Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 116 - Chapter 116: 104. Holding the Book of Life and Death, Sitting High on the Fengdu Platform

Chapter 116: 104. Holding the Book of Life and Death, Sitting High on the Fengdu Platform

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Then, he began to experiment again.

For example, what would happen if ten Death Talismans were used at the same time? What would happen if ten Life Talismans were used at the same time? How long would the talisman last? Would it be effective if he randomly drew talismans? What would happen if he used hundreds of talismans?

After doing all this, he entered the netherworld through the “transfer station” that was the entrance to the courtyard.

The so-called netherworld was actually an interspatial zone.

If you imagined the main space as a constantly expanding bubble, this kind of interspace was a bubble within a bubble or a small bubble stuck to a big bubble due to some accident.

He left a message in the netherworld as the Yama:A month later, they would gather here.

When the other six members saw this message, they would definitely rush over.

After integrating the powers of the Netherworld, he wanted to find out where the aristocratic families were.

And then…

“Why isn’t Big Brother back yet?”

Xia Xiaosu was pacing back and forth in the palace when a 1.1-meter-tall girl walked in barefooted.

“Xian er, is there any news of elder brother? Is he seriously injured after the battle and is recuperating?

“His Highness didn’t say much,” Hu Xian Er said.”He just said that everything is fine. Don’t worry about it. Let Little Princess do what you want to do.”

Xia Xiaosu heaved a sigh of relief. Her brother was her only family member.

These few days, she had thrown her heart and soul into the recovery of the entire Imperial City. As a result, her originally pale face appeared even more haggard.

Her expression returned to normal. Her 1.5 -meter tall frame leaned back and looked down at the 1.1-meter tall Hu Xian Er. The calm aura of an empress spread. ” You shouldn’t address him as Your Highness. ”

‘ Now that the emperor is dead, the title of prince and princess is naturally no longer needed. Yesterday, Fengyun Tower announced my brother’s new legendary name to the world. Now, I’m calling you brother…”

Xia Xiaosu paused for a moment and said, “King Shenwu.”

She stood up proudly and said, ” During the battle of Floating Jade Mountain, my brother killed countless people. Although he had made countless enemies, he suppressed the world with his own strength. No one in the world dared to gossip anymore.

It was rumored that seven out of the twenty heavens of the Buddhist Sect went to encircle and suppress his elder brother. In the end, two of them escaped, two of them did not even dare to attack, and three of them were killed by his elder brother.

It’s a pity that I wasn’t by my brother’s side, so I wasn’t able to personally witness how heroic and invincible he was.”

Hu Xian Er looked up at her. Listening to the little princess say all this, her heart had long since become numb. Seventh Prince…No, King Shenwu was too strong.

The two of them talked for a while before Xia Xiaosu took out a memorial. ” The Turks want to maintain the original marriage alliance and want me to marry them. Their diplomatic mission is about to reach the city. What do you think we should do? ”

Hu Xian Er thought for a moment. The diplomatic mission hasn’t even reached the Imperial City and was already robbed by bandits?” “Just hurry back,” said Xia Xiaosu.

“Little Princess, you’re so kind.” Hu Xian Er said.

Xia Xiaosu suddenly sighed. ” I really don’t know how precious talent is. I really lack everything now…”

After possessing Nangong He, although Deng Gongjiu’s fox was familiar with the art of war, he could only be considered an ordinary general and could barely stabilize his Qi.

Apart from that, the nine departments of the Cabinet, the Ministry of War, the

Ministry of Heavenly Craftsmanship, the Vital Energy Palace, the Anicca Palace, the Inspector Heavenly Department, the Black Water Platform, and the Heaven Inspectorate were all empty.

The talents of the Nine Tribes had all gone to the south, and it seemed that they were all under the Third Prince’s command. The Third Prince had a good relationship with the Confucians, and he had a strong army and many talents. He had the air of a new ruler.

Was he really going to fight him?

Xia Xiaosu was a little confused.

At this moment, a female servant called out from afar,”Report!” Then, she jogged over. She looked at the princess’s height and hurriedly knelt down.

Then, she looked at Lord Hu’s height and hurriedly lowered her head again.

“Princess, there is a young woman outside the palace who wishes to see you.

She savs that she is a member of the Confucian Sect and knows a thing or two about the art of war. She wishes to see you.”

“Ah         You only know a thing or two, yet you dare to come and see the princess?” Hu Xian Er said.

“Xian Er, you don’t understand,” Xia Xiaosu explained. “Elder brother also likes to say that he only knows a little about martial arts.”

Hu Xian Er was speechless.

“Invite her in,” Xia Xiaosu said to the maid. “I’ll wait for her in the royal study.”

Xian Er, come with me.. ‘

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