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Chapter 879 - Ranking Reboot

Chapter 879: Ranking Reboot

Zhou Wen rode the Earth Elemental Beast and left the Founding Emperor Tomb with Ya’er.

On the way, Zhou Wen attempted to use his phone to take a picture of the Emperor Qin Sword to see if he could get it into the game. Otherwise, having the dungeon but not being able to enter was useless.

After the phone entered its camera mode, it automatically locked onto the Emperor Qin Sword. With a click, the Emperor Qin Sword vanished into thin air, and an Emperor Qin Sword appeared in-game.

However, in-game, Emperor Qin Sword wasn’t its name, but ‘Key to the Imperial Mausoleum.’

After Zhou Wen inserted the Emperor Qin Sword into the ancient city’s door, it automatically vanished. The game’s door opened and didn’t close again. Even if Zhou Wen respawned in the dungeon again, he didn’t need to use the Emperor Qin Sword to open the door.

As Zhou Wen rushed in, he grinded the Founding Emperor Tomb dungeon. The monster in the Mercury Sea was extremely difficult to kill. Typical attacks were useless against it. Its body was somewhat similar to water-elemental creatures. Even if its body was severed, it could reform.

Furthermore, as long as it was in the Mercury Sea, it seemed to possess infinite power. Zhou Wen momentarily couldn’t think of a way to kill it.

Zhou Wen killed the Bronze Men and the twelve Gold Men in the city again. However, this time, Zhou Wen didn’t just use the power of the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General. He summoned Tyrant Behemoth, Torch Dragon, and other Companion Beasts. Together with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, the speed at which he killed the twelve Gold Men was much faster.

When he killed the seventh Gold Man, another dimensional crystal dropped. Furthermore, it was an Essence Energy Skill Crystal. The requirements were the same as the previous one.

Apart from that, the twelve Gold Men didn’t drop anything.

Zhou Wen’s Constitution failed to meet the requirements of 41 Essence Energy and 41 Constitution, so he could only give it up in pain.

After circling the ancient city, he went to the stone house where the old alchemist lived. However, he didn’t see anything there. Clearly, the old man wasn’t a creature from the dungeon.

Could it be as Jing Daoxian said? That old man was a human alchemist from the Founding Emperor’s era? Then how did he survive in the mausoleum to the present day and how did he fuse with a Guardian? Zhou Wen was somewhat worried. If that fellow escaped the mausoleum, he would probably seek him out.

I hope Banana Fairy will quickly evolve to the Terror grade. Without the power of the Terror grade, it will be difficult for me to face the existence of the Terror grade head-on. Zhou Wen looked at his Banana Fairy tattoo and saw that it was still chaotic. Clearly, she hadn’t completed her evolution.

The door to the palace opened with a push. However, the Grand Qin Dharma Sword inside was just too powerful. Even Tyrant Behemoth was killed. Its Absolute Strength was virtually useless.

The Thearch really didn’t lie to me. Only a power at the Terror grade can resist a power at the Terror grade. This is no longer a matter of stats. Zhou Wen couldn’t resolve the problem of the Great Qin Dharma Sword. All he could do was wait for the invisibility ability of the Invisibility Cloak cooldown to end. He could first use the Invisibility Cloak to pass through the hall and see if it was different from reality.

After finally waiting for the cooldown of the Invisibility Cloak’s Wheel of Destiny to finish, Zhou Wen invisibly passed through the hall without triggering the attack of the Grand Qin Dharma Sword.

After passing through the hall filled with bamboo slips, he realized that this place was somewhat different from reality. Where there should have been a black pool, there was a strange bronze artifact instead. The bronze artifact was more than two meters tall, like a huge jar. It completely covered the spot where the black pool should have been. It was unknown if there was a pool below.

At the mouth of the jar, there was red soil and a man’s head. The man was like a flower planted in the bronze jar.

Just as Zhou Wen was sizing up the human head on the bronze altar, it’s eyes suddenly opened. It shot a glance at the blood-colored avatar and the blood-colored avatar died. The game screen went black.

Jing Daoxian likely shattered the bronze jar in real life after he entered the Founding Emperor Tomb. How did he do it? Zhou Wen didn’t have the Yin Yang Mirror, so he naturally couldn’t attempt it.

Zhou Wen tried a few times, but every time, he was killed by the strange man inside the bronze jar. He knew that the strange man was most likely a Terror-grade existence, so he had no choice but to give up on the idea. All he did was grind the Bronze Men and the Gold Men outside.

The nine black dragons in the underground sea respawned once every nine days. These Gold Men respawned once every twelve days. The pattern was very clear. It took a day to respawn a Mythical creature. The more there were, the slower the respawn.

Devourer, Grand Qin Dharma Sword, and the strange person in the jar. If I want to kill these fellows, I’ll probably have to wait until Banana Fairy’s evolution is complete. I wonder what Banana Fairy’s Terror transformation will be like? Zhou Wen was momentarily unable to imagine it.

Terror transformed creatures basically had obvious body characteristics. They were different from normal creatures.

Zhou Wen took Ya’er to an unfamiliar city. He originally wanted to take her to eat some delicacies and buy some clothes, but when he walked to the street, he saw the black cube in the middle of the street light up.

The ranking battle began again. However, this time, Zhou Wen didn’t see Wang Mingyuan on the cube’s screen. The one guarding the divine tree was a snake-tailed monster.

Where did Teacher go? Was he implicated because I took away the divine fruit? Zhou Wen had a bad feeling.

Just as Zhou Wen was pondering over it, he suddenly saw the cube’s screen light up as a creature appeared.

That’s… Zhou Wen’s pupils constricted when he saw the creature’s appearance.

Even if Companion Beasts like True Dragon and True Phoenix were on the rankings, Zhou Wen wouldn’t find it strange. However, the creature on the rankings was a human.

To be precise, it was a human who had contracted a Guardian and was wearing Guardian armor.

Can humans and Guardians participate in the battle? Does that mean that a single Companion Beast can no longer reach the top? Zhou Wen sized up the human on the screen and saw a name appear first on the rankings.

Great Skyfiend! Zhou Wen silently repeated as his gaze returned to the human.

Unfortunately, his entire body was covered in black armor. It was impossible to see what he looked like. It was even impossible to tell if he was male or female.

I wonder if pure humans can participate in the ranking battle without contracting a Guardian? Zhou Wen wanted to know why Wang Mingyuan wasn’t under the divine tree.

However, if he couldn’t participate in the battle himself, he couldn’t use multiple Companion Beasts. Even an existence like Primordial Sword Immortal wouldn’t be able to obtain first place.

Teacher, what happened? Zhou Wen looked at the Great Skyfiend on the screen, but he was distracted. He still remembered that the last time he went to retrieve the divine fruit, Wang Mingyuan had secretly warned him not to go there again.


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