Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 107 - Chapter 107: 99. Your Highness Should Be Number One

Chapter 107: 99. Your Highness Should Be Number One

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In the forest, a figure was strolling.

He did not walk fast, but he was fast.

“Not fast” referred to the speed of his footsteps, as if he was taking a walk after dinner.

” Very fast ” meant that every step he took covered a distance of several hundred feet.

This figure stepped onto the mountain path and entered the Cloud Entrance Peak. He glanced at the man in the emperor’s robe sitting cross-legged on the stone platform.

Then, he turned his gaze to the youth sitting by the cliff.

The youth wore a dark golden python robe. His expression was calm and composed, but there was a great obsession hidden within.

“Your Highness, do you have any requests?” Brahma asked with a smile.

If you need anything, just recite my name,

My name is Brahma. If you have any requests, I will definitely respond.”

Xia Ji looked at the man in the monk’s robe who gave off a feeling of ” kindness

This man was the same as Sakra. Just by standing there, he gave off a feeling that he was not like the ordinary people.

Those evil tricks, those filthy words, those dirty hypocrisy that distorted black and white, and those lies that were spoken with their eyes open had nothing to do with him.

“Brahma is here to kill me too?” “I was entrusted by someone.”

“Who is it?”

Brahma didn’t answer. Instead, he smiled and asked, ‘”‘Your Highness, do you have any requests?”

Xia Jiping looked into his eyes.

Those eyes were filled with great compassion, making people feel like they were about to fall into them with just a glance. Even their hearts would not resist this “fall”.

The grievances, obsession, and desires in his heart were all released in his eyes.

No one could refuse.

But Xia Ji was not included.

Unless he was willing.

Xia Ji willingly fell into that pair of eyes.

The scene changed…

He sat beside a lake, on the edge of the wooden bridge.

The sunlight in midsummer was very hot, but it was covered by the trees. There was also the lake wind blowing from afar, making people feel comfortable.

The pale-skinned girl was leaning against him. Her legs were stretched out, and her feet were bare. Her hair was not combed, and her head was tilted to one side. Her breathing slowly became even. It was obvious that she had fallen asleep.

He held the fishing rod in his hand and fished casually, spending the afternoon with nothing to do.

He looked at the trees and flowers on the water, casting their shadows and moving with the waves. From time to time, fish would break out of the water and shatter the silence. From time to time, birds would fly across the water, their wings flapping and sliding away.

From afar, a beautiful woman walked over. When the woman saw him and the young girl from afar, she slowed down her footsteps and her expression became gentle. When the woman walked to his side, she took out an ice-cold drink from the basket she was carrying and gently placed it beside him.

There were two big bottles in total. The woman pointed at the girl, indicating that the other bottle was for her sister.

He nodded, and the woman smiled at him. Her smile was very sweet.

It was very heartwarming.

Scenes after scenes of fantasy.

The scenes were filled with longing.

Scenes flashed by.

Sakra was surprised to see that the youth he regarded as his opponent actually cried.

He pursed his lips and even smiled, but two streams of tears flowed uncontrollably.

The man in the emperor’s robe turned his head to look at the Great Brahma in the sackcloth monk’s robe. His heart trembled. This person was getting stronger and stronger. If he fell into his eyes and entered the spiritual world, would he not be affected?

Crying …

This was nothing to ordinary people. When they were sad, they could cry whenever they wanted to.

However, this was a big problem for the strong.

This was especially true for Buddhist experts.

Practicing the Four Noble Truths Dharma, the five elements are empty.

Color, feeling, thinking, action, consciousness, all need to be empty.

This cry had broken his state of mind and shaken his foundation.

The spirit might not be able to attack directly, but it was the root of blood, qi, and true qi.

A person at the level of Brahma was indeed capable of destroying people in an invisible manner. This Prince Shenwu could be said to be very strong, but he still fell into his trap?

Even if Prince Shenwu could break free from his mental power, his power would be greatly weakened, right?

What a pity.

Sakra suddenly felt some regret.

If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have listened to this prince. He would have attacked directly and finished the battle first.

He only pursued two words in his life:

Victory and defeat!

It was rare to meet such a good opponent. They hadn’t even officially crossed swords and he was actually defeated by Brahma?

Sakra could not help but frown.

But on second thought, such a loser was no longer qualified to fight him, right?

He no longer felt regretful. Instead, he turned his head to look at the silent confrontation not far away.

It had only been a short period of time, but Xia Ji had already experienced the scenes that he had been longing for in the illusion.

Brahma looked at the prince in front of him. His expression was calm, but tears were streaming down his face.

His hair had even turned white.

There was a saying that one’s hair would turn white overnight. Naturally, it could turn white because of the mental entanglement in the heart. Thus, Brahma smiled and reached out to stroke the prince’s head. He said softly, “”Follow me back …”

His voice stopped abruptly.

He could not continue.

That was because Prince Shenwu had opened his eyes.

He had never seen such clear eyes before.

That pair of eyes was enough to prove that the prince was not affected at all.

Then …

Why was he crying?

Why did his hair turn white?

Brahma was stunned. After all, he was a profound Buddhist. A sentence suddenly appeared in his mind.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas understand the true meaning of the two non-self, so they can follow the law of equality and play with the land of ten directions with their magical powers. Although there are all kinds of signs, but the original place has not been shaken;Although he lives in the world, his heart is always free from impurities.

To put it simply, ” No matter what he does, no matter what he appears to be, his state of mind will not waver. Therefore, playing around in the world has become a means to increase his cultivation. What is taboo to ordinary people is completely not taboo to him.. ‘

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