Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Breakthrough into the Ultimate Spiritual Sea!

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It was true Jian Wushuang was about to achieve a breakthrough but not in the way that Yin Min and the others thought he would. The breakthrough was not into the Gold Core, but the Spiritual Sea Realm.

No one knew that Jian Wushuang, who could easily kill an expert that had achieved the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm, had not even entered the realm yet.

He sat cross-legged inside the attic, where a boundless Spiritual power was beginning to come together inside his body.

Having reached the top of the Ninth Heaven of Divine Path three months ago, his breakthrough would happen at any given time. Earlier, while fighting three experts of the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm, he unexpectedly noticed signs that his Spiritual power was about to breakthrough.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a breakthrough. Naturally, he did not dare to make any delays.

“Others are in the realm of Spiritual Sea, but I’m in the Ultimate Spiritual Sea.” Jian Wushuang smiled.

In the first place, the Heavenly Creation Skill was Heaven defying cultivation method.

Cultivating the skill was an act in defiance of the natural order. With every step, he was defying nature and becoming extraordinary.

Ordinary martial arts who cultivated the Spirit Path were in the spiritual realm of Seven Realms of Spirit steps. Martial artists cultivating the Heavenly Creation Skill, on the other hand, was in the Nine Heavens of Divine Path.

The typical warrior would be in the Spiritual Sea from Spiritual power, while those who cultivated the Heavenly Creation Skill would breakthrough into the Ultimate Spiritual Sea.

“I wonder what’s the so-called expansion of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea?” Jian Wushuang felt excited. Inside him, his condensed Spiritual power was charging at the barrier of his breakthrough, crashing into it.

The Spiritual power only made impact several times for breaking the barrier. The rest of his Spiritual power instantly flowed into all his tendons and vessels.

Here came the Ultimate Spiritual Sea!

He finally understood the Ultimate Spiritual Sea really was after the breakthrough.

“It’s the amount of spiritual power. I’ve only broken through into the Spiritual Sea Realm, but there’s so much more spiritual power in my body. I’d say it’s 10 times more than the ordinary Spiritual Sea Realm Warrior.” Surprise crossed his face.

Compared with the Spiritual Sea from Spiritual power of ordinary warriors, the Spiritual power of Ultimate Spiritual Sea is vaster.

The Spiritual Sea Realm was divided into three levels, namely the Initial, Profound and Exceptional Realm. There would be a vast improvement in Spiritual power in every level advancement. But it was a different story for Ultimate Spiritual Sea.

Instead of having the Profound Realm and Initial Realm stages, the Ultimate Spiritual Sea had three levels that increased the amount of Spiritual power with each advancement.

Now that Jian Wushuang had entered the first level of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea, his Spiritual power was 10 times the amount of Spiritual Sea Realm Warrior.

In Stage Two of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea, his Spiritual power would be 100 times the amount of Spiritual Sea Realm Warriors.

If he reached Stage Three, then his Spiritual power could be described as truly endless.

The amount of Spiritual power available should not be taken lightly. Warriors need a strong foundation of Spiritual power whether to fight with others or display their martial arts. If they exhaust their Spiritual power from a prolonged battle or tricky martial arts, they could only wait to be killed.

And what did an endless Spiritual power meant?

That meant if he was fighting someone of a similar strength, he could rely on his endless Spiritual power to prolong the battle and wait for his opponent to exhaust his own.

This was truly an unbelievably strong advantage.

However, through all three levels of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea, only the amount of Spiritual power would increase and not strengthen itself. That was to say, his spiritual force outbreak would remain consistent throughout. This was unlike ordinary Spiritual Sea Realm Warriors who would see a great improvement in their Spiritual power outbreak with each level breakthrough.

But that did not bother Jian Wushuang. “It’s only normal that Spiritual power outbreak doesn’t improve.”

After all, his Spiritual power outbreak was already comparable to that of the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm when he was at the peak of the Ninth Heaven of Divine Path. If his Spiritual power increased to its peak after achieving the final level of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea, could anyone still survive after fighting him?

“My Spiritual power outbreak…” He closed his eyes and made a fist. He felt the explosive power in his hand, experiencing a far stronger energy than he had ever felt. A smile came to his face.

“I’ve now broken through into the Ultimate Spiritual Sea. Though I won’t see any improvements in my Spiritual power outbreak in the second and third stage in the future, my current Spiritual power outbreak is now good enough to surpass an expert of the Gold Core Realm.”

He was only in the first level of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea, yet he had Spiritual power outbreak of a Primordial Gold Core. His Spiritual power, in particular, surpassed that of ordinary Spiritual Sea Realm Warriors. This was the ultimate cultivation of the sky after the expansion of the Ultimate Spiritual Sea!

Just as Jian Wushuang was marveling at his breakthrough, something else was going on in the underground secret chamber of the Tianhuan Sect.

Shadows wrapped in black robes appeared one after another.

“The screams above are getting fainter. Looks like the fighting is coming to an end in the Tianhuan Sect,” a man with silver mask said.

The warriors of the Golden-dragon Palace have been fighting above for nearly two hours, enough time for them to wipe out the entire Sect twice. Most Spiritual Sea Realm warriors of the Tianhuan Sect had already been slaughtered. Most who remained had already fled, with only a handful still scattered in the corners of the sect.

Basically, the fight was about to be over very soon.

But just then, something happened.


The door to the secret room was kicked open, followed by the sound of hearty laughter.

“Haha! I didn’t expect there’s a secret room inside the Tianhuan Sect. What’s in this room?”

All the robed men inside the secret room instantly became cold when they heard the laughter.

The door of the secret room opened and four shadows stepped one after another. If Jian Wushuang were here, he would definitely recognize them at a glance for they were the ones who had framed him in the past.

The minute the four men stepped into the secret room, the nine robed men all glared at them with a deadly coldness. The silver-masked man’s gaze was even more severe, piercing enough to stab a human heart like a sword.


Feeling the glares of the robed men, the four men seemed like their hearts had momentarily stopped beating.

That stout man opened his mouth, wanting to say something. But in that instant, the silver-masked man instantly disappeared. When he reappeared again, he was already standing behind the stout man.

The stout man’s eyes rounded. He felt a warm sensation in his throat and found only gushing warm blood when he touched his throat.

Thud! The four intruders collapsed on the ground.

The silver-masked man suddenly spoke, his cold voice reverberating inside the secret room.

“Since we’re already exposed, there’s no longer any need to hide. Follow me and just kill our way out. I’d like to see who dare stop me!”

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