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Chapter 136 - Chapter 136:115. There Are Flowers That Can Be Broken, But Don I t Break Them

Chapter 136:115. There Are Flowers That Can Be Broken, But Don I t Break Them

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This youth was naturally Xia Ji’s second body.

After spending a month with Feng Niu Ma, he finally decided on his identity and played this trump card.

Now, he was the descendant of Feng Niu Ma.

Half a month ago, the Northern Saber King had passed away due to a serious illness.

As his descendant, he naturally felt pain in his heart. He drowned his sorrows in wine and walked the martial world with a knife.

And because he was the descendant of a wild horse, he had the aura of a prodigal son. Everything made sense. As a big city in the north, there would definitely be members of the Su family in Eastsea Metropolis. What he needed to do now was to drag the fight out long enough.

It was long enough to ferment and let the Su family know that there was another Su family member who used their Silver Dragon Codex. His goal would be achieved.

Guan Chun stood at the very front of the crowd. Her eyes were wide open as she did not look at her elder brother. Instead, she looked at the youth lying on the ground…

She suspected that the drunkard was asleep.

Xia Ji looked at the bright sunlight. Even though he had changed his body, he felt like he had jumped out of his original state. This feeling of ‘it’s him, but it’s not him’ was very mysterious. He suddenly sat up and muttered to himself,

‘”‘Then can I challenge the Ranking List of Young Masters if I’m not on it?” Then, without waiting for an answer, he stood up with the help of his saber and shouted into the distance, “Who is on the Ranking List of Young Masters? Come out and fight.”

The Human King looked at him from the side, and his eyes narrowed with a cold light. His patience had reached its limit.

Finally, he shouted, ”

“With such little ability, you actually dare to behave atrociously in the Tyrant’s

Blade School. You really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

With that, he stomped on the ground and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in front of the young man holding the knife. He did not draw his knife because he felt that this kid was not worth it. He was just a nobody in the martial world. There were so many people who dreamed of it, but they were just rookies who had just entered the martial world.

As he approached, he had already raised his knee and kicked the young man’s chest with lightning speed. It was like a spear in the hands of a strongman. Just as he was about to reach the young man’s chest, the true energy in his leg seeped out again. The double power of inner strength and true energy transformed into a siege iron wood and smashed out fiercely.

“Today, I will give you a small punishment and cripple your martial arts.” Boom!

He kicked straight, but the force landed in the air, bringing with it the sound of muffled thunder as the air sphere dispersed.

But he missed.

A person suddenly appeared in front of the Human King. The young man had already appeared in front of him without him noticing. A knife was placed on his neck, and the smell of alcohol wafted into his nose. ” Who did you say you were going to give a small punishment to? ”

The Human King suddenly retreated, but the youth did not chase after him. He held his saber like a staff and swayed on the spot.

“Who exactly are you?”

“Feng Nanbei.”

“You’re so young, but you have some tricks up your sleeves. Since you insist on fighting, I’ll grant your wish today and make an exception to attack you.” The Human King stared coldly at the youth.

“That’s exactly what I want. Come on.”

The young man laughed. Then, he raised the cold wine jar and poured the wine into his mouth. After drinking a big mouthful, he said loudly, ” The world’s storms come from my generation. Once I enter the martial world, time will rush. ” The emperor’s plan to dominate the world is to talk and laugh, but I can’t get drunk in life. Gulp, gulp, gulp…This wine is really good.”

He looked down and saw that the wine was gone, so he threw the jar away and began to look for money in his pocket.

The coldness in the Human King’s eyes had already condensed to the extreme. He asked, “Feng Nanbei, when can you fight?”


The young man laughed and staggered left and right again. He grabbed the saber with both hands as a crutch to maintain his balance and did not fall. He glanced at the 31st on the Heaven Roll of the Tyrannical Blade School opposite him and scolded, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Why haven’t you drawn your saber yet?”

No matter how cultured the Human King was, he exploded.

‘ Courting death!! ”

He roared wildly, and his aura climbed to the peak. An iron-blooded phantom appeared behind him in an instant, like a wild lion roaring on a high hill. As he slashed out with his saber, the phantom of the lion with wild mane also pounced fiercely.

The young man waved his arm and raised his hand. He also slashed. Sharp qi gathered with his attack. The airflow rolled and condensed into a huge silver dragon phantom.


Saber against saber.

The silver dragon faced the hunting lion.

The lion phantom shattered.

Other than the phantom, the Human King’s palm also shattered.

The web between his thumb and forefinger had completely split open.

After a short pause, he completely withstood the impact of the real dragon power. His body stiffened at first, and then his abdomen seemed to have been

hit by an invisible air bomb, bowing like a cooked shrimp.

His eyes rolled back and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His entire body was brought back by this remaining force.

He only fell heavily onto the stone floor after crossing nearly a hundred feet and fainted.

The young man sat down casually.

It was too easy.

What was not easy was to control the power of the Silver Dragon Codex. He could only use the power of a phantom.

Everyone was silent.

However, this was completely within his expectations. He did not come here to shock these people. He was waiting for someone.

Waiting for the Smiths.

He had already used the Silver Dragon Codex, and this news would spread very quickly.

All that was left was to wait and delay.

He grabbed his pocket and took out a gold ingot. He threw it to the side and it landed in Guan Chun’s hand.

“Hey, little girl, help me buy a jar of Immortal Drunken Wine. Thank you.”

Guan Chun was still in shock. The target his brother wanted to challenge was sent flying by this person with a single slash?

Guan Sun grabbed the tiger head and swallowed the saber. He had finally reached the first place on the Earth Board. Today was supposed to be his glorious moment. What was this?

He came here today to challenge the Human King and enter the Heaven List. He was not a match for the Earth King, who was ranked tenth on the Heaven List. Since the Human King was defeated, then his opponent was also gone.

This must be the will of heaven..

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