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Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: 102. Heavenly Fiend King Star

Chapter 112: 102. Heavenly Fiend King Star

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“If he’s strong, we have to make him weak. If he was weak, he had to make him stronger. Otherwise, how could it be chaotic?”

‘ You have the Myriad Manifestation Seer Technique and the Supreme Heavenly Mirror. You can predict good or bad luck, see the general trend, and show the future. Therefore, you are the best executor. Don’t disappoint me, or else … ”

“I understand.”

Xia Qingxuan walked on the cold yellow sand. The temperature difference between day and night here was very large. The sky was wide, revealing a lonely galaxy. Behind him were two men, one with a knife and the other with nothing.

These two men looked ordinary, the kind of existence that no one would notice if they were thrown into the martial arts world. However, their expressions were very strange. Walking in the desert was not an easy task, but the two of them were talking and laughing. They were not talking about martial arts, but about small things in their families.

” You stinky cockroach still owes me three jugs of fine wine. ” ” You’re playing with knives, so I won’t return it. How about that? ”

I hope to meet an oasis tonight and hug a girl while drinking wine. ” “Dream on.”

The two of them chatted and laughed as they followed closely behind Xia Qingxuan. With Xia Qingxuan around, it was almost impossible for them to encounter robbers or get lost.

It didn’t matter who they used to be. They were now just three people traveling west together.

Xia Qingxuan suddenly stopped in his tracks, and a strange feeling arose in his heart. He raised his hand and counted with his fingers.

Raising his head, he saw a star hanging in the northern sky in the vast sea of stars. It was bright and dazzling, and its brilliance was breathtaking. It almost suppressed the brightness of all the stars in the north. However, there was no companion star around this star.

The brightest

The most brilliant

And the loneliest.

“Wang Xing, Tian Sha.” She slowly spat out four words.

The two people who followed her also stopped talking and laughing. They knew what Wang Xing and Tian Sha meant. In short, it was “Tian Sha Gu Xing”.

This was a very vicious and brutal fate. Life had ups and downs, and it was a fate that would make one famous in one fell swoop.

In history, those who had such a fate were all great heroes who had left their mark in the long river of history, or great villains, or invincible, devil-like, and god – like crazy generals.

Xia Qingxuan’s expression changed, and he began to calculate with his fingers again. His gaze shifted again.

“Greed has entered the palace of the four tombs of Chen Xu Chou Wei. When he encounters fire, it will be a blessing. He will be able to kill the peach blossoms. As the saying goes, Greed has four tombs of fire and bell. The rich family will be rich and noble…”

She mumbled something.

The two of them couldn’t understand. After all, they weren’t in this field. They had their own specialties. The girl in front of them was an expert.

“Two stars want to be in the same palace, showing one fate, what kind of fate is this?

Greedy Wolf Encountered Fire, Heavenly Fiend King Star?”

A bright lone star shone in the north.

It fell on Xia Ji’s long hair, and the white hair that was mixed together reflected the faint light, appearing especially clear. The world of mortals was vast, and the white hair was deep.

He had gained a lot from this battle and could use it as an opportunity to consolidate his 11th realm.

On the way, he noticed that there was something wrong with the way Black Fox King looked at him. It seemed that there was a faint ” special feeling “. He asked and found out that Black Fox King had met Brahma.

Brahma’s spiritual technique was especially strong. It was likely that Black Fox King had been tricked and saw something in her own illusion that affected her state of mind.

The solution was simple. Xia Ji pulled her to sit under the tree and chanted the sutra for her again. He used his powerful mental power to remove the influence of the illusion created by Brahma.

When Lord Black Fox opened her eyes again, she still remembered the things in the illusion. She remembered that she lived in seclusion in the mountains with this young and powerful prince in front of her. They knew each other and loved each other. Then, they got married and had children. Then, they watched him die on the battlefield while she died in the mountains.

However, these illusions had already faded. She was no longer immersed in them, nor did she expect those things to happen. His Highness was His Highness after all, and she was still her.

The world of a human and a fox had never been so completely connected.

Emotions have never been like dreams and bubbles,

This was all her own imagination.

Now that she had woken up from her dream, she thanked him.

Seeing that she was struggling, Xia Ji gave her a few more pointers before giving her a protective string of Tathagata Prayer Beads.

King Black Fox returned the 800 death warrior tokens.

All the men of sacrifice had died on the way here. The Fifth Prince had arranged quite a number of killers along the way, one after another. It was already extraordinary for these 800 men of sacrifice to barely block them.

The “800 Deathsworn Token” was not a divine item after all. When it appeared again, it actually shattered.

“Your Highness, I…”

“It’s okay. Everything has a lifespan. This magic tool just happened to arrive.”

Xia Ji comforted her and said, “”Let’s go back first.”


Black Fox King swept away from him and sped into the distance. Gradually, his shadow disappeared.

Xia Ji had flown here, but he wanted to leave when he returned.

As he walked, he digested and consolidated these eleven states.

If something big happened in the Imperial City, Hu Xian ‘er would tell him through the’ leather scroll contract’, and he could also use this magical artifact to tell Xiao Su that he was safe.

He enjoyed the flowers in spring. The flowers bloomed all the way. He did not take the official road, but only walked on some small country roads. The dark gold python robe turned into a dark gold robe.

The playboy type, the type of romantic scholar.

He was reborn, and he revealed his second body in a place where no one was around.

In this way,

No one could find him.

He grabbed a mountain and river fan that suited the spring scenery and carried a jar of good wine that made him drunk.

Wherever I go,

The young women could not help but steal glances at him.

The rich ladies who passed by the carriage would pretend to stop and talk to him.

The heroine who was walking in the mountains and rivers asked him if he wanted to go with her.

The talented women who were touring the mountains and enjoying the spring asked him which noble son he was from.

He rejected all of them.

He was only experiencing this completely different identity and completely different state of mind. This was also the benefit of the eleventh realm.

In the long river of life, how many people could jump out of their original framework?

Along the way,

When there were people around, he walked a little slower.

When no one was around, a single step could cover a thousand feet.

Babies needed to learn how to walk. When they reached the eleventh realm, their Qi and blood had already reached a level where they could be looked up to by mortals. In other words, if Xia Ji poked his arm with a needle and he did not control himself, he could kill him directly with blood spurting out.

If he poked a needle in his blood vessels, the blood would be able to penetrate boulders or even steel.

He was only a Summoner or Mage at the eleventh level. The power he could unleash depended entirely on what magical equipment he held in his hand. But even so, the eleventh realm had finally stepped into the sky.

His blood was already too concentrated.

This was a Buddha that was tightly stuffed into a human skin.

Along the way, there were many places that Su Linyu had taken him to visit. He always visited the old places and ate a bowl of cold noodles and ordered a wonton.

Then, several days later, he came to a small stream called Lingbo. Back then, Lady Jade had brought him and Little Su to play here, catching fish and barbecuing. He had experienced the warmth of home.

As soon as he stopped by the stream, he smelled the smell of blood. He slightly released his divine sense and felt that the source of the smell of blood was one mile away. He guessed that someone was seriously injured.

He wanted to move aside, but his expression suddenly changed.

Because the one who was seriously injured was the Yama of Hell, the Crown Prince Gu Chen.

He said,

He was about to die..

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