Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 278 - Chapter 278: 178. Fangzhang Mountain

Chapter 278: 178. Fangzhang Mountain

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Among them,

It was a neighborhood full of manors.

The Gan River was in the south, and the mines in the north contained a lot of energy.

Old Taoist Jingming held Li Zhang in his hand and rode on a crane barefooted. He did not expect to have a beautiful Taoist partner. She had bright eyes, white teeth, and eyes that seemed to be painted. She had long hair and was dressed in white clothes. The accessories on her body were all precious. Beside her was a fine jade sword that seemed to be around 30 years old.

If the old Daoist hadn’t mentioned it, Xia Ji would have thought that it was his daughter.

The two of them had just landed in the manor when the woman came up to them and asked, “”Where’s Xia Xiaosu?”

“She refused to come,” Daoist Jingming shook his head.

“Can’t you bring it back?” asked the woman.

“She is very stubborn, and the palace is heavily guarded…Other than that, her brother is simply a monster among monsters.” “King Shenwu…With him around, it’s really difficult.”

The two of them fell silent.

The woman stared at Xia Ji for a while before nodding in satisfaction. She suddenly said, “”Fellow Daoist, are you willing to be the disciple of this old Daoist and me?”

The two of them saw that Xia Ji was young and upright, so they wanted to teach him.

This was in line with Xia Ji’s idea of ” hiding and developing ‘

Jingming had already told Xia Ji about it, so he naturally knew the woman’s name.

However, Xia Ji still pondered for a moment and asked, heard that Xia Xiaosu was the Empress of the Imperial City. She was kind and merciful, and the people under her rule lived and worked in peace and contentment. She even fought against the foreign races in the west and personally went to the front lines to stop the Fire Calamity Demon Dragon.

I wonder why Perfected Jingming and Perfected Xu Guzi are looking for her?”

Jingming was stunned. Before he could say anything, Xu Guzi smiled and said, “”Are you worried that we’re evil? The teacher knows the disciple, and the disciple knows the teacher.

It’s only because my old Daoist accidentally saw Xia Xiaosu in the Imperial Capital and suspected that she was related to an old friend, so I went to look fnr har

“Old friend? The Empress is clearly the ninth princess of Great Shang, how could she be an old friend of the Zhenren?”

” Yes, ” Daoist Jingming said. ” She looks too similar. When I first saw her, I almost thought she was that old friend. ” That’s why I wanted to bring her to Fangzhang Island out of kindness.”

“What old friend?”

Jingming glanced at him. ” Don’t be too curious. ”

Xia Ji nodded and pondered for a moment.

Since these two people had no hostility towards Little Su and were the ones who had led him into this land of opportunity, there was no harm in acknowledging him as his master. Since he owed this favor, he would treat it as thanking his master.

Moreover, having an additional identity was also convenient. As for being exposed, that was for the future.

Xu Guzi crossed her arms and sized him up. ” Are you going to acknowledge me as your master? ”

Xia Ji hurriedly lowered his head and bowed. He casually made up a name and said, ‘”‘Disciple Ji Qi greets master and masteress. From now on, I’m willing to devote myself to cultivation.”

Only then did Xu Guzi reveal a smile. ” Good child, the people in this Golden Jade Lane are each a family and each has their own unique arts.

This technique of ours is called the Clarity Sect. Although it doesn’t have any strong points, it covers a wide range. It’s enough for you to cultivate properly.”

Xia Ji was speechless.

Clarity Dao technique?

I’m already at max level.

However, he still revealed a look of surprise and gratitude.

However, there was no red tape. Just like what was recorded in the ancient immortal talk, Xu Guzi threw a book to him and asked him to study by himself. Then he threw a token to him, saying that if there was anything he did not understand, he could go to the Daoist Repository in the middle of the Golden Jade Lane and flip through the book to check.

In the end, he pointed to a room in the outer courtyard.

Then, Xu Guzi and Perfected Jingming turned around and returned to the backyard together.

This process of becoming a disciple was as fast as flowing water…

Xia Ji put away the book, grabbed the token, and left..

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