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Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: 103. The Crown Prince’s Legacy

Chapter 113: 103. The Crown Prince’s Legacy

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Xia Ji returned to his original appearance. He wore a dark golden robe with a python on his body and walked out.

Gu Chen’s appearance was even more miserable than he had imagined.

Originally, the Crown Prince should still have a pair of eyes filled with hatred. However, at this moment, his left eye had already been ruthlessly pierced by a

dagger. The dagger had pierced through his eye socket, but the wound inside and outside had been frozen. He was still alive. It could be seen that the Crown Prince was really a person with a ” tough life. ”

But who hurt him?

Who wanted to kill him?

Tian Zi and the Fifth Prince’s forces were all under his control. Wherever he was, the main battlefield would be there.

Then, what was going on with the Crown Prince?

Xia Ji, Xia Ji, Xia Ji!!!

Gu Chen lay on the riverbank. ” You’re here. Are you here? ”

“It’s me.”

“I don’t know where you’re going, but I know you’ll definitely pass by here. I’ve been waiting for you.” His voice was both crying and laughing.

Xia Ji’s body flashed and landed beside him. He raised his hand and was about to heal him.

But his hand was pushed away.

“It’s useless.”

Xia Ji sighed softly. The Crown Prince had never participated in the incident against him, and the Crown Prince was a ” pitiful worm ” who had met with misfortune before him. Logically speaking, the two of them had also carried the name of brothers for eighteen years.

” You would rather bear the name of regicide and patricide than kill the emperor. Very good!! ”

The Crown Prince only said one sentence, and Xia Ji knew that he knew nothing.

She was a toy that was kept in the dark.

But he was not prepared to tell the truth to the Crown Prince.

“Why are you waiting for me?” Xia Ji asked. Aren’t you tired of being alive?”

The Crown Prince seemed to have regained his senses and grabbed Xia Ji’s

hand. His grip was very tight, and his right eye was shining brightly.

“Xia Ji asked me out and ambushed me.

She said that I was already dead, so I shouldn’t live anymore.

However, she is my biological sister.

I don’t understand, I don’t understand.

She must have been controlled by someone.

Help me save her.

I … I’ll give you everything.”

Xia Ji was the Fourth Princess and was the Crown Prince’s biological sister. Their relationship should be similar to Xia Xiaosu and himself. Therefore, even though Gu Chen was ambushed, he still trusted his sister deeply. What he wanted was not revenge, but to save her.

Xia Ji could see it clearly. He thought about it and guessed the truth.

It should be that the aristocratic families abandoned the Crown Prince and took in Xia Ji.

Xia Ji obeyed the order of the aristocratic family and killed the Crown Prince who should have died.

There was no other explanation.

This was because aristocratic families would not control princes or princesses. If they controlled toys, they would lose their playability. What fun would there

Seventh brother, promise me! ”

The Crown Prince grabbed the hand of the person in front of him tightly. He had already changed the way he addressed him. He was using the attitude of a family member to plead and plead because he had no one else to plead with.

He took out the Yama’s Mask with his left hand and gently placed it on the fine sand in front of him. ” This is a mask, an inheritance, and a storage space. It contains my life savings. ”

I … I’ve already removed my divine sense. It’s an ownerless item. You can control it at any time and take it away…My everything.” Seeing that the person in front of him was silent.

“I beg you!!” Gu Chen roared.

Xia Ji turned his head away. In his impression, this man had never begged anyone before. When he was the Crown Prince, he was arrogant and domineering. When he went to war, he was covered in golden armor. He was a proud man and had never said the word ” beg ” in his life. Did he lose his reputation before he died?

This roar made Gu Chen’s last breath dissipate. He fell backward, but he was still hanging on to his last breath. ” Seventh brother, save my sister, okay? ”

Xia Ji placed his left hand on the Yama Mask and slowly picked it up, putting it on his face.

Indeed, as the Crown Prince had said, this was an ownerless item. There were many treasures piled up inside.

Moreover, there was also the Daoist mystic technique that was waiting for him to inherit.

This Crown Prince Xuangong had revealed it before. It should be the talisman Dharma that was wrapped with the power of life and death.

He sat cross-legged on the fine sand and whispered, ‘”‘1’11 bring her to sweep your grave one Qingming Festival.”

After getting the answer, Gu Chen loosened his hand. The frozen blood also melted, making him look extremely ugly and miserable.

Xia Ji sighed and sat beside the Crown Prince’s corpse for a long time.

In the end, he did not tell the Crown Prince the truth.

He did not tell him that Tian Zi was not his father.

He was not his brother.

His sister wasn’t controlled either. She really wanted to kill him.

Xia Ji didn’t say a single word. He closed his eyes and said, ‘”‘Take care.”

He suddenly remembered the words that Tian Zi had roared with hatred when he died, ” Right and wrong, success or failure, all are gone. The green mountains are still there. A few sunsets, thirty years of fame, thirty years of dreams, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” Xia Ji, kill them!”

At that time, he did not answer.

At this moment, he softly replied, ” Okay. ”

Then, he grabbed the prayer beads with his left hand, and a Buddha hand grabbed the ugly corpse. The Buddha fire burned fiercely, and in an instant, this sinful man was burned to ashes.

Xia Ji bent his fingers, and all the ashes gathered together.

He took out a black bottle and placed the ashes inside. Then, he threw them into the python robe along with the Yama mask.

After walking for a few more days, he had almost completely adapted to the power of this realm.

After a few more days, he arrived outside the Imperial City. Looking at the repaired city walls in the distance, looking at the Imperial City that had regained order and was faintly showing signs of prosperity, he revealed a smile.

Enter the city?

Or not entering the city?

An Eleventh Realm that was stationed in the Imperial City, everyone in the world knew where he was.

An eleventh realm whose location was unknown was a blade hanging in the sky.

A moment later,

He had already made his choice.

Xia Ji took a step forward. The first step was a prince in a python robe, and the next step was a pretty boy in a luxurious robe with a bit of a prodigal aura.


He waved his folding fan and walked to the imperial gate, taking out a complete clearance document.

He had taken out many blank ones when he was in the Imperial Palace, and it just so happened that he could use them now.

“Let’s go in,” the guard said after checking.

The elegant and beautiful young master of the turbid world waved his fan as he walked into the familiar Imperial City with another identity and appearance.

He didn’t go to the Imperial Palace. Instead, he took several detours and came to a small mansion by the side of Huaqing Lake. There were many mansions here, and they were all places where noble people lived. This small mansion was the most inconspicuous and ordinary one.

However, this was the Crown Prince’s secret residence and also the ” transit station ” that led to the ” underworld.

The owner of every mask could set up such a “transfer station”.

However, once it was established, it was difficult to change it. It doesn’t say that you can go to hell at any time,

Instead, one had to first reach the ” transit station ” before entering.

And the “transit station” was naturally a secret among secrets.

No one who wore the mask of hell would want others to know about this place.

Gu Chen had said that he had seven masks. Now that he only had one mask left, the other six had naturally been distributed.

Xia Ji took out the key and entered the mansion. He locked the door and sat in the empty training room, taking out the Yama Mask.

Today, he wanted his second body to digest this inheritance..

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