Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 287 - Chapter 287: 183. King Shenwu, I’ll Burn Your Imperial Palace!

Chapter 287: 183. King Shenwu, I’ll Burn Your Imperial Palace!

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The structure of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace was completely different from the Golden Jade Lane and True Martial Pavilion. Every palace here was designed with the alchemy room as the core.

The distance between the palaces was huge.

Some were even separated by a few mountains.

Thus, the entire Pill Palace appeared very large.

Xia Ji’s water element state had almost reached the limit of concealment. Other than his slow movement speed and the limited terrain, he didn’t find any flaws.

He observed from the mountain peak. Listening to the conversations of many disciples,

He was looking for an opportunity to cut in.

A few more disciples walked past them. It looked like they were the old disciples guiding the new disciples.

“In two days, all of you will be able to take on a master. Don’t blame me for not reminding you not to choose the one in the northernmost palace…That Martial

Uncle refined it…You know what I mean.”

“Could it be that he has bad conduct?”

“What are you thinking? It must be a mess.”

The senior brother was instantly speechless and hurriedly explained, “Don’t talk nonsense. That’s the Pill Addict, one of the Five Addicts on my Fangzhang Island.

It was said that once, he brought his son to a dangerous place to train. In the end, he suddenly remembered a pill formula and was in a hurry to come back to test it out. He forgot about his son, and in the end, his son died.

Because of this, his dao companion also left him, but not only did he not feel sad, he became even more obsessed with alchemy. Every day and night, when he woke up, he was a pill furnace, and when he slept, he was also a pill furnace.”

“It can’t be.”

“Then being his disciple is really risky.”

“How should I address this Martial Uncle Alchemy Addict?” asked a disciple hurriedly.

“Zuo Ci,” the senior brother said slowly.

Xia Ji, who was passing by him, followed the tributary to the north with a thought.

The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace disciples passed by him without anyone noticing.

In the extremely hot palace.

Even the boy who fanned the wind and ignited the fire had gone.

A skinny Taoist with a hunched back and turbid and cold eyes was sitting on the ground.

The lid of the pill furnace was opened, and the inside emitted a burnt smell.

The Taoist priest had a white face and no beard. He looked very refined. Even in front of the raging fire, he did not blush at all.

He stared coldly at the fire and suddenly shouted crazily, “The temperature of the fire is not enough! Why?”

After shouting, he fell backward and painfully onto the scorching ground.

The heavy panting gradually subsided.

The malevolence on his face had also returned.

Only a pair of emotionless eyes were left staring at the blackened dome.

“I will definitely train it out, definitely…”

He muttered and then suddenly sat up, ” Fire temperature, high temperature flame, fire tribulation. ”

“That’s right, Fire Calamity.”

There was a long silence.

A hint of determination flashed in his cold eyes. He raised his hand and waved. The black flying sword hidden in the dark shot over and followed beside him.

The Fire Tribulation Land was a dangerous place.

Don’t go.

But he had to go.

The Daoist was about to open the door.

The door was pushed open from the outside.

A black shadow swept in from the outside, and the door immediately closed tightly, revealing a cloaked person. However, his face was half-covered by the hood, so he could not see clearly.

It was naturally Xia Ji.

“Zuo Ci,” he said lightly.

Playing tricks, ” the Taoist said calmly. He waved his hand, and a gust of wind flew out. However, when it landed around Xia Ji, it was like a stone falling into the sea. There was not even a ripple.

Zuo Ci’s expression flickered as he unsheathed his flying sword.

A flash that was extremely fast.

Even in the Transcendence Realm, the speed of his sword was unmatched.

It was so fast that time seemed to have passed.

But the person opposite him was even faster.

It also flashed.


The speed of the two flashes was actually the same, and they collided halfway.

Xia Ji felt a monstrous force that could destroy mountains coming from the opposite side.

However, no matter how strong this power was, it could not be stronger than him.


The sword in Zuo Ci’s hand was shaken away, but the sword that should have flown out was still held tightly in his hand.

Sword light flashed.

There was already a bloody wound on Zuo Ci’s neck, but the pale-faced Daoist did not show any fear. Instead, he revealed a look of relief. He lay on his back and waited for death.

However, he did not die. A strange coldness suddenly swam to his neck and then to his hand.

With this cold swimming,

He only felt his wounds itch. His flesh and blood began to regenerate, and his injuries began to recover.

After a short while, he was back to normal.

Xia Ji slowly raised his hand. This was the first time he had used [Water Element-Creation] on a human. The effect was not bad. As long as he was not dead, he could use water to make the creature grow and heal all injuries.

Even though Zuo Ci walked around before he died, his expression did not change. He did not show any shock, and he did not shout for help.

Xia Ji liked this kind of person very much because they had a great obsession in their hearts, and no external object could easily shake them.

“I can give you fire,” he said directly.

Zuo Ci sat quietly.

A person who could enter the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Palace silently, kill him in one move, and save him in an instant was definitely telling the truth.

“What do you want?” he asked hoarsely.

“Your loyalty.”

“I don’t even know who you are, so how can I be loyal to you?” Zuo Ci laughed self-mockingly. Besides, I don’t want to be bound by others in my life. Just kill me.. “

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