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Chapter 25 - Way Beyond Her Ability

Chapter 25: Way Beyond Her Ability

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Lin Yan felt a little helpless about being forced to do something way beyond her ability.

Indeed, her luck had disappeared in the blink of an eye. The vicious cycle of misfortune that dominated her life had resumed.

Who would think that, just by watching the auditions, she would end up getting attacked by these people?

Jiang Yiming was stoic as he reminded her, “You can say whatever you want and create your own scenario. All you have to do is capture and show me the essence of this character. You may begin!”

Lin Yan was speechless…

She would thank God if she was able to act like a normal character. Now, he wanted her to bring the character to life?

In the end, Lin Yan dragged herself towards the bed with a heavy heart. While looking gloomy, she stared at the comical mannequin.

Several actresses let out sneers and laughter. “Does she know that she is a domineering president, not a human punching bag?”

Lin Yan took a deep breath to control her emotions so that she could enter the scenario.

She hadn’t undergone any professional training but she possessed a little experience. However, she had a major problem when it came to starting the scene right.

After some time, Lin Yan finally managed to get slightly more ready.

Her gaze fell on the bed. “Are you alright?”

Jiang Yiming knocked on the table with his pen, looking impatient. “Are you clear about the role you are portraying? Where is the aura? What is that expression in your eyes? You didn’t even focus at all! Pretend that the mannequin is Pei Nanxu. Do it again!”

She had to pretend that the mannequin was Pei Nanxu?

It was hard enough for Lin Yan to get herself immersed in the scene, yet the director’s yells had disrupted her once more. Her cheeks turned red instantly at the thought of pretending that the mannequin was Pei Nanxu.

Forget about capturing the essence of the character. Now, she had to try resisting Pei Nanxu’s charm and looks!

How was it possible for a human to do that?

Jiang Yiming observed her and knitted his eyebrows tightly. He was wrong. He should have allowed number 33 to leave earlier on!

“Do you know how to act at all? If you don’t, get out. Don’t waste my time!” Jiang Yiming was already in a foul mood, so he finally exploded.

Wang Qiaohui was gloating gleefully, looking extremely pleased. “I already said that this lass wasn’t qualified. None of you believed me! Only my daughter is suitable for this role!”

“Why are you still standing here? Are you an ornament?” When Jiang Yiming saw Lin Yan remain motionless, he lost his temper once again.

He was about to continue yelling, when…

When he opened his mouth, a gust of icy wind seemed to sweep past the girl’s timid-looking eyes.

After the storm, her eyes became as sharp as daggers and as cold as ice. Her eyes met his. There was an overwhelming amount of pressure, as if claws were clutching at his throat…

“You… You…” Jiang Yiming was so frightened by the expression in her eyes that he choked on his words.

When Feng Anhua caught a glimpse of her eyes, a chill crept up his spine.

Meanwhile, in the partitioned area…

Pei Nanxu anxiously supported the man, who had lost consciousness suddenly. “Brother! Brother! Wake up!”

Fortunately, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Pei Nanxu calmed down quickly and dialed Pei Yucheng’s assistant’s number. “Get the car now! Get ready to go to the hospital!”

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