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Chapter 1791 - Shattered Values

Chapter 1791 Shattered Values

“Are you sure that you are telling a touching love story? Not a modern tea art story?” Zhou Wen looked at Zhou Lingfeng, who seemed extremely touched by his own story, with an extremely odd expression.

Zhou Lingfeng’s story was complicated, but it was very simple to summarize.

It was a story of a male scumbag with a wife and a female scumbag with a childhood sweetheart fiancé who hit it off at first sight. They got together shamelessly after abandoning their respective wife and husband.

When Zhou Lingfeng told the story, he was so moved by his own story that tears welled up in his eyes. However, no matter how Zhou Wen listened, he felt his values crumble. There were a few instances when he nearly couldn’t help himself from strangling Zhou Lingfeng

Zhou Lingfeng’s wife and Ouyang Lan were best friends, and Ouyang Lan was already engaged to the An family.

In the end, it was because they had invited Zhou Lingfeng and his wife to their place as guests and hang out together and attend their wedding that something happened.

The male scumbag flirted with his wife’s bestie and eloped with the bride before the wedding began. The female scumbag became pregnant with some random guy’s child and returned to marry her fiancé.

Zhou Wen felt his nerves being hammered again and again. He stood there in a daze as he looked at Zhou Lingfeng with his mouth agape.

“So, An Tianzuo and I are really half-brothers?” Zhou Wen’s voice sounded odd.

His mother had passed away early. It was hard to tell if she had been angered to death by this adulterous couple.

“Ahem, Little Wenwen, you’re good at everything, but your EQ is too low.” Zhou Lingfeng coughed lightly and said something that completely shattered Zhou Wen’s worldview. “Why can’t you be brothers from the same parents?”

Pfft! This time, Zhou Wen really couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of tea at Zhou Lingfeng

Zhou Lingfeng didn’t mind at all. He picked up a towel to wipe his face and continued, “The situation back then was a little complicated. If Lan’s second child was still a boy, she would have to bear some of the old scores of the An family’s previous generation. The situation wasn’t good. How could I let our son suffer? Coincidentally, your mother had just given birth to a girl… So…”

“Are you saying that An Jing is my mom’s child and I’m supposed to be f*cking An Jing?” Zhou Wen’s worldview had already shattered into pieces as he spoke incoherently.

“Although what you said isn’t exactly accurate, it’s roughly that,” Zhou Lingfeng said with a nod.

“Didn’t the An family have any doubts?” Zhou Wen refused to believe that the An family knew nothing about such matters given their capabilities.

“The adult world is complicated. The An family was in trouble both internally and externally. They needed someone to inherit the family business. That brother also needed an heir, but he didn’t have the ability,” Zhou Lingfeng said as he drank his tea.

Zhou Wen was speechless for a long time before saying, “Auntie… Lan… Does she know?”

Zhou Lingfeng shook his head. “She doesn’t know that I secretly swapped you. She has always thought that An Jing is her biological daughter. You have to keep this matter to yourself. You can’t tell anyone, much less let Little Jing know.”

Zhou Wen’s mind was already in a mess. He was momentarily in a daze, wondering if he was dreaming

“Why are you suddenly telling me this?” he asked with a complicated expression.

“What you’re doing now is too dangerous. It’s hard to say if you can return alive in the future. I can’t let you die without knowing who your biological mother is, right?” Zhou Lingfeng sighed.

“What’s with the silver-haired Companion Beast?” Zhou Wen asked again.

“I’ve told you about how your grandfather dug up that phone in the ancient well. However, there was something else that was dug out with the phone-a silver Companion Egg.” Zhou Lingfeng sank into his memories again.

After Zhou Lingfeng’s recount, Zhou Wen learned the complete story.

Back then, Zhou Wen’s grandfather had dug up the box containing the phone and the silver Companion Egg and brought them home that day.

Back then, phones were already quite common, but it couldn’t be switched on. As for the Companion Egg, no one knew what Companion Eggs were back then. He only considered it a strange egg, so he didn’t pay much attention to it and casually placed it on the table at home.

Zhou Lingfeng was young back then, so he used the Companion Egg in the box as a ball.

It was unknown what Zhou Lingfeng had done to hatch the Companion Egg, but the silver Companion Beast became Zhou Lingfeng’s Companion Beast.

Zhou Lingfeng had only been a few years old and had never cultivated. How could he withstand the energy drain needed to hatch a Companion Beast? It was a miracle he hadn’t died.

However, Zhou Lingfeng still fell seriously ill and fell into a coma for several days.

Back then, Zhou Wen’s grandfather sought treatment everywhere with Zhou Lingfeng, but there was no solution.

It was Zhou Wen’s grandfather who had thought of something. He brought the remaining box and phone to get someone to appraise them. He wanted to know where the items came from. Perhaps he could figure out the origins of the silver Companion Egg and save Zhou Lingfeng.

The person Zhou Wen’s grandfather had found was the young Ouyang Ting.

Although Ouyang Ting was very young back then, he was already quite accomplished in archeology. His appraisal indicated that the box containing the phone was from the Shang/Zhou dynasty.

However, phones didn’t exist during that era. How could it appear in a box from the Shang dynasty?

They originally imagined that it was put in by someone later on, but after studying it, all the test results indicated that the phone had been passed down from the Shang/Zhou dynasty over thousands of years with the box.

From then on, Ouyang Ting began studying such matters, hoping to solve the mystery.

After some time, Zhou Lingfeng recovered by himself. However, because he had too little energy, he couldn’t activate the silver-haired Companion Beast and summon him.

It wasn’t until the dimensional storms and Ouyang Ting’s subsequent research that Zhou Lingfeng was able to summon the silver-haired Companion Beast.

According to Zhou Lingfeng, unlike ordinary Companion Beasts, the silver-haired Companion Beast was like a child about Zhou Lingfeng’s age when it first appeared. It looked very childish and cute.

As Zhou Lingfeng grew up, the silver-haired Companion Beast also grew up. This surprised Ouyang Ting and company.

After the dimensions appeared, some people obtained Companion Beasts, but they were completely different from Zhou Lingfeng’s Companion Beast. The silver-haired Companion Beast had too many strange traits.

The reason Zhou Lingfeng learned the various languages and ancient texts was that his goal was the same as Ouyang Ting’s. He wanted to unravel the secrets of the box, phone, and silver-haired Companion Beast.

A phone that had been passed down from the Shang/Zhou dynasty was impossible, but it still happened. Zhou Lingfeng had been to countless ruins dating to the Shang and Zhou dynasties. He had read many ancient books and information, but all of them indicated that there were no phones during those times.

“Could transmigration really exist?” Back then, Zhou Lingfeng and Ouyang Ting had similar questions, but they quickly rejected this thought.

If transmigration really existed, even if it was extremely unlikely, it was impossible for it to only happen once. Over the endless years, there would definitely be more people and objects that transmigrated.

However, reality proved that other than this phone, there was no real physical evidence of any other suspected transmigration incidents. Furthermore, many of them were confirmed to be fake.

Until one day, the silver-haired Companion Beast suddenly awakened.

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