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Chapter 805 Bloodflower Boss

805 Bloodflower Boss

The five leaders of Ascent, including Julia, Li, Oren, Alan, and Yuran, gathered around the two women. One was unconscious, while the other sat quietly beside her bed. Standing behind the woman was Marvi.

“And how did you decide that she was trustworthy?” asked Julia with a frown. The shadow warrior was silent before removing his armor to reveal several scars that would have left a man dead. “You lost?”

“A bloodflower is more dangerous than you would imagine,” said the quiet and beautiful woman while staring at the bedridden. “However, no one can be powerful enough to protect the people we love.”

“You are the boss of the bloodflower gang,” said Julia with a frown as she folded her arms around her chest. “I heard you were one of the strongest fighters in the capital.”

“Strongest?” laughed the woman while shaking her head. A red flower was in her hair, which she took off and examined. “My gang was built to protect my little sister, but here she is.”

“She is unharmed,” said Oren. “When we arrived, she was the victorious one against a calamity. You can rest assured, for your sister is the last person who needs saving.”

“I know who you are, as I watched the events of Kera with great interest,” said the Bloodflower Boss. “You are the little brother of Arthur Silvera. Tell me, do you not worry about him since you know of his strength?”

“…I do.”

“I am the same. In any case, I thank you for allowing me entry, Oren Silvera, even after defeating your soldier. I merely wanted to see my sister.”

“At first, I was ready to fight. However, seeing how similar you are to this woman, I had no more reason to doubt your identity. Julia here assured me as well. But how did you find us?”

“You needn’t worry about others finding your whereabouts,” said the Bloodflower as she rose and placed the flower in her sister’s hair. “I am the only one who can find this place without even using mana. This is a gift I share with my sister, where we would always find each other.”

“Is it a part of your ability?” asked Yuran with confusion, but the bloodflower shook her head. “Then, is it an artifact?”

“It transcends magic and common sense, but we have had it since we were young. Our mother was the priestess of our village, and she made sure that we prayed daily. In the end, we became inseparable.”

“Did you pray for the God of Light, common in these lands?”

“We didn’t pray to a god, but to the almighty truth in this world. We prayed to the constant and the eternal. We prayed to death.”

The words caused silence in the room, broken by a groan leaking from the bedridden woman. Bloodflower flinched before hurrying toward her sister, holding her shoulder gently.

“Suyin, are you awake?” asked Bloodflower Boss with concern. Suyin opened her eyes slightly, and she squinted because of the light coming from above. Yuran turned it off and allowed her eyes to adjust to the dim room.

“Lin Xue?” muttered Suyin with a frown. “How did you… I am…?” she muttered the questions that filled her mind. “I was fighting, but was it a dream?”

“Far from it, Lady Suyin,” said Oren as he stepped forward. “We found you collapsed in the valley beside the Hoary Dungeon, also known as Superbia. A white being was beside you that we assumed to be an enemy of my brother.”

“You mean… the Sin of Pride, Cassius,” said Suyin with a frown as she tried to rise. However, her body failed her, and she fell while supported by her sister. “What happened after I passed out?”

“A man appeared and revived the calamity before throwing that sword toward us,” said Oren as he pointed toward the table. There was a hairpin on it, silver with butterfly wings. “Well, it turned into a hairpin after.”

“A man… Then, what happened to Arthur?” asked Suyin as her eyes widened, and pushed herself upward. This time, she managed to sit, even though her sister insisted she needed to rest.

“My brother is… well,” Oren paused, making the room gloomy. Suyin was confused since his expression didn’t match his words. “Have you seen what struck him?”

“Are you talking about the black lightning?” asked Suyin and continued. “I’ve seen it, and it seemed to harm him. How is he now?”

“Our Guild Master’s life is preserved, but the same could not be said about his consciousness. It has been a day, and he is still fighting against whatever struck him.”

“The emperor said that this was within Arthur all this time,” said Suyin as her sister let her rest on the headboard. “I could tell something was wrong, but is it the first time something like this happened?”

“It is,” said Oren.

“No,” interrupted Julia with a frown. “I’ve seen the fight against Amelio. Although the black lightning was not there, Arthur’s wrath against Amelio was similar to the one he showed here. There were instances when he was… not himself.”

“The two fought against a calamity and the Light Emperor and almost came out victorious. This is the best-case scenario, no matter how you look at it,” said Lin Xue with a frown. “Are you feeling well, Suyin?”

“I am, Big Sis,” nodded Suyin. “I thought I had finally escaped your wing of protection, but here you came running as soon as I got hurt.”

“You will always be my last blood,” said Lin Xue as she caressed her sister’s cheek. “Let’s go back to Old Babo and hide there. This place is too dangerous.”

“I will never run again,” said Suyin with a frown. “The only reason I’m still alive is that Arthur fought the calamity for my sake, and you expect me to go and hide?”

“This is not the fight for you, Suyin. Calamities and Emperors are the pinnacles of this world, and you have just started growing stronger.”

“All thanks to Arthur,” said Suyin as she let go of her sister and started pushing her body to the side. “I want to go and meet him.”

“Our healer said that your body would need time to move again, and pushing the limits can cause soul fragmentation. You have overtaxed yourself, miss,” said Yuran in a warning.

“Then, please carry me to his side. There must be something that I can do,” said Suyin to the group. Lin Xue gave them a glance suggesting they should refuse, but Oren nodded and walked over to carry her.

pan,da n<0,>v,el “You said it was dangerous, Oren,” objected Julia with a frown. “The Guild Master would never forgive himself if he harmed her, and in his current state, I’m afraid he would.”

“Arthur risked his life to save her, and seeing that she is unharmed might bring him peace,” said Oren as he stopped behind Lin Xue, who refused to move.

“No need for haste, boy,” said Lin Xue as her fingers danced in the air. “I know you want to help your brother, but let my sister rest before taking her elsewhere. How about it?”

“She wants it, and if it helps him indeed, then I would fight to help him one second earlier,” frowned Oren as his hand started being covered in armor. “Move aside, Bloodflower. Let’s remain allies.”

“Allies don’t endanger each other,” said Lin Xue as red petals surrounded her arm. “Step back, boy.”

“This boy is unafraid of you,” said Oren as the armor burst to cover his chest as well, as his eyes showed a threatening light. Then, as the tension rose, a voice stopped the two.

“Are you two children?” asked Suyin with a pale face as she held her heart. “We don’t need you two to fight our battles for us, especially not make our decisions. I asked to see him because Arthur has left his wrathful state.”

“What?” asked Oren with surprise as his armor stopped moving. Lin Xue turned toward her sister with confusion since she never saw Arthur with his black lightning.

“In the beginning, he was only fighting against the calamity. The latter wanted to kill me, but Arthur saved me, which dissolved his rage. Despite all the wrath, Arthur is still the person we know.”

Oren paused as his armor disappeared, and a smile appeared on his face. His childish eyes turned misty as he nodded and bowed toward Lin Xue.

“I know it might harm your sister, but please, let’s take the chance to help my brother. My mother is sick and has been sleeping within this fortress for weeks. I cannot see my brother falling to the same fate.”

Lin Xue was silent before she nodded and moved away. Oren rose and nodded in gratitude before carrying Suyin between his arms and taking her to the grand chamber.

The group followed after the two and entered the dark room again. As soon as they did, they all felt the suffocating aura coming from the flame atop Arthur.

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