Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 144 - Chapter 144: 118. All the Dolls in the Mountain Villa

Chapter 144: 118. All the Dolls in the Mountain Villa

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If it weren’t for him, Xia Xiaosu would have become a plaything, and even his and Xia Xiaosu’s descendants would have become slaves.

As Su Yu walked, she introduced the various decorations in the villa. At this moment, she saw a man who was as strong as a mountain kneeling on the ground with a dog chain around his neck. When the man saw the two of them walking over, he hurriedly patted the ground with both hands and kowtowed.”Greetings, Master.”

“You can’t tell, right?” Su Yu smiled. This man used to be the first on the Heaven Roll in the mortal world. He debuted at a young age and suppressed the martial world for fifteen years. He had even challenged a Legend and won. Oh right … What’s your title?”

“My title is Dragon Elephant Lord,” the muscular man hurriedly said. “Why is it called Dragon Elephant Lord?”

“I’m strong…A single force can break through ten thousand tricks.”

Su Yu laughed out loud, then looked at Xia Ji and said, ” He’s your dog now. Whatever you ask him to do, he won’t say anything. Bring him out to fight with other people’s dogs. Unless you encounter someone especially powerful, he won’t lose. He’s considered a fierce dog in the Second Heaven. ”

As she spoke, she leaned over and whispered,” He’s very fierce when he bites people. He has a strong aura. I don’t know where he got such a strong temper from. ‘

Xia Ji felt a chill run down his spine when he saw this…

He could tell that Su Yu was not a woman with a bad heart. However, she had already gotten used to all of this. In her eyes, this Long Elephant Lord was a real beast. She was introducing him to him with the intention of having fun. She did not even think about good or evil.

Rene skipped ahead with her hands behind her back. After taking a few more steps, she suddenly turned around and said, “My Su family forbids disciples from fighting among themselves, but it doesn’t prohibit servants from fighting. Therefore, raising a good dog will give you a lot of face.

There will be a big night market in a few days. I’ll take you there. Because the mountain has been closed for a long time, there will be a lot of goods in the night market this time. You might be able to buy better dogs, women, or other things. Although you don’t have clan points, I can lend them to you.”

“Senior Sister is so good to me,” Xia Ji said.

Su Yu was stunned for a moment. She was also puzzled today. Why would she take the initiative to bring a low-level disciple to the “night market” and even lend him her clan points?

This Feng Nanbei had a mysterious magic power that attracted people unintentionally.

“Anyway, you should get used to it for a while. I don’t know how long the clan will seal the mountain for. In two days, someone from the clan will come to test your talent and bloodline. I’ll go first. I’ll look for you in a few days.”

Su Yu was full of doubts and left in a hurry.

Xia Ji looked at the vast villa.

There were more than 600 people in the manor.

And this was only the treatment of a Second Heaven outer Su family disciple.

He walked around the villa. It was extremely luxurious. There was a pool of good wine and a fence made of gold bricks..

The more Xia Ji looked at it, the stranger he felt. Before he met the Su family, he had thought that it was a reclusive family hidden deep in the mountains or somewhere unknown. The family was like a big mansion.

Now that he saw it, he realized that this was not a mansion, but a Fifth Heaven.

He wanted to go directly to the Su family’s ancestor, but it was unrealistic. Just from the first to the second heaven, he needed a flood dragon to pull the chariot. Then how could he go to the fifth heaven where the ancestor was? Where was the entrance?

Originally, he thought that the Su family should be a family that controlled the dynasty secretly because they had a powerful magical weapon and a powerful Xuan formation.

Only now did he understand that the Su family might have existed for ten thousand years.

The ancient era was only three thousand years old, but the Su family had existed for ten thousand years?

A ten-thousand-year-old family actually failed to kill him, who had only developed for three years?

Xia Ji found it unbelievable…

No, there must be important information that he was missing.

He was sitting on an open-air cliff with a view. There were many manors at the foot of the mountain in the distance, and they were brightly lit. A coquettish voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Master, do you need anything?”

The voice came from one of the twins who were descendants of the royal family from the previous dynasty.

“Fine wine,” Xia Ji replied. “Yes, Tang Lan knows.”

“Your name is Tang Lan?”


“Tang Lan, pass down my order. From now on, no one is allowed to enter my bedroom and martial arts hall without permission. You’re not allowed to even clean it.”


Soon, Tang Lan brought over some fine wine and passed down Xia Ji’s orders.

Xia Ji waved at the smiling and charming girl.

Tang Lan was sitting beside him. She was already prepared. No matter what her master did to her, or what he wanted her to do, or even if he wanted her to strip naked and jump down, she would not resist.

However, Xia Ji did not do anything. He poured two glasses of wine from the

pot and raised one. With a look, Tang Lan raised the other.

Xia Ji drank it all in one gulp and continued pouring wine. Then, he suddenly said, “Miss Tang Lan, you asked the Elephant Lord to threaten a servant to enter the training hall without permission. ‘

Tang Lan’s hands trembled, but she did not say anything. She respectfully said, ‘Yes.”

” Wait a minute, ” Xia Ji said as she was about to get up. ” Just say what you want to say. ‘

“No matter who it is in this villa, as long as they disobey your orders, they will all die.” If Master wants someone to die, he can do it with a thought. There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

Then, she suddenly realized something and knelt down in fear. ” I’m sorry,

Master. I was wrong. ‘

“How are you wrong?” Xia Jiqi asked curiously..

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