opponent’s all-out attack. A big hole was made in his belly, and several cracks appeared on his Godhead. He suffered deadly injuries, and he vomited a large mouthful of blood before he fell limp on the ground. He could only stare helplessly at the Dark Great Elder’s scimitar and Dark Great Priestess’s Icicle that closed on in him.

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