Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 288 - Chapter 288: 183. King Shenwu, I’ll Burn Your Imperial Palace!

Chapter 288: 183. King Shenwu, I’ll Burn Your Imperial Palace!

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“If you gain something, you have to pay something. You have an obsession, but you want to die so badly? Your obsession didn’t give you enough strength, but it became a torment that restrained you?”

“You don’t understand.”

“I understand.”

Zuo Ci fell silent.

“I’ll help you, and you’ll help me,” Xia Ji said.

With that, he flipped his right hand and a golden crystal ball containing the

Undying Demon Flame appeared in his sleeve.

He put his finger into the crystal,

It drew out a wisp of the Eternal Demon Flame.

The demon fire was green and white in color.

I was held by the tip of my finger by the summer pole,

It was burning hot and quiet.

Zuo Ci quietly looked at the flame. Suddenly, he knelt down and bowed.” I’m willing to give my loyalty. ”

“Waiting for the right price?” Xia Ji mocked.

Zuo Ci said, ” You’ve shown me the hope of truly forming a pill, so I’m willing. You can say that I’m waiting for the right price or that I’m snobbish. I don’t care. ”

Xia Ji looked at him quietly. The man before him was just like him. He had an obsession. For this obsession, he could give up everything, his freedom, and his loyalty to the sect. Xia Ji had misunderstood him.

“How do I show my loyalty?” Zuo Ci asked quietly.

Xia Ji pondered for a moment. It was obviously inappropriate to read Buddhist scriptures to a Taoist priest.

As for the Five-Colored Divine Token, it was the highest masterpiece of the Deathsworn Token series.

Its first characteristic was that as long as the meaning was the same, regardless of strength, it could be stored in the token.

Its second characteristic was that its master would not die. Even if the death warrior died, he could be resurrected thousands of years later. The only way to completely destroy it was to kill the master. “Then, the token and the death warrior will be destroyed along with their master.”

Its third characteristic was that if a death warrior was taken into the token, their talent would be greatly enhanced. At the same time, they could inherit a certain proportion of their master’s strength, causing their strength to double. According to Su Tian, the increase was at most 50% of their master’s strength.

Now was the beginning of the fire tribulation.

Most of the 11th level cultivators were the subordinates or descendants of those nine.

In that case, when accepting death warriors, what was chosen was not their cultivation level, but their talent, character, and so on.

The Five-Colored Divine Token could bestow talent.

Xia Ji didn’t really care about his character, as long as it wasn’t the kind of person who did evil to the extreme.

The only thing left was his obsession.

Obsession could make people desire to become stronger.

“Why do you want to refine pills?” Xia Ji asked.

“Save my daughter,” Zuo Ci hesitated for a moment before he slowly said.

“How long has she been dead?”

“Ten years.”

“Is there any use in refining pills?”

“Yes, I found an ancient recipe. It will definitely be useful!” Zuo Ci said with certainty. Rather than saying that he believed it, it was more like he had no choice but to believe it.

Xia Ji had talked to Su Tian before and knew that the only way to save her was to go deep into the Land of Extremis of the Six Paths. Before reincarnation, he would go to the edge of the Yellow Springs to bring her out.

As time passed, the Six Paths of Despair would become more and more terrifying. Right now, the reapers, Yama, were not at home, and all kinds of treacherous existences were still sleeping.

Otherwise, Su Linyu would not have been brought out so easily.

Even so, this was something that he and Su Tian had to expend a lot of energy and even their lifespans to succeed. If it were anyone else, even if they knew the method, they would not be able to do it.

Even if they did, they would all be killed by the black hand that chased them out of the land of peril.

“What if he can’t be saved?” Xia Ji asked.

Zuo Ci was speechless.

“If you become strong, you can go to the netherworld and bring her out,” Xia Ji said.

“Is there a Yellow Spring?”


“She…” Zuo Ci’s voice trembled slightly. ” Could she have already been reincarnated? ”

“Not yet, at least not in the next five hundred years.”

Xia Ji glanced at him and suddenly said, ” You can become my death warrior. ”

Then, he told Zuo Ci about the five-colored token. If Zuo Ci was unwilling, he could only kill him.

However, Zuo Ci laughed a little crazily. He suddenly stood up and knelt on the ground. ” I’m willing to die for you.

Xia Ji took out the five-colored token and floated it in the air. ” Use your fingertip’s blood to touch the token. Just obey. ‘

Blood seeped out of Zuo Ci’s fingertip as he gently tapped the token in front of him.

A light flashed.

A strange connection had already formed.

Xia Ji was pleasantly surprised. The Five-Colored Divine Token was indeed a top-grade magic artifact given by Su Tian. Not only did it have the function of a leather scroll contract, but it also had many other characteristics.

Beep beep beep .

The leather scroll contract suddenly reacted.

It was Ji Xuan.

“Teacher, Su Tian is looking for you. I said you haven’t come back yet.”

“I understand.”

After a short while.

The leather scroll contract reacted again.

It was Hu Xian Er.

“Master, Su Daji appeared earlier than expected. She said that she would not care about the Three Months Pact anymore. If you still did not appear, she would burn down the palace. I think she can do it. ”

“I know. If she asks again, tell her that King Shenwu is on his way back on horseback.” “Oh.”

Xia Ji was speechless.

This Su Daji and Su Tian had quite a tacit understanding. They were rushing him so urgently.

This gave him the feeling of being called out to a team battle when he was still jungling.

He really wanted to reply, ” I’ll come after I’m done farming this wave “, but after thinking about how ” so many teams were wiped out because of this sentence he made a decision.

“Is there a place to store Devil Fire?”


Zuo Ci took out a black brazier made of an unknown material from his storage space.

“The temperature is very high,” Xia Ji said.

“No problem.”

Xia Ji didn’t say anything else and directly drew the seed of the Undying Demon Flame into it. He had five Undying Demon Fires, and he had given one, so he had four left. Furthermore, the Fire Tribulation Land was his backyard, so he didn’t feel any heartache at all for giving out such Undying Demon Flame..

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