Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 267 - Chapter 267: 174. Transmigrator’s Secret Code, King Shenwu’ s Return

Chapter 267: 174. Transmigrator’s Secret Code, King Shenwu’ s Return

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‘ I made a secret deal with someone, ” Xia Ji said. ” But this must be kept absolutely confidential. ” When we return to the palace, Little Su and I will temporarily arrange a fake identity for you. Sorry for troubling you.”

Su Linyu was just curious. The two members of the Su family who brought her out were ridiculously strong, and the master who brought her out later was her biological father.

She observed his expression and realized that her father was actually subtly listening to the words of those two people. This made her feel that it was unfathomable.

How could his son make a deal with someone at this level?

“Little Ji, what did you give them?” Su Linyu asked worriedly.

Xia Ji made up a few lies.

As Su Linyu listened, he felt sleepy.

She lay back on the bed, and Xia Ji sat by the bed and patiently talked to her for a while. He only got up when she fell asleep.

Xia Ji closed the door softly.

He looked into the distance without batting an eyelid, as if he was sighing with emotion.

Then, he pretended to walk out of the secret mansion and headed toward the palace.

At this moment, it was afternoon, and the spring sunlight cast the shadows of the trees and walls diagonally on the ground.

After Xia Ji left.

After a long time.

The shadow in the corner of the wall started to tremble.

A ghostly figure walked out of the room.

To be precise, he was not walking, but crawling.

It was a woman wrapped in white. Her skin was pale and her hair was disheveled, covering her face.

She got up very quickly, her fingers like the flippers of an animal, not making a single sound.

Unless you saw her with your own eyes, you wouldn’t be able to imagine that there was such a thing here. It was as if she was invisible.

She followed the shadow to the door of the master bedroom and suddenly paused, as if she was trying to sense if Xia Ji had gone far.

After a short moment, she had clearly confirmed it. She looked at the door that was shining in the sunlight, moved her limbs, and crawled over in a strange posture.

As soon as she reached the door, her head rose at a strange angle, forming a 90-degree angle with her body.

She brushed her messy hair aside and stared into the room with her blood -red pupils.

There was a woman lying on the bed in the room.

The Hidden Lord asked him to keep an eye on this area, especially this courtyard. This was the first time someone had come, right?

Not only that, King Shenwu, who had disappeared for a long time, had actually appeared again.

If that was the case, he would have to inform the Hidden Lord and the clan.

The woman in white finished her thoughts. She carefully took out a long cylinder that looked like a painting scroll from her pocket. This was the Wu family’s high-level spatial magic tool, the Curse Painting. It was an important magic tool given by the ancestor.

The principle of the magic tool was very strange.

He would choose nine living people who were living happily and then use their families as sacrifices. He would then torture these nine people to death in the most vicious way to generate resentment.

The nine strands of resentment combined into one, and with the evil spirit hidden in the curse picture, they formed an existence that surpassed the evil spirit. This was the curse.

The Ju-on would linger in the place where he was tortured to death.

However, the Ju-On Diagram could contain the Ju-On. The holder of this diagram could use the Ju-On to return to a fixed location with a thought. However, the Ju-On could not harm the holder of this diagram.

Not only was this curse diagram difficult to make and time-consuming, but it was also the same as other magic tools. There was a consumption and interval between uses. Moreover, the person who carried this magic tool would be affected by the curse in the diagram and become neither human nor ghost.

The woman in white decided to return and report.

She opened the picture and pressed her pale palm down on it.


Her body froze.

A sharp pain came.

Then, she felt that her right arm had been shattered.

It was a flying knife that flew out of her palm. At the same time, it had shattered almost all the meridians in her body.

The woman in white’s tolerance for pain had clearly reached a terrifying level.

She was stunned for a few short moments before her left hand pressed down on the curse picture.

As long as the magic tool was still there, as long as she pressed the map, she would immediately escape.

However, she was thinking too much.

The sky suddenly darkened, and the dark clouds that spanned several miles turned into a vigorous demonic shadow that came from afar. The air seemed to be filled with the excitement of golden spears and iron horses at this moment. Tens of thousands of black-armored cavalry galloped across the sky, and the air currents were torn apart by the long blades.

The white-robed woman felt a chill in her heart. Her original injuries, coupled with the unknown pressure of the Soul Catcher, made her movements slow down again.

With this slow beat, she saw the true appearance of the demon:

It was a pitch-black halberd with two crescent moons and was surrounded by cold demonic smoke.

It tore through space.

It reduced the distance of a few thousand feet to a few feet.

The moment she saw it, the ferocious black halberd was right in front of her.

In the next moment, the halberd pierced through her chest, and the great force sent her flying far into the air.

At the same time, a domineering figure came from afar. That figure was in the air, and his right hand grabbed the end of the halberd. He looked down at her, and at the same time, he flipped his palm and pressed the halberd fiercely against the ground.


She was nailed to the ground.

Xia Ji waved his left hand at the curse diagram, and it rolled back into the tube.

The white-clothed woman’s frightened eyes saw the youth in the python robe. “Someone from an aristocratic family?”

“God … Wu …”

Xia Ji glanced at the master bedroom behind him. His mother had just fallen asleep.

Thus, he raised the halberd in his hand and shot out. The black halberd carried the white-robed woman and shot into the distance.

In the air, the black halberd absorbed the woman’s blood essence crazily. When it landed on the ground, the woman was already dead.

Xia Ji raised his hand and sucked, and the black halberd returned to his hand.

“I know you won’t say anything, so I won’t waste any more time..”

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