Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 39 - As Long As He Was Happy

Chapter 39: As Long As He Was Happy

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The first man to walk out of the silver-colored car looked like a wealthy young master. Walking beside him was a voluptuous, tall and beautiful woman.

The wealthy young master whistled haughtily as a form of provocation. “Wow, isn’t this the Son of the Wind, the future pride of the F1 arena? Out for a spin with your chick? Am I disturbing?”

A young fellow with sand-colored hair who stood behind him snorted loudly. “What Son of the Wind? Brother Nan, you always defeat him! He has never won before!”

Another man mocked him loudly. “I reckon his lousy car fleet is about to get dissolved soon!”

This remark had succeeded in riling Pei Yutang up. He immediately exploded with fury. “Song Yaonan! My fleet will not be dissolved even if you get knocked down and shattered to pieces!”

Song Yaonan quipped casually, “Yeah, you shouldn’t dissolve your fleet. If you do, who would take the last place?”

“Ha ha ha!” They all roared with laughter.

Pei Yutang swore and bellowed, “Don’t be so smug, Song Yaonan! I shall meet you next time on the racetrack. I will hurl you out of the track!”

The rest of Song Yaonan’s friends were sneering aloud. “Stop boasting by using your mouth. If you have the capability, don’t wait till the next race. Why don’t we have a race now?”

“Exactly! Start the race now!” The rest chimed in while causing a ruckus.

Pei Yutang, who was young and reckless, agreed at once. “I accept your challenge!”

The rest of them seemed to have been waiting for Pei Yutang to agree. They instantly exchanged glances that were filled with malice.

Song Yaonan leered at him. “It’s boring to just have a race. Why don’t we bet on it?”

Pei Yutang snapped, “What do you want to bet on?”

Song Yaonan replied, “Ha ha… It’s simple. If I lose, you can make me do anything. If you lose, you shall kneel down and bow thrice to me while addressing me as your father!”

“Great! This is good! Excellent bet, Brother Nan!”

“Ha ha ha…”

Pei Yutang’s face fell. “You…”

Song Yaonan sneered coldly. “What? You don’t have the guts? In that case, forget it. I won’t coerce you!”

Pei Yutang hissed, “Alright! The bet is on!”

Lin Yan, who had been observing this entire situation, watched helplessly as the young man fell into the trap they had laid.

Why did Pei Yucheng and Pei Nanxu have such an innocent, simple-minded brother?

Didn’t he realize that the others were egging him on and provoking him so that he would fall into their trap?

He obviously wouldn’t be able to win the race.

Judging by his driving skills and the condition of his car, he had absolutely no chance of winning.

Racing was a profession that required plenty of money. Although she could tell that Pei Yutang had spent quite a fortune on his car, it was far from satisfactory.

Given Pei Yutang’s status and wealth, this amount of money was certainly insignificant.

However, based on the earlier conversation between the brothers, Lin Yan believed that this fellow had left home.

These people probably weren’t aware of Pei Yutang’s real identity.

Lin Yan, who couldn’t hold back her tongue anymore, warned him tactfully. “Third Young Master, your car isn’t in the same league as the rest of their cars… You don’t stand a chance…”

Pei Yutang chided her angrily. “What do you know? I spent a lot of money on modifying this car! It is my secret weapon! It will definitely crush the rest of these fellows!”

Lin Yan was speechless…

Alright, alright then… She didn’t know anything.

As long as he was happy…

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