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Chapter 143 - Chapter 143:118. All the Dolls in the Mountain Villa

Chapter 143:118. All the Dolls in the Mountain Villa

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The Flood Dragon Flying Carriage landed on an open green field.

A dense herd of wild rabbits and buffalos were rushing north.

Su Yu untied the dragon reins, and the flood dragons flew up, chasing north to hunt.

Everyone subconsciously looked over.

It was rare to see four flood dragons chasing after their prey.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew from behind them, like a crashing wave. In the corner of their eyes, they saw a dark mass of something.

Then he turned back to look,

The scene that entered their eyes made them completely dumbfounded.

Tens of thousands of flood dragons flew over from the south and rushed to the north. The wind was like a tsunami that almost sent people flying. The huge shadows that fell made the earth fall into darkness for a moment.

This kind of momentum only made people dumbfounded and unable to react.

After they had passed, Su Yu clapped her hands. Six horses from the distant herd galloped over. These horses were almost two heads taller than the horses that everyone had seen before. Their eyes were fierce, and their bodies were much stronger.

“Let’s go. The accommodation has been arranged.”

The six of them mounted their horses.

Rene led the way.

Just like that, after running for two hours, they finally arrived at the outskirts of the Su family.

The outer perimeter was completely different from what everyone had imagined. It was not a lonely house, nor was it a village or town in the mortal world, nor was it a wild tribe. Instead, it was a well-arranged manor.

Each manor occupied a vast area. The halls, pavilions, and pavilions were surrounded by water, each with its own scenery. The garden was filled with exotic flowers and herbs, birds stood on the branches, fish flew at the shallow bottom, and the corridors were carved with pillars. Everything they saw was extremely luxurious.

Everyone thought that everyone would stay in the same manor.

However, they were wrong. Everyone had one manor.

Everyone thought that the manor should be quiet and spacious so that it was convenient for cultivation.

However, they were still wrong. There was everything in the manor… Rare treasures, beautiful women, servants, weapons, warehouses, and medicine stores. He had everything he could think of.

Rene let the five of them stay in the manor in order.

There was a jade tablet in front of the manor. Different runes were carved on the tablet, and these runes would also appear on the body of ” everyone ” in the manor.

The tenant only needed to touch the stone tablet with his hand to become the owner of the manor. Then, with a thought, he could kill ” anyone ” in the manor.

It was also easy to step down from the position of master. He just had to touch the stone tablet again and silently give up in his heart.

When there was no owner in the manor, the ” owner ” could not leave the manor. Only when there was an owner could he leave the manor.

Huang Wucheng, Yan Ling, Xin Wangshu, and Cherry moved into the manor one by one.

The remaining two horses continued east.

Su Yu pointed at a mountain peak.

On the peak of the mountain, there were many pavilions that stood tall like pearls. It was obvious that there was a mountain villa.

“I’ll leave the best one for you.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister.”

“Because you’re the only one who didn’t bother me.”

“Oh?” Xia Jiqi asked. Huang Wucheng is the one who didn’t ask a single question, right?”

“When he first entered the Su family, he put on a fawning expression and asked all sorts of questions. He kept calling me senior sister and beauty. It’s so annoying.”

As the two of them talked, they arrived at the foot of the mountain.

The reins were tied to an ancient ginseng cloud tree, and they were ready to go up the mountain.

Xia Ji recognized this tree. It was a redwood tree, and it was ridiculously tall. It was over a hundred meters tall and had a girth of over thirty meters. Its roots were like withered pythons that had emerged from the soil, giving it an ancient feel.

“This tree is only over 2,000 years old,” said Su Yu.

Xia Ji maintained his calm expression and asked casually, “”How old is the oldest tree?”

“Nearly ten thousand years.” Our Su family is a ten-thousand-year-old family.

As a member of the Su family, you should be proud.”

After Su Yu finished speaking, she was a little surprised. The other new disciples surrounded her and asked her this and that, and she reluctantly snorted. But why did she become so talkative in front of this man? Xia Ji was constantly trying to get information. He casually said, ‘”‘Thanks.”

“Don’t be so polite. We’re all from the same family. Let’s go, I’ll show you your manor.”

The two of them climbed the mountain.

Their speed was extremely fast.

An hour later.

The door of the villa opened. Two beautiful girls saw Xia Ji and bowed to him.Welcome home, Master. ‘

The two girls looked similar, so they were obviously twins.

Su Yu pointed at the jade tablet in front of the villa.

On the jade stone tablet was a yellow mountain pattern

The two beautiful girls in front of him each had a jade ring on their ankles, and the same yellow mountain pattern was on the ring.

Xia Ji touched it and muttered, ” I am the owner of the manor. ” Suddenly, a wonderful feeling surged in his heart. The location of everyone in the manor was reflected in his mind, and everyone’s life and death were in his hands. In other words, he could kill anyone in the manor with just a thought.

“Senior Sister, is this an array or a magic tool?” Xia Ji asked.

“It’s a magic artifact. Don’t worry, it won’t control our own people,” Su Yu whispered.

The two of them walked forward as they spoke.

Su Yu pointed at the two girls and introduced them,” Junior Brother Nanbei, these two women are not ordinary beauties. They are the descendants of Yu Dynasty’s royal family. King Qing recruited soldiers and horses, and planned for generations to rebel. These two women are the cousins of that soon-to-be rebel king.

If you bring them out, they will instantly have a high status, but here, they are only your maids. No matter what you say, they will do it.

Xia Ji had basically confirmed in his heart that this was only a country in the name of an aristocratic family. In reality, it was a country above a country.. The royal family in the mortal world was a real plaything and a breeding ground for these people…

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