Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild

Chapter 575 - Wan Li

Chapter 575: Wan Li

Teng Shu explained, “We’re not sure yet. We have to return to the dormitory to take a look.”

“Back to the dormitory?” Mdm Zeng frowned. “Didn’t we just come back from there? Why are we going there again?”

“It’s like this,” Teng Shu said. “We can’t call the police yet, so we want to go over and see if there’s another reason.”

Mdm Zeng frowned and said to Zeng Fan, “Husband, finding her is more important now. We can’t waste our time on these matters!”

“How about this?” Zeng Fan said to Teng Shu, “Teacher Teng, go back to the dormitory and take a look first. I’ll go to other places in the school with the others to find her.”

Teng Shu nodded. “Okay.”

After Zeng Fan and Mdm Zeng left, Teng Shu said in a low voice, “This Mdm Zeng is a bit strange.”

“You noticed it too?” Lu Sheng stared at Mdm Zeng’s back and said lightly, “There’s something wrong with this person.”

“Her?” Jun Hao said, “She’s Zeng Zijuan’s stepmother. Her name is Wan Li. She just entered the family two years ago. It’s said that she was a third party. Zeng Zijuan doesn’t have a good relationship with her.”

Lu Zhou smiled faintly. “That makes sense.”

The few of them went to the dormitory again and went in with the key from the dormitory supervisor.

As Chu Yan and Jun Hao were boys, they were forbidden from entering and could only wait downstairs.

As Teng Shu was a teacher and this was under special circumstances, he was allowed to enter.

The moment they pushed the door open, they frowned.

“Something is indeed amiss.”

Lu Sheng scanned the room and sneered.

“Can you do it alone?”

Teng Shu glanced at the staircase on the second floor and asked Lu Sheng softly.

“Yes. Teacher, guard here in case that thing escapes.”


Seeing that Teng Shu agreed, Lu Sheng started walking upstairs.

The Yin energy on the second floor was very strong. There was even a room that emitted ghost aura.

Lu Sheng walked to the room and stopped. Then, she took out another key and entered.

When she entered, she saw Zeng Zijuan lying on the bed and a little ghost standing at the side.

When the little ghost heard the commotion, it turned back. When it saw Lu Sheng, it pounced over with a ferocious expression.

Lu Sheng shifted her body slightly and dodged its attack.

“You have such strong resentment. What’s wrong with you?”

The little ghost glared at Lu Sheng and said, “If not for her, I wouldn’t have died!”

“Oh?” Lu Sheng crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows. “Why do you say that?”

The little ghost turned his head and looked at the sleeping Zeng Zijuan. “Because my mother said that it was all because of her that my mother didn’t give birth to me.”

“Your mother?” Lu Sheng frowned. “Wan Li?”

“That’s right!” The little ghost nodded and said, “She’s my mother. She told me that if not for this woman and her mother, my mother would not have abandoned me!”

“You’re wrong,” Lu Sheng said lightly. “Even without her, your mother wouldn’t have wanted you.”

When the little ghost heard that, he immediately said sternly, “Nonsense. My mother won’t lie to me!”

Lu Sheng sneered. “You were already five years old when you died. In other words, you were already born. It’s not that you weren’t born.”

“Five years old?”

The little ghost tilted his head, seemingly wondering if Lu Sheng’s words were true.

“I don’t know why Wan Li lied to you, but I’m certain that you’re not her child.”

Not only did this Wan Li raise little ghosts, but she also lied to them that they were her children. She was truly not simple.

“Impossible!” The little ghost did not believe her. “She bought me delicious food and new clothes. She treats me so well. How can she not be my mother?”

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