Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 127 - Ceasing

Chapter 127: Ceasing

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During the time Jian Wushuang stayed in the Sword Tomb of the Ancestor’s Land, the Tianzong Dynasty was in complete chaos, bathed in a bloody rain and filled with a murderous wind.

Dragon Palace’s anger was dreadful, and the revenge that Dragon Palace took on Blood Feather Tower was swift and violent.

Blood Feather Tower suffered severe damage under the maniacal attacks from Dragon Palace in merely two months. Many hidden strongholds were razed to the ground, and a great number of assassins were killed by the experts from Dragon Palace.

At the same time, other powerful and hidden forces were also crazily attacking Blood Feather Tower.

These two months were the most miserable in all of Blood Feather Tower’s history. The assassins of Blood Feather Tower tried their best to hide, not even daring to show themselves and especially not carrying out any missions.

Tottering and falling, Blood Feather Tower, one of the Three Hegemonies of Tianzong Dynasty, was on the verge of breaking down.

However, just as everyone thought Blood Feather Tower was fade away like smoke and become history… Suddenly, the people seeking revenge against Blood Feather Tower quieted down in just one day.

Yes, they all stopped for an unknown reason.

Dragon Palace…stopped attacking.

Those powerful hidden forces aiming at Blood Feather Tower also stopped.

Except for a few forces that wanted to take advantage of the chaos to claim vengeance, the strongest forces, the forces Blood Feather Tower feared the most, all ceased fire.

They stopped, on almost the same day.

And soon after, Blood Feather Tower swiftly rallied its power.

So unexpected!

All of this happened so quickly, startling all the other forces and experts in Tianzong Dynasty.

The abrupt halting of the crazy vengeance toward Blood Feather Tower was quite baffling to everyone.

In Dragon Palace.

Many top-notch experts had returned.

In a palace, the two Palace Masters and several Temple Masters gathered around.

Palace Master White drank alone with a bottle of wine in her hand, wearing an extremely cold expression.


“I won’t accept it!”

After drinking a sip of wine, Palace Master White roared in a low voice.

While Palace Master Black and the other Temple Masters remained silent.

“It’s obvious that it won’t take long to eliminate Blood Feather Tower entirely. Why did that person order us to stop attacking at this exact moment? What on earth is he thinking?” Palace Master White was still complaining.

“Enough, White, you should stop complaining. Since the Temple Master gave the order in person, he must have his reasons. We only need to obey it,” Palace Master Black said with a sigh.

“Obey it?” Palace Master White snorted, feeling extremely unreconciled, but also helpless.

The Temple Master referred to the Temple Master of Golden-dragon Palace.

Although being the core of Golden-dragon Palace, Dragon Palace was still subordinated to it. And the Temple Master of Golden-dragon Palace was the monarch of Tianzong Dynasty!

The monarch personally gave the order, so those experts in Dragon Palace dared not disobey.

Beside a stone table in a manor, Wang Yuan was holding a letter in his hand and reading it with icy-cold eyes. The more he read, the stiffer his expression became.

After finishing, Wang Yuan was so furious that he slammed the letter on the table.

“Bastard! Just a Blood Feather Tower! How come it can’t be wiped out!” Wang Yuan’s anger welled up in his body.

Next to him, Dan Jiu stood respectfully in a purple robe.

“Young lord, the Sect Master definitely has his own considerations by asking you to stop attacking Blood Feather Tower, so…” Before Dan Jiu finished his words, he noticed the cold stare from Wang Yuan.

Dan Jiu felt as if his heart missed a beat, and he stopped talking immediately.

Wang Yuan remained silent for a long time. He took a deep breath, lowered his voice, and said” Since my father gave this order, I have to follow his words and stop chasing Blood Feather Tower, but…Lin Yun, the man who attacked Third Brother and forced him to jump into the Abyss must die!”

“As long as you don’t aim at the entire Blood Feather Tower, only one purple-masked assassin should not be a problem.” Dan Jiu nodded.

“All right then, let’s deal with Lin Yun. You’d better capture him alive,” Wang Yuan said with a cold snort.

“Yes.” Dan Jiu nodded and left immediately.

“Third brother!” Wang Yuan stood in the manor, looking up at the sky, eyes flashing, and yelled, “You can rest assured! Your big brother will avenge you!”

At the same time, in a secret chamber.

Several figures in bloody robes stood respectfully in front of Su Rou.

“Master really ordered me to stop attacking Blood Feather Tower?” Su Rou’s face was veiled with a hint of chill. But, she also felt puzzled, “Why would a little Blood Feather Tower cause my Master to back down?”

“Since Master ordered it, I’ll let it go,” Su Rou sighed, but a trace of grief emerged in her eyes, “Poor Third Brother…”

Tianzong Dynasty soon calmed down again.

As time went by, Jian Wushuang slowly faded from the memories of all the forces and experts.

In the Sword Tomb of the Ancestor’s Land.

It had been a year and three months since Jian Wushuang came to the Sword Tomb.

During that time, he had been obsessed with meditating on these sword scars, trying to comprehend their secrets.

Meanwhile, fifteen Sword Tomb guards had appeared during this time, one guard per month.

Among the fifteen sword guards, the first one was rather weak. But, starting with the second one, the strength of the Sword Tomb guards was generally strong, and each one was stronger than the previous one.

Fortunately, Jian Wushuang’s comprehension in sword essence increased while meditating on the sword scars, so he could was able to defeat all the Sword Tomb guards in succession. If he failed to make progress for even one month, he would have been killed by the Sword Tomb guard that appeared that month.

Right now, in the open space of the Sword Tomb, Jian Wushuang was practicing swordsmanship with his eyes closed.

Streaks of sword shadows thrust out ceaselessly…

“Shapeless wind, boundless howling!”

“Swiftest fire, wildest rage!”

“Wind howls on fire, and fire rages by wind!”

“Sword Essence of Gale…”

“Sword Essence of Raging Fire…”

Jian Wushuang murmured, his sword moves were getting faster and faster.

Suddenly, a dazzling sword strike thrust out, directly and explosively piercing the void , tearing up everything in its path.


The Sword Edge stabbed in the void, and a flame wave spread out like a hurricane.

The Sword Essences of Gale and Raging Fire, two totally different sword essences were combined in this one sword move.

At the same time, Jian Wushuang’s eyes opened, radiating an unprecedented light.

“The Sword Essences of Gale and Raging Fire have been combined together!”

“It’s done!”

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