Long Live Summons

Chapter 29 – Little Wen Li

Chapter 29 – Little Wen Li

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“What a nice smell” The little girl Yue Shuang sniffed around randomly. She thought Yue Yang had been hiding something delicious in his room.

“Phew, that was close.”

Yue Yang wiped away his imaginary sweat.

As the small girl pushed the door and entered, the little lolita suddenly changed into a beam of rainbow light and flew into his body. Yue Shuang that little girl didn’t take note of the rainbow light, but was attracted by remnants of the attractive fragrance. Bouncing into the room, she took Yue Yang’s hand and demanded he take out the delicious food, acting like a spoiled child. When Yue Yang was about to pick up the girl up and carry her, a surprising piece of information suddenly flashed through his mind.

Apparently, that surprising information was him wondering if he could use the Chains of Binding?

Yue Yang’s mind was startled, could it be that after the little loli Serpent Demon entered his body, he could use her Innate Skills?

The beautiful women entered the room, and picked up the little girl that was bothering him by acting like a spoiled child, chastising her: “Silly little girl, since when did Big Brother not give you delicious food when he has some? This is probably the fragrance of the Thorny Flower? Only thinking about delicious food the whole day, you glutton!”

“Little Sis Shuang Er, if you eat your meal like a good girl, later I’ll bring you to buy sweet brown rice pudding… …” Yue Yang had the skills to coax children.

Once he said that, the little girl immediately shifted her attention.

She nodded happily, raising that pair of soft white hands that were akin to lotus roots, cheering ‘Long Live Third Brother’, determinedly throwing herself into his embrace and kissing him.

The beautiful woman seeing this little girl being so greedy, was really unable to decide in her heart whether to laugh or cry.

At first, Yue Yang thought that he could hide the little loli Demon Serpent from the beautiful woman and Yue Shuang the little girl, but who would have known, that on the second day they already found out. It was not because of Yue Yang’s carelessness, but it was because he forgot one thing – that the little loli was able to move about freely. Getting rid of two of the Vengeance Hunter mercenaries, continuing to raise the Thorny Flower, thus he ended up waking up slightly later in the morning. After opening his eyes, that little girl Yue Shuang and the little loli Demon Serpent were sitting at the table eating, with her mouth dirty from the food, while the beautiful woman was sitting opposite them, using a wet handkerchief to gently wipe their little mouths clean, constantly chiding them to eat slower, so as to not choke on the food.

Yue Yang was stupefied seeing this, weren’t they scared of the little loli with six arms and a snake tail?

Seeing Yue Yang get out of bed, the beautiful woman first set in front of him a hot and steaming bowl of porridge, then asked: “This child is your Guardian Beast ‘Mist’? San Er, you finally managed to summon your Guardian Beast? Seems that you cultivated pretty well, there are big improvements, Fourth Mother is really happy for you.”

This, this was a great misunderstanding.

The little loli Demon Serpent had no relationship at all to Mist, she didn’t even know how to release mist…

However, this misunderstanding was a little timely, it was a good thing that the beautiful woman misunderstood, with this stroke of luck, just right to get rid of her suspicions, if not Yue Yang really did not know how to explain this.

“Third Brother, why does she have six arms? Also having a small tail that is so long, shall we just call her Little Monster?” The little girl’s curiosity would get a hundred points, but her naming sense had nothing good to be said about it. Yue Yang quickly rejected it, he thought to himself, since it’s the ‘daughter’ of Empress Fei Wen Li and himself, looking exactly the same, just a mini version, might as well just call her Little Wen Li.

The Black Jade Necklace’s Black Hole was already completely sealed, even dripping blood on it caused no reaction.

Yue Yang didn’t know what state he would need to cultivate himself to before he could go in to see the sleeping Empress Fei Wen Li again, so he decided to first give the little loli a name that was similar, this would also count as a bit of remembrance for her.

Seeing the little girl making a din, Yue Yang quickly waved his hands to correct her: “Little Sis Shuang Er, she’s not called Little Monster, she’s called Wen Li, Little Wen Li.”

Once he named her, another piece of information flashed through Yue Yang’s mind, on his Copper Grimoire’s page, the Serpent Demon pattern that had no name, was now inscribed officially with the name. This was the first time Yue Yang officially gave one of his Summons a name.

The little loli tilted her head, looking at Yue Yang.

Her big eyes kept blinking, and it was not known whether she was satisfied or dissatisfied with the name she was given.

Yue Yang had no way of figuring out what she was thinking, but knew that this little thing knew how to feel jealous. When the little girl threw herself into his embrace and acted like a spoiled child, she also quickly swam over and hugged his thigh tightly, using those big sapphire eyes to look at him pitifully, her expression was exactly like a favoured daughter hoping for her father’s embrace, that gaze was really unbearable.

The Demon Serpent Little Wen Li’s appearance made the little girl extremely happy, because this little girl that liked to spend the whole day playing and causing trouble now had a companion.

She was just like a big sister, carrying Little Wen Li all around the courtyard the whole day, chasing butterflies, catching dragonflies, climbing trees, picking flowers, showering ants with mud, making thorough searches for delicious food, all the things she enjoyed doing.

Of course, the action she was most proud of was teaching Little Wen Li to speak.

“You’ve grown so big yet you still don’t know how to speak? Stupid, I’ll teach you” Yue Shuang that little girl proudly acted like a teacher and taught Little Wen Li how to speak all day.

“… …” However, her efforts were all in vain, Little Wen Li still did not say a word.

Yue Yang didn’t feel that a baby that had been born for only three days could speak. Although Little Wen Li looked to be about Yue Shuang that little girl’s age, strictly speaking, she was still a baby.

When it became night time again, Yue Yang went to the Eastern Tavern to take a look.

In the darkness, the big breasted woman from before was waiting in the corner, handing over a small bag of gold coins quickly, reporting in a low voice: “Young Master, there are still two precious ornaments that haven’t been pawned off, the smaller items were changed for 35 gold coins, please check that it’s all there. Xie Huo came yesterday, he was at the Assassin Guild to place a Vengeance Trail, but we do not know if you are the one he’s looking for. Young Master, it’s better for you to leave the White Stone City first, the Tie clan will also send people to take revenge for Tie Kuang, they’re just sitting in the Tavern drinking, making inquiries and looking for news about the situation.

Putting aside the fact that he now had Little Wen Li as a Diamond Rank Guardian Beast, even before that, Yue Yang had no worries at all.

Who could the Assassin Guild place the Vengeance Trail on?

An anonymous Thorny Flower?

With the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, Mysterious Three Styles, the Phantom Shadow’s blessing, Little Wen Li’s Binding Innate Skill, even with more people, they would only become fertilizer as well.

“Where is that Xie Huo?” Yue Yang was really looking forward to having a strong opponent to fight with, so that he could judge his own strength and see just what level it was at.

“I heard that he is at the West of the City’s Merry Forest. Young Master, please take great care.” The big breasted woman softly warned.

“It’s alright.” Yue Yang waved a hand.

White Stone City’s Merry Forest was not full of trees, rather, it was an enormous building. Branches of Merry Forest could be found throughout the Da Xia Empire, and was the entire country’s number one in the entertainment market. The main building of the Shang Lin Garden in the capital city of Shang Jing was rumoured to have been built by the State Master, Left Minister and the Da Xia Empire’s most powerful and wealthy man, Shen Shi, working together. Its dignified air was barely below that of the Royal Imperial Garden, and among the common folk, there was even praise of ‘Shang Lin is first while the Imperial Garden is number one’.

Let alone this Shang Lin Garden in Shang Jing, even the White Stone City’s Merry Forest could not be entered by just anyone on the street.

Only those who were strong Rankers or wealthy merchants could enter.

Those envied Level 3 Hero Rankers, even in a small place such as White Stone City, there would still always be one of them standing at the Merry Forest’s door, they are the Merry Forest’s Captain of the Guard. If comparing the City’s main government guards’ strength with those of the Merry Forest’s the White Stone City’s governor would not dare to claim that his private troops were definitely stronger than the Merry Forest’s troops. This was the power of a branch in the White Stone City. 15 years ago, in order to award the Merry Forest’s troops for their outstanding military service when attacking the Wei country for land, the Da Xia Emperor bestowed upon Shen Shi a golden waist pass that had ‘Second’ engraved on it, and the other one with ‘First’ engraved on it was hanging on the waist of Wan Gu Ku, Commander of five thousand Imperial troops.

In other words, Merry Forest’s military strength was equal to the second branch of Imperial troops.

If not for the Merry Forest’s military strength being so great, the big breasted woman would not be worried for Yue Yang to such a large extent.

When Yue Yang stood before the dazzling and majestic Merry Forest, his face unexpectedly showed a smile: “Merry Forest? Nice place, hm! Hey! Brother, you are here too? It really is one of life’s coincidences. Come, come, big brother here invites you to come in and drink Flower Wine.”

The bright-eyed thief was originally staring at a shadow at the balcony with enmity in her eyes, when suddenly her shoulder was patted by someone, causing her to jump in surprise.

However, shortly after turning around, the one that came into view was that shameless male, Yue Yang.

Then immediately a fist flew towards him…

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