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Chapter 878 - Jing Daoxian's Conditions

Chapter 878: Jing Daoxian’s Conditions

Soon, the elder rushed out as well. After he came out, he went straight to his room. When he rushed in, he saw that the stone house was in a mess. There was nothing left. Even the pill furnace, medicinal pestle, and other tools were gone. He was so enraged that he nearly vomited blood.

“It will be difficult to appease the hatred in my heart if I don’t tear you to pieces!” The elder roared at the sky and rushed out to search for Zhou Wen like a madman.

Jing Daoxian and Liu Yun rushed out one after another. They were also searching for Zhou Wen, but he seemed to have vanished into thin air. They couldn’t find him no matter how hard they tried.

“Could Zhou Wen have already escaped?” Liu Yun asked Jing Daoxian.

“Impossible. Without this Emperor Qin Sword, it’s impossible for him to leave. He must still be in the Founding Emperor Tomb,” Jing Daoxian said as he held the Emperor Qin Sword.

The stone sword and the elder also knew that it was impossible for Zhou Wen to escape, so they searched every corner of the ancient city and swore to find him.

When the elder rushed out, Zhou Wen had already used the Invisibility Cloak’s three minutes of complete invisibility. He went in the opposite direction and rushed back into the palace, passing through the black water and returning to the mountain peak in the underground space.

The wind in the underground space had stopped, and the fire in the Sun True Flames Furnace had extinguished.

From the looks of it, the flames in the Sun True Flames Furnace were emitted from the Sun Banana Fan. The furnace itself doesn’t have any flames. Zhou Wen was sizing up the Sun True Flames Furnace, hoping to see if he could take it away.

However, Zhou Wen’s heart suddenly palpitated as he stared intently at the Sun True Flames Furnace in front of him.

Jing Daoxian crawled out of the Sun True Flames Furnace and smiled at Zhou Wen.

“Didn’t you already leave?” Zhou Wen stared at Jing Daoxian.

“It’s just an illusion. You can’t leave the Founding Emperor Tomb, so you can only hide. I’ve been here waiting for you,” Jing Daoxian said.

“You relied on the soul in the Yin Yang Mirror to sense my location, right?” Zhou Wen asked Jing Daoxian.

“That’s not important. What’s important is that the alchemist and Grand Qin Dharma Sword want to kill you. The only person who can save you from Emperor Qin’s mausoleum is me,” Jing Daoxian said.

“Conditions?” Zhou Wen asked bluntly.

“That Companion Beast.” Jing Daoxian said.

“Impossible.” Zhou Wen knew that even if he transferred Banana Fairy to Jing Daoxian, she might not survive. Therefore, he hadn’t considered doing so.

“I’m not asking you to transfer the Companion Beast to me, but to promise me the usage of the Companion Beast’s abilities in the future to do something for me,” Jing Daoxian said.

“What is it?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Naturally, it’s pill refinement. Although there aren’t any true Elixirs of Immortality in this world, there are some pills that can extend my life. Refining those pills not only requires special materials, but the furnace and fire also have special requirements. Since the Sun Banana Fan has been absorbed by your pet, your pet must have similar powers. I’ll use her as a replacement,” Jing Daoxian said as he summoned a cloth bag and sucked the Sun True Flames Furnace into the tiny cloth bag.

Zhou Wen was still hesitating when Jing Daoxian said, “You don’t have time. The Grand Qin Dharma Sword is easy to fool, but that alchemist isn’t that easy to fool. He will quickly react and come back to capture you. I don’t think you can teleport a second time.”

“Alright, I agree. However, other than helping me leave, you have to release Liu Yun and my soul,” Zhou Wen said.

Jing Daoxian didn’t say a word as he threw the Emperor Qin Sword in his hand at Zhou Wen. Then, with a flip of the Yin Yang Mirror, Zhou Wen’s blurry figure in the mirror vanished.

Zhou Wen could sense that his mind had relaxed significantly. He felt indescribably relaxed.

“With that Emperor Qin Sword, I believe you will be able to leave the Founding Emperor Tomb,” Jing Daoxian said.

“What about you?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“If I wish to leave, there’s nowhere that can retain me,” Jing Daoxian said indifferently. “He’s here. You don’t have time.”

Zhou Wen had already sensed the entity rushing into the underground space, so he asked Jing Daoxian, “When are you refining the pill?”

“I’ll naturally look for you when the time comes,” Jing Daoxian said with a smile. “You’ve grown faster than I imagined. Or rather, the Lost Immortal Sutra has exceeded my expectations. I’m really looking forward to how far it can take you. Before that, you mustn’t die.”

With that said, Jing Daoxian spun the Yin Yang Mirror in his hand and shot it at the elder who had already charged into the underground space. “Go. I’ll keep looking forward to our next meeting. I hope that you can give me more surprises the next time we meet.”

Zhou Wen glanced at Jing Daoxian and used teleportation to rush to the exit of the underground space. As for the furious elder, he was entangled by Jing Daoxian and was unable to proceed with a pursuit.

Zhou Wen turned invisible and rushed out of the palace, heading for the ancient city’s entrance.

Just as he left the palace, he saw the Sword of Law rush back into the hall. From the looks of it, it had figured out what had happened. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

When Zhou Wen rushed to the ancient city’s entrance, he realized that Liu Yun was standing at the entrance. He was somewhat surprised.

Seeing Zhou Wen’s figure appear, Liu Yun said with a smile, “I knew it. If you want to leave, you definitely have to come here.”

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to chat with him. He stabbed the Emperor Qin Sword into the hole in the door. The barrier that separated the ancient city and the outside immediately vanished. The two of them rushed out without any hesitation.

After passing through the Mercury Sea, Zhou Wen used the Earth Elemental Beast to take Liu Yun out of the Founding Emperor Tomb.

“We’ve finally come out alive.” Liu Yun looked at the starry sky outside and let out a long sigh.

“Farewell. I hope we won’t meet again in the future.” Zhou Wen rode the Earth Elemental Beast and was about to escape. He was afraid that the elder would chase after him again, so he wanted to get as far away from the Founding Emperor Tomb as possible.

“You got Jing Daoxian to release my soul, right?” Liu Yun stopped Zhou Wen.

“It was probably released by Jing Daoxian in passing,” Zhou Wen said.

Liu Yun didn’t say a word as he extended his hand and threw something at Zhou Wen. “This is something I took out from the pill furnace. There are two in total. I’ll give one to you. Have fun with it.”

“I didn’t think you touched anything,” Zhou Wen caught the item and said in surprise.

Zhou Wen sized up the item in his hand. It was a purple bronze ball. It looked like it was made of the same material as the Sun True Flames Furnace. It was about the size of a billiard ball. There were strange mysterious patterns on it, making it look ancient and mysterious.

“A thief doesn’t leave empty-handed. I don’t dare say anything else, but I’ve never returned empty-handed in my life. I didn’t take out that crappy fan, but I didn’t return empty-handed.” Liu Yun waved his hand and turned around to quickly walk away. Moments later, he vanished.

This fellow… When did he take it out… Even Jing Daoxian didn’t discover it. This thing should be from the Sun True Flames Furnace, right? I wonder what it’s used for. Zhou Wen sized it up for a while, but he couldn’t figure out what use it had. He put it away.


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