Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild

Chapter 574 - Zeng Zijuan’s Missing (2)

Chapter 574: Zeng Zijuan’s Missing (2)

Lu Sheng was not close to Zeng Zijuan, and did not know what kind of person she was usually. Hence, she did not care about her disappearance.

However, halfway through the second period, Teng Shu appeared in the class.

Teng Shu let the teacher in class stop first and asked the students, “Student Zeng Zijuan didn’t come to class today. Does anyone know where she went?”

Everyone shook their heads. “No.”

“But we checked the surveillance cameras just now and realized that she had indeed entered the school gate. Has no one seen her?”

“Me!” A female classmate raised her hand and stood up. “I remember now. I saw her at the gate this morning. She said that she forgot something in the lunch break dormitory, so she wanted to go over and get it.”

“You’re saying that she went to the lunch break dormitory?”

The female classmate nodded. “That’s what she said. I was busy writing the questions today, so I forgot about this.”

“Okay, go to class first. I’ll take a look at the lunch break dormitory.”

Teng Shu left the classroom after speaking.

Lu Sheng watched their backs thoughtfully.

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Yan looked at her suspiciously and asked softly.


She smiled at Chu Yan and continued listening.

After school in the afternoon, there was still no news of Zeng Zijuan.

However, when they investigated the surveillance cameras, they realized that she had indeed entered the lunch break dormitory but did not come out.

The surveillance cameras in the corridor of the dormitory only saw her enter and not leave. Moreover, no one had entered the dormitory during this period.

“What happened?”

Zeng Fan was anxious. He did not understand why his daughter would suddenly disappear.

“There’s something strange about this.”

After Teng Shu finished watching, he said lightly, “Mr. Zeng, wait for a while. I’ll find someone.”

As Zeng Fan was anxious about his daughter, he did not care who Teng Shu was looking for. Hence, he only nodded perfunctorily.

In the dining hall, Lu Sheng, Chu Yan, and Jun Hao had just finished their meal and were about to return to the lunch break dormitory when they were stopped by Teng Shu.

“Lu Sheng, wait.”

The three of them turned back. Lu Sheng asked suspiciously, “Teacher Teng, what’s the matter?”

Teng Shu walked to the three of them and nodded at Chu Yan and Jun Hao before saying to Lu Sheng, “I want to ask you for a favor.”

Lu Sheng nodded. “Go ahead, Teacher.”

“It’s like this. I’m sure you’ve heard about Student Zeng Zijuan.”

Lu Sheng nodded again, hinting for him to continue.

“We’ve checked the surveillance cameras in the lunch break dormitory and realized that Zeng Zijuan had indeed entered. Moreover, she had not come out after entering. However, we asked the dormitory supervisor and Student Zeng’s mother to go up and take a look just now. They all said that there was no one in the dormitory.”

Lu Sheng nodded and said in a low voice, “So, Teacher, you suspect that something else is causing trouble?”

Teng Shu nodded. “It’s impossible for a person to disappear for no reason. I think it’s not simple, so I would like you to go to Student Zeng’s dormitory to take a look.”

“Okay.” Lu Sheng nodded. “Please lead the way, Teacher.”

“Wait here for a while. I’ll call Student Zeng’s parents first.”

As Teng Shu spoke, he took out his phone and called Zeng Fan. Soon, Zeng Fan and his wife arrived.

“Teacher Teng, is there news of our Juaner?” Mdm Zeng asked nervously.

Lu Sheng looked at her and frowned in confusion.

For some reason, although Mdm Zeng looked very anxious on the surface, she could not see any panic in her eyes. One could even say that there was some excitement.

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