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Chapter 35 - Never Been Better

Chapter 35: Never Been Better

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After Lin Yan and Pei Yutang left, Pei Nanxu glanced at Pei Yucheng with an apologetic expression.

“Sorry, Big Brother. I merely mentioned it in passing to Yutang. I didn’t expect him to have such a strong reaction.” Pei Nanxu massaged the area in between his eyebrows.

Pei Yucheng, who didn’t seem to be bothered by this matter, said softly, “No harm done. He can adapt in advance.”

Pei Nanxu was startled by his words. Big Brother seemed to be serious this time…

Earlier on, someone had informed him that Big Brother had used his private business account to send a notice to Summit Entertainment regarding a dismissal. He had fired an investment manager. His thoughts started running wild.

When that had happened, his brother had been unconscious. He had been beside him during that time. Therefore, he believed that his brother had given his account details to Lin Yan.

Although Pei Nanxu knew this, he didn’t question his brother. He had always considered Big Brother a supreme being. Thus, even if he did something unreasonable, he would never doubt him.

However, his health…

“Big Brother, how are you feeling? Are you really okay?”

Even though his brother always claimed that he was fine after he regained consciousness and the doctor agreed, he was still worried that there might be repercussions.

He was really afraid that Big Brother would lose control and go back to that terrifying state…

Pei Yucheng replied, “Quite okay.”

He had never been better…

This time, he would start all over again. Everything would start over…

After Lin Yan left the ward, her thoughts wandered off.

She suspected that she had been dreaming all this while.

However, the facts had presented themselves. Those hadn’t been dreams. Perhaps, she had a psychological problem.

Even if she had merely lost her memory at intervals, this still wouldn’t explain how she had landed the role.

Had she unleashed her inner potential?

There was also another possibility… Could she be suffering from dissociative identity disorder?

Actually, she felt that something was amiss. She had gone to harass Pei Yucheng while she had been drunk.

Her tolerance for alcohol was quite high, so she shouldn’t have gotten drunk that easily after a few drinks…

She should really go have a thorough health checkup…

Unfortunately, she was broke…

Lin Yan had just walked down the stairs, when she caught a glimpse of a publicity board in the hospital’s main hall.

‘Renowned psychologist, Professor He Ruiyuan, is giving complimentary consultations today. Consultations of all kinds are complimentary.’

Lin Yan was slightly fazed when she saw the board. A renowned psychologist was giving complimentary consultations?

This was such a timely coincidence!

What Lin Yan lacked the most now was money. She was still fretting about not having enough money to pay for a consultation.

The name He Ruiyuan did seem familiar.

Lin Yan took out her phone and searched for He Ruiyuan’s name on the internet.

‘He Ruiyuan. Top expert in the field of psychology worldwide.’

Lin Yan gleamed excitedly at the sight of He Ruiyuan’s name. No wonder he sounded so familiar. He had appeared on the news because of a sensational, shocking case.

When she had still been a car racer, she had read psychology-related articles about him.

There was a criminal overseas who had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. He had six other personalities, including three violent personalities that had attacking tendencies.

In the end, the convicted criminal had been cured by He Ruiyuan.

“What the… Did I luck out?” Lin Yan muttered to herself.

He Ruiyuan, the leading expert in psychology in the world, was here in the capital city for consultations. To top it off, he wouldn’t be charging any fees!

The famous saying was indeed true.

All healers had a heart of gold!

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