Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 268 - Chapter 268:174. Transmigrator l s Secret Code, King Shenwu s Return

Chapter 268:174. Transmigrator l s Secret Code, King Shenwu s Return

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At this moment, the door suddenly opened from the inside. Su Linyu poked her head out and saw that her son was holding a terrifying black halberd in his hand. The black halberd was rising with burning demonic qi, and the aura around her son was like a deep sea. She was stunned for a moment and actually forgot to say anything.

With a thought, Xia Ji pushed the dust away and covered the remaining blood on the ground.

“Mother, I was practicing martial arts. Did I wake you up?”

” I want to hear the sounds of fighting, ” Su Linyu said nervously. ” Are there enemies?

“Why would there be enemies?” Xia Ji laughed. Don’t worry and go to sleep.”

Su Linyu waved his hand.

Xia Ji put away the black halberd and followed her into the house.

Su Linyu stared at him for a while and suddenly said, “”Moonlight in front of the bed.”

Xia Ji looked puzzled.

This life was this life, why did he care about transmigrating? The woman in front of him was pregnant with him, gave birth to him, and raised him. He would also be filial. That was enough. Moreover, his mother did not seem very reliable, nor did she seem like a person who could keep secrets. Therefore, he asked,”Mother…” You want to compose a poem?”

“The river flows eastward…” Su Linyu said.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” Xia Ji asked.

“The Heavenly King covers the Earth Tiger!” Su Linyu suddenly said.

Xia Ji was speechless.

“Strange change, even change!” Xia Ji was speechless. “Where does it hurt? My throat is dry!”

Xia Ji was speechless.

“Do you come from Earth?” Su Linyu suddenly asked.

Xia Ji was speechless.

He really wanted to tell his mother that he should not say “do you” but “are you”. Also, should he add “the” before “earth”?

It seemed that his mother’s academic performance was not good.

Bilt he didn’t sav anything- From the beginning to the end. he had a nuzzled


Su Linyu was stunned and muttered, “”lt’s actually not a cheat?”

“Goldfinger? What kind of magic tool is that?” Xia Ji asked curiously. Mother, why are you acting so weird?”

Su Linyu pondered for a moment. ” Mother is thinking too much. ‘

Immediately, she became worried again and whispered, “”Little Ji, tell me honestly. You didn’t practice martial arts when you were young, so how did you suddenly become so strong?”

“Hatred makes me stronger,” Xia Ji said solemnly.

“But isn’t this too strong?” Su Linyu asked.

“Mother, a person’s potential is endless,” Xia Ji said. In addition, I have some fortuitous encounters.”

Therefore, he told the story that others had made up, ” King Shenwu is nothing, he only obtained the inheritance of enlightenment from Leiyin

Temple. ‘

Su Linyu knew that this world was very magical. After listening to the lie, she felt that the logic was clear. Only then did she nod and go back to sleep.

Xia Ji felt uneasy after thinking about it, so he took out another bracelet and gave it to her. Then, he left the room and coldly glanced in the direction of the woman in white.

The next day, afternoon.

Xia Ji rode a carriage and brought Su Linyu into the palace.

The palace guards only knew that this Jianghu legend had been cultivating, so they were not surprised to see him coming from outside. They all knelt down and respectfully shouted, “Greetings, King Shenwu.”

The carriage entered the palace and then the harem.

This was the special privilege of King Shenwu.

In the Imperial Palace, he and the Empress were the only two people who had no taboos.

Xia Ji held Su Linyu’s hand and got off the carriage. They stopped outside the arched door of the royal study.

He glanced at his mother.

Su Linyu’s eyes flickered slightly. It seemed that he did not want to see this daughter he had picked up.

Xia Ji squeezed her hand, and Su Linyu nodded.

At this moment, the door to the royal study opened and the empress in golden dragon robes walked out. Su Linyu also took off her hood. The mother and daughter looked at each other and Xia Xiaosu suddenly burst into tears. Although she had heard from her brother yesterday, she still couldn’t believe it and threw herself into her mother’s arms.

At this moment, Su Linyu also found the feeling of family. She gently rubbed the Empress’s hair and said gently,”Thank you for your hard work.”

Xia Ji smiled when he saw this. This was the home he wanted.

A few days later.

He sat back down in the secret room, holding the curse picture in his hand.

After spending time with Su Tian, he had gained a better understanding of magical artifacts and the world.

If it was before, he definitely wouldn’t recognize this thing. But now, not only did he recognize it, but he also knew how to use it.

This kind of evil magic tool was truly insane and inhumane. This made him want to kill.

“That woman in white should be from the Wu family. The reason why she was monitoring the manor was because…

Xia Ji must have asked her to do this.

. However, monitoring this mansion might be the opportunity to take back the other Hell Masks.

From another perspective, it’s very likely that Xia Ji knows about my alliance with the Crown Prince. I’ve disappeared for so long, so she must be trying to obtain more information by casting a wide net.

After all, she’s the Wu family’s hidden lord now.”

Xia Ji was wearing a python robe, sitting cross-legged in the quiet room, deep in thought. After a long time, his eyes lit up. When he looked at the curse picture again, he suddenly raised his hand and pressed it down.

No matter where this exit led to…

I’ll cut off all the tentacles you’ve extended.

Wu family, I’m here..

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