Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 34 - Miss Lin, I Hope That You Will Succeed

Chapter 34: Miss Lin, I Hope That You Will Succeed

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Pei Nanxu nodded. “Yeah, didn’t you pass the audition today? Director Jiang Yiming just called me to say that he has found an exceptionally suitable actress to play the role of Lin Pianruo. I heard your name and realized that it was you. The director even said that you have gotten your paycheck in advance. There was no mistake about it!”

When Lin Yan heard him, she was completely dumbfounded…

Who am I…

Where was I…

What had she done, or what had happened when she had lost her memory?

“Hmm, Mr. Pei… You… Are you sure?”

Pei Nanxu nodded in response. “Certainly. The director wouldn’t make a mistake about this. Besides, I saw the audition recording. Your acting skills were really good. You portrayed the role of the domineering president well. Your aura was almost comparable to my brother’s.

Oh yeah, I need to apologize to you. There is an employee at Summit Entertainment who has committed bribery and taken advantage of certain connections. He deliberately coerced the director into using unsuitable candidates.

There is no need to worry, Miss Lin. My brother was there personally to inspect the audition. When he realized what had happened, he dismissed that person right away. This role is definitely yours!”

When Lin Yan heard Pei Nanxu retell the story in detail, her expression became even more bewildered.

Many things had happened within this period of time.

If Pei Yucheng had been at the scene, then Zhou Feng’s dismissal did sound reasonable.

However, her acting skills had obviously failed her. How had she passed the audition in the end?

She had even garnered compliments from an award-winning actor! He said… that her aura had almost been comparable to Pei Yucheng’s?

How was that possible?

She quickly checked her phone. Indeed, there was a notification from the bank regarding a deposit.

Oh my god…

The symptoms of her memory loss were getting more serious…

Could these be… the repercussions of that incident?

Lin Yan abandoned her messy thoughts and placed her palms together. She thanked Pei Yucheng, who was still in bed. “Thank you, Big Boss! You’re indeed exceptionally sharp-sighted. You’re literally the reincarnation of the God of Justice!”

The corners of Pei Yucheng’s mouth curled slightly when he saw how emotional the girl looked. “You like acting so much?”

Lin Yan scratched her head and replied, “Actually… I don’t really like it… My acting is bad… But I do have a goal… I want to get back on my feet after falling! The more I fail, the more I want to do it. Hence, I’ve decided that, from this day onwards, I will learn how to act. I want to become a leading actress and win an award!”

Pei Yucheng was gazing greedily at the girl’s smile. He concealed the surging emotions in his eyes as he said gently, “Then, Miss Lin, I hope that you will succeed.”

Lin Yan smiled with twinkling eyes. “Thank you, thank you! If I have the Boss’ wishes, I will definitely make it!”

Pei Nanxu quietly eyed his brother with contempt.

His brother had just sarcastically spoken as if he had become an actor merely days ago.

He had always expressed how he despised the fact that he was an actor. Why had he just expressed his support for Lin Yan?

“Oh yeah, Mr. Pei, is your health alright now?” Lin Yan asked in a concerned tone.

Something weird was going on. She hadn’t even known that Pei Yucheng was being hospitalized. How had she managed to get here?

“It’s a minor problem. Nothing serious,” Pei Yucheng replied casually.

Lin Yan pushed aside her thoughts and glanced at Pei Yucheng. “I’m sorry that Third Young Master misunderstood. It’s my fault. I will explain everything to him if I get the chance… In that case, if there is nothing else, I shall take my leave. I shall not disrupt your rest anymore.”

Pei Yucheng replied, “Okay.”

The man only retracted his gaze, which was filled with longing, after she vanished completely from his sight…

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