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Chapter 279 - Chapter 279:179. Five Elements

Chapter 279:179. Five Elements

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The Daoist Repository of the Golden Jade Lane had nine floors. It was indeed worthy of being the largest collection of books on the entire Fangzhang Island.

Xia Ji arrived at the library.

A man in white with a calm temperament stopped him. “Shidi, you just joined the workshop, right? Do you have a tile?”

Xia Ji took out the token that Xu Guzi had given him.

The man looked at it and nodded.” I am Qing Fengzi, a subordinate of the Cult

Master of Taiping. Please follow me to record your naturalization. ”

Xia Ji understood that this was similar to a trip to the HR Department, so he said, “”l’m Ji Qi. Thank you for your trouble.”

He changed his name to his surname and named himself after the Seventh Prince, so it was not strange.

Qing Fengzi put his fingers together, and a silver ball of liquid metal flew out.


As soon as he finished speaking, the silver metal ball immediately turned into the shape of a flying sword. Qing Fengzi stepped on it, and after doing all this, he seemed to remember. ” I forgot that Junior Brother doesn’t have a flying sword. ”

It’s alright, ” Xia Ji said calmly. ” I can walk on the ground. ‘

He could tell at a glance that Qing Fengzi was only in the ninth level of the Supreme Phantom realm, and the flying sword was not a divine weapon. It was probably the effect of the pill metal spirit iron.

This Dao Immortal Island was indeed magical.

However, Qing Fengzi was just like a child in his eyes. He held the flying sword and showed it off like a child holding a toy. Xia Ji wasn’t angry at all. He walked on the ground and followed Qing Fengzi into the distance.

A moment later, Qing Fengzi brought Xia Ji to a dojo. ” Junior Brother, go in. Once you’re done with your naturalization, you’ll be a member of my Golden

Jade Lane. ‘

The dojo was opened as soon as Xia Ji arrived at the door. The young girl who was recording inside had long hair and a calm expression. She didn’t even raise her head and said, “”Name, teacher.”

“Ji Qi, Perfected Jingming.”

The young girl dipped her hand in ink and wrote down on a yellow book as she said, ‘”‘Perfected Jing Ming has accepted another disciple.”

After she finished writing, she raised her head and saw Xia Ji. She felt that he was quite handsome. She took a closer look and saw that he was not only handsome, but also had an indescribable temperament that she had never seen before.

I’m Yun Lingzi, a disciple of the Daoist Master of West Park. Do you have a Dao partner, Ji Qi? ” The young girl smiled.

Xia Ji was speechless.

“Senior Sister, I never wanted a Dao companion.”

Yun Lingzi smiled and said, ” Our Dao Sect is particular about the harmony of Yin and Yang. Men are Yang and women are Yin. The Art of In-Room is also a

method to promote cultivation. ”

“What does cultivation have to do with sexual techniques?” Xia Ji asked.

Yun Lingzi said, “Junior Brother, this is a misunderstanding.”

Heaven and earth have the way of exchange, so there is no limit to the end of the mind.

If a man can get it, he can get the way of immortality.

The scripture of the Plain Lady that Perfected Mu of my Gold and Jade Workshop obtained is about the great Dao in it.

Why did Junior Brother look down on sexual techniques? Did he only think that it was the way of love between men and women in the mortal world?

In ancient times, even the Jade Emperor had a Queen Mother. The harmony of

Yin and Yang can be seen.”

Xia Ji was stunned for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure. It seemed that Taoism really had some secrets. A female disciple who had registered her nationality knew so much, so there was no need to talk about the background of others.

However, there were probably not many people in this world who could cultivate this sexual technique with him. He himself had never thought about this. After hearing what Yun Lingzi said, he let it go and said directly, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior Sister.”

Seeing that he was not interested, Yun Lingzi did not continue to chase after him. His expression returned to its original calmness. He took out a small golden seal and stamped it on Xia Ji’s token.

Instantly, the pattern of rolling waves appeared below the token. It was probably the symbol of the Golden Jade Lane.

Yun Lingzi handed the token to Xia Ji. ” That’s enough. Every hundred years is a generation. Now, the owner of the Golden Jade Lane is the seventh generation disciple, and you are the ninth generation disciple of the Golden Jade Lane.

“Thank you, Senior Sister.”

Xia Ji turned around and left the dojo. This time, there were no more obstructions and he went straight to the Daoist Repository.

The pavilion was nine stories high and was suspended in the air by a mysterious force. It was still difficult to climb up by relying on movement techniques.

Xia Ji didn’t want to show off, so he threw out a paper figurine.

The paper man turned into an eagle,

It carried him up to the dojo suspended in midair.

Then, he flew straight to the ninth level.

As soon as he reached the third level, a cold grunt sounded. “If you don’t accumulate small streams, you won’t be able to form a river. You haven’t even laid a good foundation, and you’re already going to soar to the sky?”

Xia Ji only heard the snort, but he didn’t feel the corresponding pressure. He continued to fly up. Why should he start from the first level?

The best, hardest, and oldest books were definitely on the ninth floor.

Fortunately, there was no rule in the dojo that stated how many levels one could go up after reaching a certain level. He quickly arrived at the ninth level and pushed the door open. There was no one in the building.

He sniffed lightly.

The smell of books filled his nose.

“It smells so good.” Xia Ji smiled.

Wherever his gaze passed,

There weren’t many books.

He casually flipped through two books and finally understood why the ninth floor would allow people to come up so casually. The reason was simple. These books were slightly incomplete, and the words recorded were obscure and difficult to understand. Some of them were even ancient words that he could not understand.

There could only be one reason why these books could be classified as Taoist collections. First, someone knew these words. Second, there were pictures of the five elements, four symbols, three pureness, Yin, Yang, Tai Chi, etc. on them. These were enough for people to deduce that these were ancient Taoist books, so they were placed here.

He felt a little guilty. After all, he did not know if he could absorb the Skill Orbs from such a book..

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