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Chapter 106 - Chapter 106: 98. You’re Not Bad, But Not as Good as Me

Chapter 106: 98. You’re Not Bad, But Not as Good as Me

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The young man was looking at the sea. The sea of clouds,

He was very focused and serious.

The fierce mountain wind blew, but it didn’t even dare to get close to his clothes.

The blazing sunlight fell, but it seemed to be far from his body. That was a person who had been stripped away from the world.

He looked again.

That youth was still in this world, closer to it than anyone else.

Sakra’s expression suddenly became even more arrogant, but a look of respect also appeared. However, at the same time, he frowned. Hearing the muttering behind him, he snorted coldly. Then, he slowly spat out two words,


The martial artists behind him were stunned.

“Am I not clear?”

The martial artists were filled with question marks.

Sakra was like an emperor, pausing after each word as he slowly said, ‘”‘Get lost.”

When he said the word ” all his eyes suddenly lit up. Everyone who made eye contact with him revealed an extremely terrified expression. They held their stomachs and vomited blood crazily. They were depressed and fled crazily. From now on, not only would they not be able to improve their martial arts, but they would also lose the courage to face their enemies.

When he said the word ” scram “, the martial artists in a larger area felt their heartbeats suddenly change their frequency and become extremely fast. The

were slightly weaker felt that their meridians were about to break and scattered like a swarm of bees.

When he said the word ” far away “, he had yet to turn around. Obviously, those who were not weak in martial arts all showed a look of panic. They only felt their blood boiling. If they did not leave now, they were afraid that blood would spray out from their seven orifices and die without a doubt.

As soon as the three words were said, the martial artists who came with Sakra all scattered and were all injured.

Other than the dead, only he and the prince were left on the edge of the empty cliff.

Only then did Sakra take a deep breath and step onto the big stone platform.

Then, as if he was explaining, he raised his voice and said,”l came here because I was entrusted by someone. I wanted to complete this task as soon as possible and leave.

Therefore, I didn’t pay any attention to these people who followed behind me. I pretended not to hear anything they said because it would end soon.

But now that I’ve seen you, I’ve changed my mind.”

Xia Ji turned to look at the man. He could feel the terrifying power hidden under the emperor’s robe.

“Why did you change?”

Sakra said, ” Humiliation!!! ”

If they humiliate you, they are humiliating me.

Because I have already looked at you.

I have already treated you as an enemy.

The enemy of Sakra,

How can we allow these rats to humiliate us?”

‘ You’re not going to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens, ” Xia Ji said. ” You’re not going to defend the righteous path, and you’re not going to eradicate evil spirits? ”

“What does it have to do with me?!” Sakra asked.

‘You must have used a lot of your strength. I can only try my best to be fair, so I just used some of my strength to deal with these people. It can barely be considered fair.”

“You’re not bad,” Xia Ji said.

This was the first time he had seen a person who could be called a martial artist since he had come to this world. As soon as such a person appeared, he was completely different from others. It could be seen that although the 20 heavens were all in the same heaven, the difference was very large. This person was much stronger than the previous Secret Guardian and the Sun Palace Son of Heaven.

Even if he didn’t have to fight, he could feel a thing or two just from this aura.

Xia Ji was still sitting, but he had already looked at the man in the emperor’s robe and said indifferently, “”But not as good as me.” You’re not bad, but you’re not as good as me!

‘Many people I defeated said the same thing, ” Sakra said.

Just as he was about to use his luck, Xia Ji pointed to a spot not far away and said, ‘”‘Have a seat.”

“Someone else is coming today,” Xia Ji said.

“I alone am enough.”

Sakra raised his hand and opened his five fingers. The air around Xia Ji seemed to have been invaded by extreme cold and instantly condensed into frost.

In the next moment, it had already become a huge circular ice prison.

In an instant, the ice prison had eighty-one layers, each as thick as a human arm.

The eighty-one layers of ice prison instantly combined into one.

Every nine layers combined and squeezed against each other, producing ear-piercing cracking sounds until they formed extremely hard ice.

Looking from the outside, the light had already disappeared and could not enter.

There was no longer any light in the Nine Layer Ice Prison. Even the figure of the youth could not be seen.

Sakra clenched his five fingers, and the nine layers of ice prison suddenly collapsed, squeezing towards the youth in the middle.


A loud bang.

Smoke and dust.


Xia Ji was still sitting on the spot.

All the ice prison had melted.

How could mere ice freeze the sun in the sky?

“Sit,” Xia Ji said again.

Sakra sat down.

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