Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 126 - Increase The Difficulty

Chapter 126: Increase The Difficulty

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In the Sword Tomb, Jian Wushuang was standing beside the rubble. While looking at the rubble formed by the Sword Tomb guard, his eyebrows slightly crumpled.

“What the hell was that Rock Giant I just saw? Is it a test in the Sword Tomb?” Jian Wushuang muttered.

“But, it’s too weak if it is a test! The motion is quite big, and the strength is too weak.” Jian Wushuang shook his head and said.

If the Absolute Beauty heard this, she would certainly be embarrassed. The Sword Tomb guard was personally arranged by her, and she was pretty confident that Jian Wushuang would suffer miserably. Not only that, she thought he would have trouble just surviving.

However, what was Jian Wushuang’s comment about it? Too weak!

Jian Wushuang did not know that this Sword Tomb guard was arranged for him according to his Realm. They thought he just stepped into the Initial Gold Core Realm, so they arranged a weak Sword Tomb guard. But next time, they would arrange for a stronger one which would not be so easy to deal with.

The Sword Tomb guard that suddenly appeared had astonished Jian Wushuang, but he did not care about it too much.

He spent the following time there alone, quietly comprehending those sword scars.

A month elapsed in a flash.

Wom Bom Bom… The whole Sword Tomb shook violently again.

With the previous experience in mind, Jian Wushuang was calm this time.

Very soon, a huge Sword Tomb guard appeared in front of him.

“It has only been a month since the last time the Sword Tomb shook. That must mean a Rock Giant will appear in the Sword Tomb every month.” Jian Wushuang muttered. “How much stronger is this one compared to the last one?” he muttered.

“If one Rock Giant appears every month, then their strengths would surely increase. It would be pointless if their strength keeps same” , Jian Wushuang thought.

Shortly after that, Jian Wushuang started fighting with this Rock Giant.

A sword shadow directly flew toward the Rock Giant. However, the Rock Giant fiercely raised his hand and slammed it toward the air, instantly splitting the air. Jian Wushuang was pushed back by this sudden burst of strength.

“Shit.” There was a slight change on Jian Wushuang’s face.

As soon as the Rock Giant displayed his first movement, Jian Wushuang immediately realized that this Rock Giant was much stronger than the one that he easily defeated last month. This one had a much higher level of power.

The one that appeared last month could easily be destroyed with just a single wave of Jian Wushuang’s sword. But this one actually knocked Jian Wushuang backward…

“Interesting.” Jian Wushuang said.

He smiled, and in the following moment, he released his full power and threw himself into the fight with the Rock Giant.

The atmosphere was violent as Jian Wushuang thoroughly displayed his swordsmanship.

In the Void nearyby, the Absolute Beauty and a strong man were watching calmly.

“I don’t believe he will defeat this Sword Tomb guard as easily as the one I arranged before,” The Absolute Beauty said in a cold voice.

“But My Lady, it’s obvious that this one is not Jian Wushuang’s opponent either,” The strong man said in a deep voice.

The Absolute Beauty watched with a stern expression. She could also tell that even though Jian Wushuang did not instantly defeat the Rock Giant, he was obviously more powerful.

“His comprehension of Sword Essence has improved a lot,” The Absolute Beauty said and sighed.

Two months ago, when Jian Wushuang was meditating on the sword scars in the Sword Tomb, she could tell his level in sword essence. Now, two months passed, and his comprehension of the sword essences had obviously reached a whole new level.

In fact, only Jian Wushuang knew that his comprehension in Sword Essence had not just improved a little, it had improved significantly.

In the past two months, Jian Wushuang had been studying and comprehending essences contained in the sword scars. His understanding of sword essence had been increasing at an amazing speed, which was far faster than when he was cultivating in outside world or in Dragon Palace.

After all, neither the outside world nor Dragon Palace was like Sword Tomb, which had thousands of sword scars left behind by experts of Sword Principle.

In two months, his progress was tremendous.


A sword-shadow leaped out above the Rock Giant’s sword, then Jian Wushuang’s sword struck like a viper and directly stabbed into the Rock Giant’s stout arm, causing debris to drop down from its arm. Then, with a simple strike from Jian Wushuang, the Rock Giant fell down.

“This Rock Giant’s comprehension of the sword essence is average, but his strength and speed are terrible. However, he is much stronger than the average Gold Core Warrior. Just speaking on overall strength, he should be stronger than Xiao Mang,” Jian Wushuang muttered.

Xiao Mang … A person who fought with Jian Wushuang for a long time.

However, the overall strength of the Rock Giant in front of him was not weaker than Xiao Mang.

If it was two months ago, Jian Wushuang would have struggled against this Rock Giant, but now…


A sword light flashed at an amazing speed, easily passing by the Rock Giant’s sword. With a quick slash, the Rock Giant’s whole arm crumbled. Another sword slash followed, falling directly onto the Giant’s head.

Although the Rock Giant’s head was very hard, it could not resist this sword, which contained Sword Essence of Earth. All of a sudden, the whole head shattered and he crumbled into a pile of rubble.

In the void nearby, seeing the Sword Tomb guard defeated, easily, by Jian Wushuang again, the Absolute Beauty immediately looked cold.

“He is very talented. In two months, he had such great progress?” The Absolute Beauty said in a cold voice.

“His progress really is substantial,” The strong man nodded and said.

“Second brother, make a few adjustments to the Sword Tomb guards I arranged, and make it more difficult for him,” said the Absolute Beauty.

“Increase the difficulty?” the strong man was astonished and asked. “My Lady, this little guy only has an Initial Gold Core. No matter what, it’s already unfair that we are treating him like someone in the Exceptional Gold Core realm. It’s too unfair if we increase the difficulty again.”

“Not too much at all, just do as I say, ” said The Absolute Beauty.

The strong man pondered for a while, but he immediately nodded helplessly.

In the Ancestor’s Land, this Absolute Beauty was the eldest sister, she had the last word for everything.

For the test in the Sword Tomb, the difficulty had been increased by a lot.

However, Jian Wushuang did not notice. He did not think about it too much after he defeated the second Rock Giant. After that, he continued to study those sword scars.

Those sword scars had helped him immensely.

His comprehension of sword essence was rising at an amazing speed.

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