Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 122 - Insane Retaliation

Chapter 122: Insane Retaliation

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Silent, the whole abyss was full of dead silence.

Lin Yun stepped forward and slowly walked toward the abyss. Overlooking the deep abyss, his eyes were cold.

“The Abyss huh. Falling into the Abyss is a death trap, even for me, let alone for you…”

“You want to survive this?”

“And come back?”

“So stupid and naive!”

Lin Yun snorted. He didn’t care about what Jian Wushuang had said at all.

“Lin Yun,” a cold voice suddenly spoke.

Lin Yu was filled with doubt. He turned and saw a terrifying aura radiating from the black-robed girl–Su Rou. Her beautiful and breathtaking eyes were frozen at that moment.

“Tell your master,” Su Rou said coldly, with a slightly trembling voice, ” from today on, Blood Feather Tower will have no peace.”

Lin Yun’s expression darkened.

Anyone else who said that would have instantly been killed by Lin Yun, but this was Su Rou…

Blood Feather Tower was a powerful group, but that was only in the Tianzong Dynasty. There was a vast world outside of the Tianzong Dynasty, in which there were many powers that were stronger than Blood Feather Tower.

After seeing that special aura that radiated from her, he had a faint speculation about who she was. Therefore, he dared not kill her.

Even so, he didn’t care too much about what she had just said.

Su Rou really had a very strong background. However, the background of Blood Feather Tower was not that simple, was it?

“I will wait and see,” said Lin Yun. Then he turned to leave.

After Lin Yun left, the area around the Abyss fell into an uproar.

The next day, news about two summit battles at Quiet Moon Lake quickly blew through the whole Tianzong Dynasty like a hurricane.

People in Tianzong Dynasty were shocked.

the Gladiator Arena, the top chamber of commerce in Tianzong Dynasty, had compiled a Millennium Chronicle since long ago. It recorded every influential event that happened in the Tianzong Dynasty for nearly a thousand years.

It was on that day, one more event was recorded in the Millennium Chronicle.

Near Quiet Moon Lake, two summit battles happened!

It not only recorded the battle for the Black Water Lotus in detail, but also the fight that happened that night.

The focus for both battles was one person–Swordsman!

In the Millennium Chronicle, this is what was written about Swordsman…

Swordsman, a warrior of the Initial Gold Core Realm and an exceptional genius who grasped three Sword Essences to an extremely high level at the same time.

In the battle for the Black Water Lotus, he fought with Xiao Mang, who ranked 22nd on the Earthly Dragon List. Finally, Xiao Mang was defeated.

That night, ten gold-masked assassins and two purple-masked assassins launched a lightning fast assassination attempt. In the end, all ten Gold Core assassins died. The right hand of a purple-masked assassin was broken, straddling the line between life and death.

Another purple-masked assassin, Lin Yun, gave chase to finish killing Swordsman. At that point, Swordsman had no choice but to jump into the Abyss.

A genius fell!



In the Millennium Chronicle of the Gladiator Arena, Jian Wushuang was highly praised as a peerless genius. But unfortunately, he was forced to jump into the Abyss. In everyone’s opinion, falling into the Abyss meant death.

A large number of warriors in Tianzong Dynasty felt sorry about that.

At the same time, what Jian Wushuang said when he jumped into the Abyss also spread throughout Tianzong Dynasty.

“The day I return is the day all you demons die!”

Many people were shocked by his words and felt sorry for him.

Some young men who had ambitions were greatly inspired when they heard that. They even hoped that one day Jian Wushuang would return with his sword and kill all the bad men.

Over at Dragon Palace.


A terrifying aura was rising, while at the same time a thick stream of killing intent radiated out.

Palace Master White, a beauty in white, stood in the air over Dragon Palace. Her eyes were burning with anger.

“All the Temple Masters of Dragon Palace, come out!”

The loud voice echoed, shocking the whole Dragon Palace.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Figures swiftly appeared from all the nooks of Dragon Palace. They all used Voidwalk and quickly gathered beside Palace Master White.

As soon as the Temple Masters of Dragon Palace arrived and saw Palace Master White emitting such a strong killing intent from her eyes, they couldn’t help shivering.

“Sister White, what happened?” said Palace Master Black, who also came to her.

“I have just heard news that Swordsman…died,” Palace Master White said coldly.



“That little guy?”

Suddenly, a heated discussion began around her. The Temple Masters did not look good.

Swordsman, a peerless genius.

All the Temple Masters were shocked by Jian Wushuang’s talent and huge potential when he passed through the Eleventh Level of the Dragon Gate not long ago. Palace Master Black even boldly asserted that Jian Wushuang’s talent was no less than Crazy Knife’s, who was the strongest on the Heavenly Dragon List for decades.

It does not need to be said how important this was, Dragon Palace thought highly of such a peerless genius.

Even a few days ago, the two Palace Masters and other Temple Masters carefully discussed how to cultivate Swordsman in the future when they discussed official business.

But now, before they could cultivate him according to their plan, they heard that Swordsman died.

How could they be not shocked?

How could?

“The ones who killed Swordsman came from Blood Feather Tower,” Palace Master White suddenly raised her head and said coldly.

“Blood Feather Tower?”

“Is it them?”

“Damn it, they dare to assassinate our disciples?”

The Temple Masters were unable to restrain their fury.

Both Golden-dragon Palace and Blood Feather Tower were powerful forces in Tianzong Dynasty. The core of Golden-dragon Palace was Dragon Palace. Usually they did not interfere with each other, and Blood Feather Tower had never deliberately killed a disciple of Dragon Palace before.

But this time they did it.

Not just a normal disciple of Dragon Palace, they killed the most talented and excellent genius of this year’s disciples. A peerless genius who they all had high expectations for.

“Assassinating disciples of Dragon Palace is a direct provocation towards Dragon Palace!”

“Swordsman, the strongest genius in Dragon Palace this year, with a chance at becoming someone as strong as Crazy Knife, or to even reach a higher level.”

“However, Blood Feather Tower killed him. An exceptional genius is gone!”

Palace Master White’s face was cold and the killing intent that surged from her was almost sharp enough to be used as a weapon.

Palace Master White was the one with the highest expectations for Jian Wushuang. Even before he passed through the Eleventh Level of the Dragon Gate. She even sought Jian Wushuang out in person when she thought he was headed down the wrong path.

However, when she discovered that Jian Wushuang was correct, she was so surprised and happy for him.

And she was also the saddest when she heard that Jian Wushuang died.

“It seems our Dragon Palace has been low-key for too long,” said Temple Master Yao of Fire Temple, whose eyes were frightening.

“An exceptional genius of Dragon Palace was killed. We will be a joke in Tianzong Dynasty if we pretend that we don’t know!”

“Nothing to say, we have to get revenge!”

“Yes, we have to get revenge and teach them a painful lesson!”

Soon Palace Master White led many experts of Dragon Palace and took action. Going through the whole Tianzong Dynasty, a bloody revenge towards Blood Feather Tower took place!

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