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Chapter 137 - Chapter 137: 115. There Are Flowers That Can Be Broken, But Don ‘t Break Them

Chapter 137: 115. There Are Flowers That Can Be Broken, But Don ‘t Break Them

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Guan Sun wasn’t a petty person after all. He loved to make friends with heroes all his life. He laughed and said, “Brother Feng, since you have defeated the Human King, why don’t we go to the Drunken Immortal Restaurant to drink the Immortal’s Drunken Wine? My treat.”

Xia Ji thought about it and decided that it was good to stall for time. Otherwise, if the Earth King or Heavenly King came out, he would still kill them with a single slash. Wouldn’t that be too fast?

“Alright,” he said.

With that, he got up, burped, and followed the siblings.

Four hours later.

The Earth King, who was ranked 10th on the Heaven Roll, walked out of the cultivation room of the Heavenly Wind Building. When he heard the report, he rushed to the Saber Servant Building and saw the Human King lying on the bed, unconscious.

The Earth King hurriedly stepped forward and stretched out his hand to check. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief. His meridians were not broken. It was just that the Saber Qi had rushed into his body and caused quite a bit of internal injuries. It was obvious that the other party had held back and did not kill them all. Otherwise, the Human King would have been crippled long ago.

“Who is the opponent?”

” A young man who claims to be Feng Nanbei. ”

“What martial arts did he use?”

I don’t know, but I saw a silver dragon phantom. ‘

“Silver dragon phantom? Feng?”

The Earth King pondered for a moment. ” Tell me more about his temperament and appearance. ”

“He has the temperament of a prodigal son and looks very young. He’s about 18 years old, but he seems to have gone through the vicissitudes of youth. He has stubble and a few strands of gray in his hair.”

The image of a person instantly appeared in the Earth King’s mind. ” What knife did he use?

“A white knife.”

“Do you have a black saber?”

‘ No, ” a steward answered in detail. ” Do we need to issue a killing order for Ba

Dao? ”

“Hmph!” The Earth King snorted coldly.

The manager was speechless.

“I’ll go see him tomorrow.”

The steward was stunned for a moment before saying,”He’s in the Drunken

Immortal Restaurant with the Guan siblings.”

“The two children of the Guan family who beheaded the Great General?”


Earth King said, ” I’ll go now. The Guan girl is a famous beauty in Jianghu. If she seduced his soul and he really is that person’s successor, it will be a big problem. ‘

After saying that, he stood up solemnly and waved his long robe. He carried a thick and heavy long saber behind him and left the door. The ground was thick and the saber was naturally broad.

Drunken Immortal Restaurant.

“I’m sorry, Brother Feng. I didn’t know that uncle had just passed away…”

It’s fine. I’ve already gone. ” Xia Ji was fully focused on his current role. His every move and word would become a message on the Su family’s table, so he was especially serious.

Grabbing the wine in front of her, she downed it and turned to look at the bright moon outside the window.

He didn’t know much about the real Jianghu, so he couldn’t talk to people in depth. Otherwise, he would be easily exposed.

Ever since he ‘debuted,’ his first battle was against the Frost Giant, his second battle was against the eighty-foot-tall Golden Arhat, and his third battle was against an army of thirty thousand. Yet, this pair of siblings in front of him were talking about the three lists of Heaven, Earth, and Man.

What he was thinking about was, ” Where are the five families behind the scenes that control this world? “, ” How can I subvert this killing calamity? ‘ The magic tools that can be used by the eighteen hands of the Dharmakaya are too monotonous? ” How to reach the perfection of the eleventh realm? ” and so on. The siblings were thinking about how to ” climb the rankings

Of course,

He also knew that the siblings had come into contact with the real world, and it was also the environment in which most people lived. His was not considered…

Although he enjoyed this environment, if he was really a chivalrous man, he might have a heated conversation with the siblings.

But he was not.

Therefore, they obviously wouldn’t have a common language.

Xia Ji could only look at the bustling crowd on the street outside the railing with the memory of the dead. He pursed his lips from time to time, showing that he was immersed in his memories with a resolute smile.

Guan Chun looked at the young man in front of her. She remembered very clearly that this young man had never deliberately looked at her from the beginning to the end. This was not normal…

She was used to others looking at her. Now that someone was not looking at her, she felt uncomfortable.

He looked at the side of the young man’s face. He had a stubble and a few strands of white hair. He had slashed a powerhouse on the Sky Ranking like a dragon..

“My little sister Guan Chun, a toast to Big Brother Feng.” She raised her wine glass.

Xia Ji raised his glass and nodded, still not looking at her.

“Touch it,” Guan Chun said.

Xia Ji touched it, drank it, and looked at the street again.

Guan Chun was speechless.

She was also sitting by the window and looked down at the young man’s gaze. She saw that there were people downstairs, and there were thousands of flowers blooming.

And where the east wind comes, the starlight becomes rain.

In the rain, pedestrians formed groups of three to five, chatting and laughing. All kinds of noise came from the streets.

Guan Chun understood that Big Brother Feng must be missing his deceased father, and he was feeling lonely and helpless… She suddenly blurted out, “Wind…” Big Brother Feng…”

Xia Ji looked at her.

“You can travel the Jianghu with us,” Guan Chun said sincerely.

My elder brother and I plan to stay in the East Sea Metropolis for now. After my elder brother defeats the Earth King of the Tyrant’s Blade School and takes revenge, we will go south and settle down there. My elder brother plans to build his own sect and impart his cultivation techniques. You … If you have nowhere to go, you can come with us.”

Xia Ji was speechless.

“It is said that there is a great river in the south. After the great river is Jiangnan. Jiangnan is very beautiful. The small bridge and running water are green in the sky. The painted boat can be used to sleep in the rain.

The Northern Lands is full of disputes and borders with foreign tribes. It’s not a place to stay for long. Come with us, Big Brother Feng.”

Guan Sun had never seen his sister so enthusiastic before, so he roughly understood in his heart. However, the young man in front of him was indeed pleasing to the eye. He also said,”Brother Feng, let’s have fun together!”

Their expressions were sincere.

If Xia Ji was really Feng Nanbei, he might have agreed.

At this moment, he smiled and was about to find an excuse to answer when footsteps suddenly sounded from the stairs. Immediately, a tall figure wearing a blue brocade robe appeared at the entrance.

The person saw Xia Ji at a glance and shouted, “Are you Young Master Feng, Feng Nanbei? ”

“Earth King!”

Guan Sun frowned as he looked at the newcomer.

The person did not even look at him.

“That’s right,” Xia Ji replied.

“May I ask if Young Master Wind is a disciple of the Northern Saber King?” asked the Earth King with a smile.

“That’s right.” “Young Master Feng should be the son of the Saber King, right?”

“Not bad.”

The Earth King completed his own imagination and smiled.”Young Master Feng has just come out of the martial world, why should he drink with two sinners? Come, this old man has already set up a banquet at Donghai Delicacies Restaurant. I invite young master to go with me to taste the seafood.” “My father is not a remnant of King Chi!!” Guan Sun suddenly roared.

“Forget it. The Imperial Court is already showing mercy by not killing the two of you. I can understand that you want revenge. When you really have the ability, I’ll wait for you to challenge me. Please, Young Master Feng.”

Xia Ji didn’t want to get involved in this dispute. He wanted to stall for time, so he said, “”Earth King, I will fight you in three days.”

The Earth King frowned and said straightforwardly, “Young Master Feng has taken a fancy to Miss Guan?” Is that why you want to stand out?”

“No? I really can’t think of any other reason.”

Xia Ji said slowly, ” There is no first in the sword and no second in the saber. You are from the Tyrant’s Blade School, and I use a saber. I want to be the first. So, not only do I want to fight you, but I also want to fight the Heavenly King of your school.

The Earth King was stunned, then laughed and left.

Guan Yun’s eyes burned with fury as he watched the person leave. Guan Chun glanced at the youth and muttered, ” There’s no first in the sword, no second in the saber…” How domineering.”

Duke Cheng Mansion.

“Oh? Old Master asked us to pay attention to whether anyone in the martial world uses the Silver Dragon Phantom or the Silver Dragon Dharma. It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already found it?”

“Head Butler, I really found it.”

“It can’t be fake, right?”

It’s the real deal. Many people in the East Sea Metropolis saw it. The young man who used the silver dragon shadow is called Feng Nanbei. He sent the

Human King flying with a single slash of the silver dragon under the Tyrant’s

Blade Sect’s tower. ‘

“Then I have to hurry and report to the High Duke.”

A middle-aged man with a round face and big ears in green robes hurried to the backyard.

When they passed by the corridor, they saw a sweet and moving figure admiring the flowers.

“Uncle Chen, where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Fourth Miss, I have something to report to the Duke.”

“Uncle Chen, let me ask you something. Did Father really send my portrait to the Imperial City?”

The green-robed middle-aged man lowered his head and was silent for a long time. ” Miss, you can ask the Duke directly. ‘

After saying that, he hurriedly walked into the inner residence. Behind him, the girl stomped her feet in dissatisfaction. ” I don’t want to marry by marriage.. I don’t want to marry some King Shenwu! “

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