Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 102

Chapter 102: A Big Explosion

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On the Eleventh Level of Dragon Gate.

A black-robed lady stood there with a jet-black long staff in her hands.

“You, a warrior who is only in the Spiritual Sea Realm, managed to pass through up to this level. Excellent.” The black-robed lady coldly looked at Jian Wushuang and said, “Show me all your strength.”

“As you wish.” Some fighting intent rose in his eyes.

Without the aid of resources from Dragon Palace, he had meditated and cultivated alone in the Endless mountain range for half a year. However, he had generated a sword-shaped phantom in his mind when his Sword Soul completely woke half a year ago.

After generating the sword-shaped phantom, he reached a totally new level in comprehending Sword Essence.

Because of that, even though he spent half a year in the Endless mountain range on his own, his comprehension speed was faster than it would have been in Dragon Palace with aid from various resources.

“There are thirteen levels in total. The higher you go, the tougher the challenge is. As for the opponent of the eleventh level, they are definitely much stronger than the tenth level.”

“I will use you to test my progress from this half of a year.”

“Come on!”

Jian Wushuang unleashed his strength to the limit. At the same time, three kinds of Sword Essence, Earth, Gale, and Raging Fire, also soared.

How much progress had he made in the last six months?

This battle would answer that.


The air instantly split as a terrifying sword shadow was unleashed.

The black-robed lady felt as if an immense mountain was heading toward her, with a vast power that made her hold her breath.

“Formless Sword Wave, the tenth move?” The black-robed lady was shocked.

“Formless Sword Wave only has 14 moves. He can actually use the tenth move? How did he gain such great comprehension into Sword Essense of Earth at such a young age?”

Although it was frightening, the black-robed lady took action immediately.

That black Long Staff immediately flew out, like a soaring dragon…

The black-robed lady only had comprehension in Sword Essence of Earth, but she had reached an extremely high level. She was at least at a higher level than Jian Wushuang.

After hearing the sound of a loud collision, Jian Wushuang changed his movement and directly thrust his long sword.

“The sixth move of Formless Sword Arts?” The black-robed lady immediately reacted.

But the next moment, Sword Skill of Blood and Fire slashed towards her again.

The Sword Essences of Gale, Earth, and Raging Fire. Jian Wushuang had perfectly transitioned between three kinds of sword essence and maximized their power.

“I have an extremely high comprehension of these three sword essences. But, it’s unfortunate, I haven’t managed to combine them. So far, I’m only able to perfectly transition between them. Otherwise, my Sword Arts would be infinitely more powerful than they are right now,” Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

After comprehending different kinds of sword essence, It was not only possible to perfectly transition between them, they could also be combined.

Perfectly transitioning just meant moving from one sword essence to another. But they were still completely separate from each other.

When combined, two different sword essences could be simultaneously released at once. One sword stroke consisting of two different kinds of sword essence, which was naturally much stronger than a sword stroke with only one kind of sword essence.

Obviously, it was much easier to transition, yet extremely difficult to combine.

“But I’m able to defeat you with by perfectly transitioning between the three sword essences.” A sharp light flashed in Jian Wushuang’s eyes as he released his full strength.

Three different sword essences…

Sometimes, it was the massive and vast Sword Essence of Earth, with monstrous vigor.

Sometimes, it was the ethereal and light Sword Essence of Gale, with incredible speed.

And sometimes it was even a berserk and violent Sword Essence of Raging Fire, with terrifying power.

Faced with the perfect transition and display of three sword essences, the black-robed lady could only try her best to strike back. But, in the end, she did not manage to fight back and was completely suppressed.

Once she was suppressed, the result was obvious.

In a single moment, the black-robed lady was defeated.

The Eleventh Level, passed!

In the air, above the nearby Dragon Gate.

Ten powerful figures stood there, using Voidwalk. Obviously, all of them were supreme experts in the Yin-Yang Void Realm.

Palace Master Black and Palace Master White were the leaders among them, while the others were Palace Masters of the Four Temples of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.

“Recently, I tried to persuade him in person, suggesting that he should not waste effort attempting to comprehend Sword Essence of Raging Fire. But a few days later, he passed the Eighth Level with only Sword Essence of Raging Fire. How ironic,” Palace Master White said without any irritation.

“He isn’t sneering at you. He just wants to show you that he is right,” commented another Palace Master before laughing.

“Not necessarily. To do three things at once is still extremely difficult. He did make progress in Sword Essence of Raging Fire, but he may make small progress or no progress in the other two sword essence. So what’s the point?” Palace Master White said, shaking her head. Even now, she persisted in her opinion.

To do three things at one time was essentially wrong.

“What do you think, how many levels can the young man pass through?” the Palace Master Black, who had been silent this whole time, suddenly asked.

“Merely with Sword Essence of Raging Fire, he passed the Eighth Level. Even if he didn’t make much progress for the last six months, he is likely to pass the Ninth Level by perfect transitioning between the three different sword essences given his high comprehension in Sword Essence of Gale as well as Sword Essence of Earth.”

“Well. The Ninth Level. It is possible, but it is also the limit!”

“Maybe. After all, the higher the level of Dragon Gate is, the tougher the challenge is. It was easy for him to pass the Eighth Level. However, even if he uses the three sword essences, he isn’t likely to pass the Ninth Level.”

“But, I still think that he can make it.”

The group of Palace Masters was casually talking and laughing.

Suddenly, a dazzling golden light shined from the Ninth Level of the Golden Pavilion.

“Haha. He passed the Ninth Level.”

Several Palace Masters laughed at once.

In the square outside of the Dragon Gate, many Disciples of Dragon Palace were in a turmoil.

But the turmoil only persisted for a short while.


The Tenth Level of the Golden Pavilion lit up a minute later.

Then, the same dazzling golden light began shining from the Eleventh Level.

The Tenth Level, passed!

The Eleventh Level was also passed!

In the air above the nearby Dragon Gate.

the Palace Masters were silent, staring at the Golden Pavilion with eyes full of shock and disbelief.

Was it possible?

Jian Wushuang was able to squeeze through the Seventh Level 6 months ago. With the passing of only half a year, could he have really passed the Eleventh Level?

“How can this be?”

“My God!”

“The Eleventh Level. Has he really passed the Eleventh Level?”

“Terrifying! It is too Terrifying!”

“Who just said that he might not even pass the Ninth Level?”

Those Palace Masters in the Yin-Yang Void Realm were all in shock.

The speed that Jian Wushuang comprehended sword essence far exceeded their imagination.

They had thought that if Jian Wushuang made rapid progress in Sword Essence of Raging Fire, he might not make much progress in the comprehending the Sword Essences of Gale and Earth.

After all, only six months had passed. If Jian Wushuang comprehended three sword essences during this time, it seemed impossible for him to make too much progress under normal conditions.

All of them thought so.

But what was the truth?

What did they see?

The Eleventh Level. Jian Wushuang passed the Eleventh Level, didn’t he?

What did that mean?

At that moment, all of the Palace Masters present, including Palace Master Black and the Palace Master White, were filled with disbelief.

Especially Palace Master White, who had spoken with Jian Wushuang in person, seen him pass the Eighth Level merely with Fierce Fire Sword Principle, but still persisted in her opinion.

But now?

Palace Master White only felt her face burning.

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