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Chapter 1792 - Approaching the Truth

Chapter 1792 Approaching the Truth

“Chess Mountain?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown after hearing Zhou Lingfeng’s description.

Back then, Zhou Lingfeng had taken the silver-haired Companion Beast around the entire East District. The silver-haired Companion Beast just looked like a growing Companion Beast without any knowledge.

Zhou Lingfeng stood in front of the mountain and didn’t venture deep when he went to Chess Mountain. The silver-haired Companion Beast suddenly awakened some unknown knowledge and memories.

The knowledge and memories seemed to be deeply engraved in his genes. He was just waiting for an opportunity to awaken.

Zhou Lingfeng had felt that something was amiss. He immediately retreated without entering the mountain and watched from afar.

Even so, many strange things happened after that. The silver-haired Companion Beast’s soul seemed to change. His personality was completely different from before.

If not for the fact that Companion Beasts couldn’t harm their masters, Zhou Lingfeng would have long died at the hands of the silver-haired Companion Beast.

In order to survive, Zhou Lingfeng went to Ouyang Ting again. With Ouyang Ting’s help, he transferred the silver-haired Companion Beast to him.

He never expected Ouyang Ting to encounter danger a few times before imprisoning the silver-haired Companion Beast in Xiyuan Store.

However, according to what Zhou Lingfeng knew, during the years when Ouyang Ting had the silver-haired Companion Beast, his personality became very strange. He often vanished without a trace, disappearing for months or even a year or two.

As for where Ouyang Ting had been during that period of time, Zhou Lingfeng didn’t know. However, there was one time when Ouyang Ting sent a message to Zhou Lingfeng. His tone was very excited as though he had made a major discovery.

However, the content of the message was somewhat incomprehensible. Zhou Lingfeng didn’t understand what it meant.

Later on, Ouyang Ting vanished for a period of time. When he appeared again, he had already returned to normal. He didn’t mention that matter again. The silver-haired Companion Beast was also sealed in Xiyuan Store.

“What was the message the former principal sent you?” Zhou Wen asked Zhou Lingfeng.

“I’m already close to the truth. I’ll soon know the ultimate secret of humanity,” Zhou Lingfeng said.

“The truth… The ultimate secret of humanity… And then?” Zhou Wen asked.

“That’s all. I sent a message asking, but Ouyang Ting didn’t reply.” Zhou Lingfeng sighed.

The two of them chatted about some matters related to Ouyang Ting and the silver-haired Companion Beast, but they failed to get the gist of anything. Zhou Lingfeng failed to provide any more useful information.

After leaving the An family, Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that something was amiss, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Zhou Lingfeng seemed to be revealing everything without holding back, but for some reason, Zhou Wen still felt that something was wrong.

What’s wrong? Zhou Wen carefully recalled, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He only subconsciously felt that Zhou Lingfeng’s tone was a little odd.

From the looks of it, if I want to know the truth, I have to start with that silver-haired Companion Beast. Zhou Wen planned on making another trip to Xiyuan Store to meet the silver-haired Companion Beast.

The phone, the silver-haired Companion Beast, Chess Mountain, and The Thearch. Perhaps only the silver-haired Companion Beast and The Thearch could give him an answer.

The last time he went to Xiyuan Store, Zhou Wen had remained very careful. This time, he didn’t spend much effort to surreptitiously arrive at the place where the silver-haired Companion Beast was imprisoned.

Just as Zhou Wen appeared in the chamber, the silver-haired Companion Beast that seemed to be asleep with its eyes closed seemed to sense something. It slowly opened its eyes and looked at Zhou Wen.

“You’re here.” The silver-haired Companion Beast’s tone was odd as though he had expected Zhou Wen to come.

“What are you?” Zhou Wen asked the silver-haired Companion Beast.

“Just a Companion Beast,” the silver-haired Companion Beast answered indifferently.

“Whose Companion Beast?” Zhou Wen naturally didn’t believe such nonsense. Previously, the silver-haired Companion Beast had said that he was only a Terror-grade Companion Beast.

“If you want to know the answer, you can try opening it.” The silver-haired Companion Beast pointed at the metal slab connected to the chain.

Zhou Wen had always guessed that the passcode left behind by the former principal was to open the metal slab. He just hadn’t dared to attempt it in the past.

“If you want me to open it, you have to at least give me a reason,” Zhou Wen said as he stared at the silver-haired Companion Beast.

“Life or death, is that a choice?” the silver-haired Companion Beast said with a


“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“Her wish mark has already been left on you. If you want to live, it’s your only chance,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said indifferently.

“Who is she?” Zhou Wen was alarmed. He already knew who the silver-haired Companion Beast was referring to, but he still had to confirm the answer.

“Who else can leave a wish mark on an existence like you who can resist an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse? Apart from her, there’s no one else in this world who can do it,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said slowly.

“Who is she?” Zhou Wen asked again, enunciating every word.

The silver-haired Companion Beast looked at Zhou Wen with a faint smile. “In human terms, her name should be Nüwa.”

Zhou Wen was immediately alarmed. He never expected the silver-haired Companion Beast to give him such an answer.

Nüwa was a great existence in Eastern mythology

Pangu split the heavens and earth, and Nüwa created humans. It could be said that that was the origins of human mythology.

Could The Thearch be the legendary Mother of Humanity, Nüwa? Zhou Wen’s heart trembled, but on careful thought, it seemed possible.

The Battle of the Gods that destroyed the Shang dynasty and led to the rise of the Zhou dynasty was started by Nüwa. It seemed reasonable to say that Chess Mountain was related to Nüwa.

“Continue.” Zhou Wen stared at the silver-haired Companion Beast. He was eager to know more.

Zhou Wen could sense that he was very close to the truth.

“Open it and you will know everything.” The silver-haired Companion Beast didn’t reveal any more information.

“Since you know that I can fight an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse, you must have seen my battle with Transcendent Immortal,” Zhou Wen said.

“You don’t have to threaten me. Even if you can kill an Apocalypse-grade existence, you can’t kill me.” The silver-haired Companion Beast could hear the threat in Zhou Wen’s words, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Are you sure?” Zhou Wen’s eyes turned cold. No matter how strong the silver-haired Companion Beast was, it couldn’t be stronger than the Apocalypse grade.

Furthermore, if he was really that powerful, how could he be trapped in such a place?

“Of course I’m sure. Unless Earth is destroyed, no one can kill me.” The silver-haired Companion Beast was indifferent, completely ignoring Zhou Wen’s threat.

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen could tell what the silver-haired Companion Beast was implying but he found it unbelievable.

“Because I’m Earth’s Companion Beast.” The silver-haired Companion Beast’s words were like a bolt of lightning, leaving Zhou Wen stunned.

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