Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Death to Those Who Stop Me

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Dongfang Yu stood on the roof of an attic, looking cold. He had five experts following him earlier, but now one was missing.

There were too many Spiritual Sea Realm warriors in the Tianhuan Sect. Though Dongfang Yu and his five companions of the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm were strong, it was not enough for them to rampage through the sect. Not too long ago, they even lost one of their companions in a fierce battle.

“It’s been two hours. Those Tianhuan Sect warriors that weren’t dead had all fled. There aren’t many of them left. We’ve found three Interspatial Ring. I suppose the rest have found the remaining seven,” said Dongfang Yu.

The four people behind him appeared grim.

Dongfang Yu would definitely claim one of the three things, while they had to share the remaining two. Two of them were destined to go back empty-handed, failing to accomplish the mission.

“These two Interspatial Ring…” Dongfang Yu was just about to assign the rings between themselves.


When they felt a terrifying aura suddenly emerging, the five of them immediately turned toward the source of the aura. They saw robed shadows appearing one after another, all wearing masks and bearing intense murderous intentions.

The one who was the most striking was the man with the silver mask. He was the source of the terrifying aura they felt earlier, so strong that Dongfang Yu could not help the change in his expression.

“Gold Core!”

“It’s an expert of the Gold Core Realm!”

“There’s actually an expert of the Gold Core Realm in the Tianhuan Sect?”

Everyone from the Golden-dragon Palace was also shocked after sensing the fearsome aura.

The difference between the Primordial Gold Core and the Spiritual Sea Realm was like heaven and earth. Even Dongfang Yu, who was close to achieving the Gold Core, would be defeated by an expert of Gold Core Realm. Worse, he could even be instantly killed.

The fearsome aura burst forth from within the silver-masked man, seemingly forming a great storm. When the man charged forward, the storm seemed to be swept away.

“Death to those who stop me!” the man roared, creating a commotion in the Tianhuan Sect that had just recently fallen into a brief silence.

“Let’s go, fast,” Dongfang Yu said. Together with his four companions, he jumped off the roof in haste and disappeared. He was afraid to even show up in the robed men’s line of sight for fear of them targeting him.


A figure abruptly appeared before the group of robed men. It was none other than the grey-clothed elder, Mr. Huo.

“Are you people from the Blood Feather Tower?” Mr. Huo appeared grim. He did not expect there would be so many assassins of the Blood Feather Tower to be hidden within the Tianhuan Sect.

“Good that you know.”

The silver-masked man relaxed when he saw the man before him was a mere Gold Core warrior and realized that the Golden-dragon Ambassador was gone. He sneered and said, “Our Blood Feather Tower doesn’t intend on making enemies with the Golden-dragon Palace. Today, you’re here to destroy the Tianhuan Sect. That has nothing to do with us. We just so happen to witness it.”

“In that case, then I ask you that you leave immediately. In addition, you’re not to fight with these rookies who have just accepted the mission of the Golden-dragon Guard. Otherwise…” Mr. Huo said in a low voice.

As the number one assassination organization of Tianzhong Dynasty, the Blood Feather Tower did not have a pervasive influence in the Tiannan Province. But it was better not to provoke them if there was not a need to.

“Don”t worry. We just want to leave this place. We naturally won’t hurt them as long as they don’t stop us.” The silver-masked man smiled. He glanced at the eight black-robed men beside him and said, “Let’s go! Kill anyone who dares to get in our way!”


Their figures blurring into mere shadows, the black-robed men jumped onto the pavilion roof and started leaping from one roof to another. Whether it was the remaining Tianhuan Sect disciples or the rookies from the Golden-dragon Palace, none dared to stop the impressive sight of an expert of Gold Core Realm leading eight Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm warriors.

Just then, Jian Wushuang had stepped out of the attic after breaking through into the Ultimate Spiritual Sea.

The moment he came out, he instantly sensed the terrifying aura permeating the Tianhuan Sect. He immediately leaped to the roof, finding Yin Min and Ling Tianhao already there.

“Those are…”

Yin Min and Ling Tianhao noticed many robed silhouettes leaping across roofs, charging in their direction. They were particularly frightened by the terrifying aura bursting from the silver-masked man.

They both immediately recognized the silver-masked man.

“It’s a Gold Core Standout!”

“One Gold Core and eight Profound Spiritual Sea Realm warriors. They’re heading in our direction. Let’s retreat!”

They did not hesitate and also warned Jian Wushuang. “Swordsman, hurry up and leave!”

But Jian Wushuang did not show any signs of wanting to escape. He remained rooted in place, staring coolly at the robed shadows before him.

Black robes, masks…

“Blood Feather Tower!”

He muttered these three words through gritted teeth, as a burning Killing intent raged within him.


He swiped at the men with a ringing sound, releasing his sword essence.

The majestic stream of murderous intention and sword essence merged together to be one and flew up to the Ninth Heaven!

The incomparably mysterious power within his body, the power of Sword Soul, in his body seemed to be gradually awakening at the same time.

Jian Wushuang had unsheathed his Triple-kill Sword in a flash and stood coolly on the roof of the attic as if he was the King of Swordsmanship dominating everyone’s lives and deaths, drawing everyone’s attention to him.

“Swordsman, hurry up and go!”

Yin Min and Ling Tianhao were surprised to see Jian Wushuang not escaping. Instead, he was standing there bearing a strong intention to battle it out with the robed men.

In every corner of the Tianhuan Sect, the surviving warriors who had accepted the mission were all standing on rooftops. They had also spotted the figure emitting a strong fighting desire.

“It’s him?”

“It’s the swordsman?”

These people recognized Jian Wushuang.

“What is this trash trying to do? He must have gone mad with fear! Eight of those black-robed men were Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm warriors and the last was even an expert of Gold Core Realm! He should’ve retreated after seeing such a group!” Dongfang Yu said, “He’s really digging his own grave!”

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