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Chapter 117 - Chapter 117: 105. Like a Fish in Water, Brother and Sister Meet Again

Chapter 117: 105. Like a Fish in Water, Brother and Sister Meet Again

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In the royal study of the palace.

Xia Xiaosu was staring at the young girl opposite her. The young girl was very beautiful, but unfortunately, she did not dress up properly. There were dozens of white hairs mixed in between her black hair, making her look a little mature.

This was not the main point. The main point was why did this young girl look like her mother?

When Ning Xiaoyu saw the Ninth Princess ‘expression, she knew that Prince Shenwu was not lying to her.

Aiyo, she looks like someone else’s mother. Isn’t that too much?

“Princess?” Ning Xiaoyu raised her voice.

Only then did Xia Xiaosu come back to her senses. ” You look too much like…” One of my relatives.”

“I’ve met King Shenwu before. He told me about it.” Ning Xiaoyu decided to pick it up.

Xia Xiaosu thought of her brother and then her mother. Her heart ached and her eyes reddened.

Ning Xiaoyu thought that she wasn’t much older than the princess in front of her, so it wasn’t appropriate for her to trigger her maternal love. However, it was also because of this that the princess’s eyes turned red. She felt that this princess was really a sentimental person. She was much better than those hypocritical nobles. At least, she felt comfortable looking at her.

“What kind of world does Your Highness want?” Ning Xiaoyu suddenly asked.

Xia Xiaosu’s expression turned serious. She thought for a moment and replied seriously,”l hope that all kinds of voices in the world will dare to speak out, that all kinds of theories will be released, that a hundred schools of thought will contend and a hundred flowers will bloom, and that it will no longer be limited to Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

I hope that everyone will have books to read and martial arts to practice. I hope that Xuan cultivation will no longer be put on the shelf. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I hope that all the people can become non-residents, supporting the good and punishing the evil. If they are bullied by wolves, tigers, and leopards, or if something bad happens, their hearts will not waver, and they will not yield.”

Ning Xiaoyu looked deeply at the girl in front of her and summarized, “”Great Unity of the World?”


“Can you do it?”

“I’m doing it.”


Ning Xiaoyu had been wandering around the Imperial City for a few days. She had seen the current spirit of the Imperial City and heard the honest evaluation of the city lord from the people in the village. If it were not for the high ratings, she would not have come to see the princess even if she was curious about Xia Ji.

As a member of the Confucian Sect, choosing a master was far more important than choosing a spouse, so she naturally had to choose the right person.

“What will you do if you encounter difficulties?”

“I’m in trouble every day.”

“If one day, your idea of the Great Unity of the World conflicts with your brother, which one would you choose?”

“There won’t be any conflicts.”


Anything that is not good for my brother should not exist. Naturally, it is not in the Great Unity. ”

“Aiyo … Your Highness, your brother and sister are really close…”

Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. This answer wasn’t a flaw to her. Instead, it was a pretty good bonus.

Thus, she took a deep breath and was about to speak when she suddenly hesitated.

Legend had it that the king had to invite a few powerful strategists or generals to save face.

Wouldn’t it be bad for him to take the initiative to ask for it?

Xia Xiaosu stared at her, holding her breath as she spoke.

Ning Xiaoyu said, ” Your Highness, I won’t hide it from you anymore. I’m actually the seventh wonder of the Confucian Sect’s Eight Wonders. I’m willing to assist you. ”

As she spoke, although she felt that this confession was a little old-fashioned, she still took out the big seal from her pocket and placed it on the desk with a bang. At the same time, her chest became smaller.

Xia Xiaosu had naturally heard of the Eight Wonders of the Confucian Sect. When this motherly woman in front of her said this, she felt a long buzz in her head. She flipped open the seal and took a look. The imperial family had a

secret book that recorded the appearance of this seal. The book said that “seeing a seal is like seeing a person”, so it couldn’t be wrong.

Countless thoughts flashed through her mind, thinking about what she should do.

Suddenly, she remembered a sentence in the ancient book: “I have Zhuge Liang, just like a fish has water, my heart is happy. After that, the two of them will eat at the same table and sleep on the same bed.”

Hence, Xia Xiaosu pretended to be calm and cleared her throat.”l have Mr. Seventh, and I’m really enjoying myself…”

When Hu Xian Er, who had been in a daze, heard the words ” sex “, her foxy eyes suddenly lit up. Now that she was interested in the topic, her soul flew back.

Xia Xiaosu realized that she had misspoken.

Ning Xiaoyu smiled.

As the two of them were silent, Hu Xian Er suddenly said, Congratulations to the princess for getting the military advisor. Why don’t we go to the Cloud Sky Palace to have a detailed discussion? ”

Xia Xiaosu thought for a moment. This was indeed a good idea. Moreover, this kind of person from the Eight Wonders of the Confucian Sect couldn’t possibly be an assassin. Moreover, Hu Xian ‘er was by her side. She nodded and said,’Would you please talk to me in detail, Mister Seventh?” What could he do if he went to the Cloud Sky Palace?


Not long after.

It could be said to be luxurious and contained many strange and obscene techniques. Even the murals on the window were all national paintings.

The nine dragon heads were spitting out warm water, and the mist was lingering. It was like a thin veil that slid three inches on the surface of the ground. Those who bathed in it felt as if they were in the Cloud Dingtian Palace, and their hearts were relaxed and peaceful.

Xia Xiaosu soaked in the water and started talking to Ning Xiaoyu. The two of them really regretted not meeting each other earlier.

Ning Xiaoyu felt that although this prince was kind, he was not pedantic. He was willing to change and endure hardships. He even had a good view of the big picture.

Xia Xiaosu was completely certain that the person in front of her was Qi Qi. In a few words, she had clearly analyzed many things that she had not understood for a long time.

The two of them were of the same age and were both young girls. As they talked, other than national affairs, they began to talk about everything else.. They felt that their relationship was rapidly getting closer…

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