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Chapter 26 - Duplicate of a Domineering President

Chapter 26: Duplicate of a Domineering President

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On the bed in the audition hall…

‘Lin Yan’ didn’t stand up. She merely adjusted her sitting position into a more comfortable one. Then, she glanced in the direction of Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua in a lazy, nonchalant manner.

“Director Jiang, is this what you call… fairness?”

The girl’s tone sounded nonchalant, yet they felt as though they were prey being watched by a beast. Their scalps felt numb, and they were trembling in fear.

Incredibly, Jiang Yiming instantly felt guilty as he stammered, “You… What do you mean?”

The corners of the girl’s mouth curled into a cold smile as she spoke lazily. “I don’t mean anything. I just hope that Director Jiang and Producer Feng will consider this carefully before making a decision.”

She looked like a timid, frail actress who acted casually. However, in an instant, she seemed to have transformed into another person with an imposing aura.

Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua’s eyes met. They evidently had the same thought.

What the… How had this girl turned into another person in the blink of an eye?

How could they be intimidated by a lass’ expression?

The most terrifying thing was that the girl’s expression resembled President Pei’s!

Earlier on, they had really felt like they had been interrogated by President Pei. They had almost wet their pants as a result.

Due to this tense and suffocating atmosphere, Jiang Yiming, Feng Anhua, and the actresses unconsciously did not utter a single word.

In the end, Feng Anhua broke the silence with his dry awkward laughter. “Haha… Good! This is excellent! I didn’t expect that from you. Number 33 has displayed fantastic acting skills. Miss Lin is literally a duplicate of a domineering president!”

Jiang Yiming snapped out of his shock. There was frenzied delight in his eyes now. “Not bad! This is what I was looking for! Perfect!”

So she had been acting all along… He was the director, yet he almost hadn’t been able to tell.

This powerful portrayal and explosive power were amazing!

Wang Qiaohui heard the underlying meaning of Lin Yan’s words and lectured her sharply, “Lin Yan, you heartless ingrate! What nonsense are you talking about? Are you implying that Shanshan can’t act? You didn’t even attend university, while Shanshan is a top student at the Capital City Drama and Theater School. Are you fit to be compared to her? You shameless thing!”

She had belittled Lin Yan! She purposely used Shanshan’s acting skills as an excuse to accuse the director of being unfair!

‘Lin Yan’ sat quietly as if she hadn’t heard anything. She stole a glance at the pair of mother and daughter, as though she was ignoring something insignificant.

Feng Anhua cleared his throat softly and reminded Jiang Yiming. “Old Jiang, calm down first. Don’t forget that He Shanshan has already been cast by President Pei…”

Jiang Yiming’s face looked like stone. “You want me to let go of such talent?”

Feng Anhua was aware of the fact that Jiang Yiming cherished talent. Thus, he suggested, “You can let Lin Yan stay and offer her another role.”

Jiang Yiming’s expression looked slightly better.

Actually, in Jiang Yiming’s opinion, this girl was the perfect person to play the role of the domineering female president. But, alas, He Shanshan had connections…

Feng Anhua tapped Jiang Yiming’s shoulders and coughed softly. Then, he proclaimed, “Miss Lin, we do have another supporting character with plenty of scenes. You can stay here.”

“What? You’re allowing this kind of person to be part of the movie?”

Wang Qiaohui’s voice turned shrill when she heard that the production crew wanted Lin Yan.

He Shanshan frowned when she heard this too. Sister Shuya had instructed her to pay attention to Lin Yan at all times. If any production company wanted to use her, she needed to inform her.

He Shanshan knew that Lin Shuya wanted to force Lin Yan to leave the entertainment industry. She wouldn’t give her any chance, not even a minor role.

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