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Chapter 40 - Amateurs Racing Each Other

Chapter 40: Amateurs Racing Each Other

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There was a professional race track in the vicinity. Thus, everyone drove their cars towards it.

At the starting point, amidst excited cheers, the guy with the sand-colored hair urged them. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and start!”

Lin Yan hastily told Pei Yutang, who was in the driver’s seat, “Hey, Third Master, hold on! I think you will need some time to complete the race. I shall not disturb you. Can you let me alight first?”

Pei Yutang glared at her. “What do you mean? You want to alight? They think that you are my girlfriend. If you leave before the race, how will I be able to face them? Sit properly!”

Lin Yan was speechless…

What was happening?

The way she could get implicated and attacked just by being present was scary…

Pei Yutang glanced at Lin Yan coldly and said impatiently, “Fasten your seatbelt. If you’re afraid, close your eyes. Frail women like you are so troublesome…”

Lin Yan replied, “Oh…”

‘Bang!’ A gunshot was heard.

A second later, the red Ferrari and the silver JTR sped off in the blink of an eye!

Lin Yan surveyed the entire race track. This track was one of the biggest tracks in the country, so every round was 3.408 km. There were 12 loops, and the route was rather complex. It was a challenging track that really tested the racer’s technique and skills.

Besides this race track, she could finish running through all the race tracks in the country blindfolded.

Plus, Pei Yutang and Song Yaonan’s speed was really… To her, they were no different from drivers driving bumper cars.

Even though Lin Yan really didn’t wish to be so blunt, this was… basically amateurs racing against each other. There weren’t any exciting highlights.

To her, the result was obvious at first glance.

Pei Yutang and Song Yaonan were racing each other as though their lives depended on it. However, although the spectators were screaming in fear, Lin Yan was dozing off in the passenger seat.

As expected, Pei Yutang was overtaken by the first loop by a considerable distance.

Pei Yutang cursed under his breath. “Damn it! This is impossible! My newly-modified car is obviously comparable to that jerk’s car!”

Lin Yan was speechless…

The possibility of beating his opponent indeed existed, but first… he needed to possess the skill and technique to do so.

Nobody knew exactly how much time had passed.

As expected, Song Yaonan’s car reached the finish line first.

The beautiful woman beside Song Yaonan gave him a kiss as the spectators erupted in boisterous cheers.

The guy with the sand-colored hair and the rest of the gang whistled in excitement. “Ha ha ha! No doubt about it, you are truly the entire millennium’s loser! Hurry up! Kneel down and call him daddy!”

“Yeah, that’s right! Accept your defeat! Don’t tell me you’re regretting this, Pei Yutang?”

“It can’t be! I shall let you in on a secret! I recorded you agreeing to the bet earlier. if you weasel your way out of this, how are you going to continue racing in the future?”

“Ha ha ha…”

Amid their wicked laughter, Pei Yutang’s obstinate, arrogant eyes turned red with anger.

The young man clenched his fists to suppress his anger. While gritting his teeth, he hissed, “I admit defeat. I will not go back on my word.”

He slammed the door after getting out.

“Wow! Kneel down quickly!”

“Call him daddy!”

A number of spectators had already whipped out their phones eagerly, ready to rejoice in his misfortune.

Lin Yan watched him with a frown on her face.

They had gone overboard…

Professional racers always treated other racers with due respect. They wouldn’t humiliate someone like this.

Lin Yan stole a helpless glance at Pei Yutang.

She had never expected this young man to admit defeat so readily. She felt a whole new level of respect for him.

Forget it, he was still a young boy after all. Plus, he did have a passion for racing.

If he was humiliated in such a way, this incident might leave an indelible mark in his heart forever…

Just like hers.


Pei Yutang was her idol’s younger brother!

If he had to call someone daddy, did that mean that her idol would have to do the same thing?

No way!

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