Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 123 - Ancestor's Land?

Chapter 123: Ancestor’s Land?

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After receiving the message that Jian Wushuang had passed away, both the senior leaders of Dragon Palace and his friends were furious.

In a room of the manor where Jian Wushuang lived in.


Wang Yuan pounded a table and the burst of his spiritual power immediately shattered the table. At the same time, waves of air rapidly swept through the surroundings.

“Third Brother!”

“How could he have died?”

Wang Yuan’s fat body was trembling slightly. With rage in his eyes, his seemingly funny face had already become hideous.

“Dan Jiu!” Wang Yuan shouted suddenly.

Whoosh! A purple figure appeared in the room and stood in front of Wang Yuan respectfully.

It was obvious that this man in purple didn’t come from Dragon Palace. However, he had been staying in Dragon Palace this whole time and the experts of Dragon Palace had no idea about it.

“Young Master.” The purple figure, Dan Jiu, called.

“I want to make the top assassin organization of Tianzong Dynasty, Blood Feather Tower, disappear completely. Are there any problems with that?” Wang Yuan looked at Dan Jiu coldly.

“Blood Feather Tower?” Dan Jiu frowned slightly. “Young Master, Tianzong Dynasty is beyond our control.”

“I don’t care about this. I only want to know, can you do it or not?” Wang Yuan shouted in a deep voice.

“Yes!” Dan Jiu nodded decisively.

“Then do what I say.” Wang Yuan shouted angrily again.

“Yes.” Dan Jiu left immediately.

“Blood Feather Tower… My third brother!” Wang Yuan clasped his hands, but in the next moment he became quiet.

In the cellar of a Golden Dragon Subsidiary Palace in Tiannan Province.

“Third Brother died? He jumped into the Abyss because Blood Feather Tower was chasing him?” Wearing a blood-red robe and carrying a blood-red saber, Yang Zaixuan got so angry after receiving the news that his killing intent immediately burst out and soared to the sky.

“Give me all the information you have on Blood Feather Tower.” Yang Zaixuan shouted.

“Yes.” The person in charge of this Golden Dragon Subsidiary Palace took the order immediately.

“Blood Feather Tower,” there was a tremendous cold light in his eyes, “From now on, there is only one goal for my enhancement!”

“To kill all the assassins in Blood Feather Tower!”

In a secret chamber.

The black-robed girl, Su Rou, looked coldly towards a golden paper that was in her hand. The paper was being burned using Spiritual Power. After the paper was completely burnt, an obscure figure appeared in front of Su Rou.

“Master.” Su Rou’s voice was small and awed.

“Little Rou, what happened?” The Obscure Figure said gently.

“Master, one of my elder brothers died.” Su Rou said.

“Oh? Tell me about it?” The Obscure Figure asked.

Su Rou did not waste time, briefly telling him what happened.

After she finished speaking.

“So you want to take revenge for him, right?” asked the Obscure Figure.

“Yes.” Su Rou nodded slightly.

“You used to be gentle, but now you are surrounded by killing intent. It’s apparent that you valued your brother a lot in your heart.” The Obscure Figure smiled and said, “I’ll let a group of guards come and listen to you. From now on they will stay with you to protect you.”

“I appreciate it a lot.” Su Rou said gratefully.

The Obscure Figure smiled and then became a cloud of smoke and disappeared.

The revenge of Dragon Palace against Blood Feather Tower began quickly and swiftly, leaving no breathing space.

While Blood Feather Tower was frantically fending off the attacks of Dragon Palace, they discovered that there were two more terrifying forces, besides Dragon Palace, who also launched offensives against them.

For a time, the top assassin organization of Tianzong Dynasty, Blood Feather Tower, was teetering on the edge.

And all of this resulted from one person, Jian Wushuang.

The entire Tianzong Dynasty was shaken by Jian Wushuang. However, at the same time, at the bottom edge of the Abyss.

A platform, completely paved with bluestone floors, was surrounded by a few clusters of flames.

Jian Wushuang was lying on this platform. Though all his internal organs were damaged, and there were some fractures in his bones, he still had a trace of life.

His consciousness had long been in a blur, and in this ambiguity, he vaguely heard the voices near him.

“Initial Gold Core Realm? With such a Realm, he dared to enter the Ancestor’s Land?” It was clearly a female’s voice.

“Big Sister, don’t you realize that this little guy’s appearance is very similar to the one who came here a few years ago?” Another voice sounded, but it was a man’s hoarse voice.

“You meant Jian Nantian? Hum, when entering here, Jian Nantian had already reached the peak of the Exceptional Gold Core Realm and possessed an amazing sense of sword essence. He also passed the first test directly, which was much better than this guy.”

“This little guy is not even qualified for the first of the three tests of the Ancestor’s Land. If it was not for the completely awakened Sword Soul in him, I really want to throw him out now and let him fend for himself. “The woman said.

“Then what do you want to do now?” the man asked.

“Serve him with a Heart-recovering Pill and then take him to the Sword Tomb. Shut him in there for two years. Alive or dead? It rests on himself.” The woman said.

“Yes,” said the man.

Later, Jian Wushuang was aware that someone came to him and picked him up. With this pressure and the colliding of his bones, a sudden surge of pain caused him to fall into a coma completely.

It had already been three days since Jian Wushuang regained consciousness.

In a deserted and vast open space, Jian Wushuang casually lay on the ground. He opened his eyes slowly, but the void he saw was a dark one, without any light.

He slowly lifted his fingers, then he pinched hard on his own cheeks.

Immediately, there was a burning pain in his cheeks.

“The pain is real. It seems that I am not dead yet.” Jian Wushuang smiled brightly.

He knew it. The abyss was a death trap for others, but not necessarily for him.

When he completed his enhancement in the Endless mountain range, he sensed a peculiar summons and came to the Abyss. At that time, he was curious about the Abyss, and he even guessed that the Abyss was the Ancestor’s Land that his aunt had mentioned before.

The dialogue between the two people that he heard during his confusion had proven it.

Underneath the Abyss was indeed the Ancestor’s Land.

The Ancestor’s Land would exclude all outsiders, but it would not exclude him because he had already awakened the Sword Soul and owned the Triple-kill Sword.

“Well, weird, my body…” Jian Wushuang moved his body slightly but he felt strange.

He had exerted all his power into operating the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill, and he knew its side effect. Not to mention that this time he used it while seriously injured. It would do more harm to him and it should take him 10 to 15 days to recover.

But now, the injuries he suffered had almost recovered during his three days in a coma.

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