Long Live Summons

Chapter 30 – Expert? You’re just a stepping-stone.

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Chapter 30 – Expert? You’re just a stepping-stone.

Translated by: Zaza, khh

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TLC: Zaza, Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang used one hand to catch her delicate fist and smiled: “Brother, I know you missed me, but this way of expressing it is too unusual. If you gave me a passionate hug instead, then I’d be even happier. The girls inside are all bathed and stripped naked waiting for us to love them intimately, so what are we still standing around for? Let’s go.”

The bright-eyed thief almost went mad with anger, using her strength, she struggled and got free of the shoulder that Yue Yang had been holding with his hands.

She was about to lift her leg and give this loathsome, shameless male a flying kick.

Instead, Yue Yang actually grabbed her small hands and pulled her along very quickly, involuntarily pulling her directly towards the dazzling entrance of the Merry Forest.

“Please wait a moment you two, Merry Forest has a rule that if your attire is inappropriate, we will not admit you.” A Level 2 Braveman guard courteously blocked Yue Yang and the bright-eyed thief.

“As a rich, suave young man and future VIP, I must criticise you. How can you look at our attire and declare that it does not adhere to the requirements? As the saying goes, ‘A rich White Stone City youth owned many shops and saddled many beautiful white horses. But he dressed like a beggar entering into the Merry Forest.’ We came here to give you respect because we heard that Merry Forest is the best, only to find out that your reputation gave you too much credit. Merry Forest even allowed idiots that don’t recognize their betters to guard the entrance, instead of fragrant and silver-tongued beautiful women to welcome their customers; it really does kill the mood. Do you know what it means to act out a role? For example, if a famous, talented celebrity like this Young Master – who is extremely popular with beautiful women – goes around with my real identity exposed, wouldn’t it a big problem? Won’t the girls inside get so excited that they will start screaming wildly or even faint, overwhelmed by my presence? This One had spent so much effort to move about undetected. I had never thought that my fun would be ruined by a filthy slave who has the eyes of a dog. Forget it, forget it. I say, little brother, there are plenty more fish in the sea, the Merry Forest is just one of them, let’s go.” Yue Yang scolded them with a bunch of bullshit and turned around, looking as he was about to pull the bright-eyed thief away from the place.

Perhaps he was the first guest in all of history since the Merry Forest’s opening that had rebuked them so angrily at the entrance.

If it was any other person, the guard would have probably thrown that fellow into the sewers already.

However, Yue Yang had scolded with such flowery words that it shocked the Guard Leader, who was currently accompany other guests nearby. The Guard Leader quickly abandoned his guests and immediately slapped his subordinate, before turning towards Yue Yang and giving him a respectful bow. “Both Young Masters, a grand welcome to our humble abode. I apologize for my subordinate’s inability to recognize your elegance and for offending you. There is no need to lower yourselves to argue with this commoner. Honored guests, this way please.”

The guard that had blocked their way earlier was scared to the point where his soul was about to escape from his body. He hurriedly knelt down to beg for forgiveness.

While it was uncommon in White Stone City, it was not so in the capital Shang Jing where certain families’ youths liked to dress and act like poor students with no power or influence. Some even went as far as pretend to be beggars in order to stroll around the streets as they pleased, while making fun of the common folk that liked to judge based on attire.

There were many experts and even officials, who enjoyed pretending to be depressed mercenaries or robbers while having sex with women in Merry Forest for some fun.

The more famous or more powerful they were, the more likely they were to enjoy playing these types of games.

Even the King himself had times when he himself went out on inspection in commoner’s clothes.

Being a Level 3 Hero, the Guard Leader has seen many of these young masters that like to dress up in Shang Jing. Hearing Yue Yang’s eloquent speech that was out of the ordinary, he was convinced that Yue Yang was the talented son of a noble family.

“I don’t know who you are, however, this fledgling is someone who tried to assassinate me half a month ago.”

From the balcony, another person suddenly jumped down, glaring at the bright-eyed thief coldly.

He was of a tall and thin stature, and he wore a set of beautiful brocade robes with a golden eyed black hawk embroidered on the chest area. The pair of hands peeking out of the sleeves were as pale as ghosts and his nose was as sharp as an eagle’s. His bright, glistening long eyes were narrow and perceptive, piercing through you like a needle.

The bright-eyed thief humphed as she secretly pushed Yue Yang away with her hands: “You go, I have a few things to take care of today.”

Hearing this, Yue Yang cracked his fists together like a fighting maniac: “A fight? I can help.”

Seeing Yue Yang’s warlike figure, the bright-eyed thief became speechless. Contrary to her expectations, this fellow surprisingly didn’t run away and abandon her when a battle was about to happen. The bright-eyed thief thought that Yue Yang would say something like, “I’m going to eat supper first. You have fun battling, next time we can go find girls together” or something along those lines. Who knew that this shameless fellow still had some sense of brotherhood in his bones.

Seeing that something interesting was about to happen, the passing mercenaries all began to gather around.

A crowd quickly formed, and even the guests within Merry Forest ran to their windows and balconies after hearing the news.

“Ahem, Mr. Wu Yi, perhaps there is some sort of misunderstanding. Would it be possible for you to set aside your desire for vengeance and allow us to get a better understanding of the current situation? All the guests within Merry Forest are esteemed customers and we really do not wish for the two parties to fight…” The Guard Leader tried to softly persuade the lanky man. He was hoping to confirm the two’s identities before they started fighting.

“This fledgling killed my clan master’s favoured prostitute. In his rage, my clan master commanded us to bring this fledgling to him, either dead or alive. So this matter is not something that involves Merry Forest. Furthermore, they still have not passed through the Merry Forest’s main entrance, so how can you count these individuals as Merry Forest’s honoured guests? I’ll simply kill these two at the entrance. Afterwards, I will be sure to send a jar of wine as apology to the owner of this pavilion, Master Golden Blade.” The lanky man rejected any possibilities of settling the matter in a peaceful way with no hesitation, giving the Guard Leader a ‘secret gesture’.

After seeing this, the Guard Leader’s face changed and he quickly stepped aside.

This matter was not something that a small Guard Leader like him could take care of. The only thing he could do now was to keep one eye open and the other one closed.

“Go away quickly.” The bright-eyed thief glared at the tall and thin man vehemently as she reached out to push Yue Yang away, urging him to leave.

“I think his body barely has any muscle in them, he looked like he will fall apart by a mere gust of wind. When facing this type of opponent, is there anything to be scared of? You don’t need to do a thing, I can defeat him alone. I will beat him up until he has to look for his own teeth scattered on the floor. Stand aside, I’ll take care of it.” Yue Yang decided that he was going to reveal a few of his skills.

What kind of man would he be if he had the ability but didn’t show off in front of a beautiful woman? Wouldn’t it be the same as ‘showing off one’s clothes in the middle of the night’, or in other words, a complete waste?

Now was a good time for him to show off his skills and earn some points.

In addition, that sharp-nosed, skeleton-like fellow was really asking for a beating. Yue Yang felt that if he did not give that guy a good beating, then he would really be disappointed in himself.

The bright-eyed thief, however, was starting to feel a bit helpless. “You idiot, do you even know who he is? He is a Level 3 Hero, Wu Yi the Ghost. He definitely isn’t someone who an insignificant thief like you can handle… You, just get lost. If not, just stand on the side and cheer for me. No, actually just stand behind me and don’t even get within 3 meters of his range.”

“Are you saying that this guy is actually an expert?” Yue Yang was starting to feel lucky. It was really starting to seem like they were acting out “Beauty rescues the Hero.”

“Although I don’t want to admit it, truthfully, he really is a formidable expert.” The bright-eyed thief nodded.

“Don’t worry, experts are all stepping stones for me.” Yue Yang comforted her.

“Weak little ant, just try and step on me… …” The lanky man called Wu Yi laughed coldly. Taking out a black crystal rock, he muttered a few words, and a black light began to fill the air. A Rock Golem that was over 6 metres in height was summoned.

When this enormous Rock Golem was summoned, the surrounding mercenaries drew out their breath in unison.

A fourth grade rock golem didn’t appear commonly in mercenary hunting areas, but on battlefields. This kind of full-bodied Rock Golem weighed over ten thousand kilograms and was a war machine more effective than swords and spears, an invincible existence that could kill its enemies in many ways. Apart from the rarer Mammoth, Earthquake Dragon, and other enormous war-oriented beasts, most other beasts were crushed into mincemeat when facing the Rock Golem.

The Rock Golem was a war machine that was not available for sale within the country. Apart from the army and special mercenary teams, no other person was allowed to possess one.

Yue Yang and the bright-eyed thief were facing a Rock Golem that was over 6 metres in height and more powerful than swords and spears. How would they fight this battle?

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