Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Shocking The Dragon Palace

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In the manor where Jian Wushuang lived,

Wang Yuan was refining a stove of Pills in his own room. It was at the key moment,

“Fatty Wang, Fatty Wang.”

Shouts came into the room. Wang Yuan, who was concentrating on refining pills, was distracted all of a sudden. His facial expression changed, before a careless move caused the stove to explode and the pills in it disappeared.

“Damn it, which bastard wasted my medicinal materials. I will kill him if he cannot give me a good explanation.” Wang Yuan, dusty and dirty, kicked the door open and walked out, finding two disciples of Dragon Palace who had a good relationship with him waiting for him outside.

“What is going on?” Wang Yuan asked unhappily.

“You are refining pills again?”

“The stove exploded, didn’t it?”

Seeing that, the two disciples of Dragon Palace couldn’t help laughing secretly. Shortly one of them said seriously, “Fatty Wang, Swordsman is going through the Dragon Gate Pass now. He has passed the Eighth Level. You better go and see. You care about him as he is your brother, isn’t he?”

“Third Brother? He is going through the Dragon Gate Pass?” Wang Yuan startled, then his eyes become bright, “He has passed the Eighth Level?”

“Not only has he passed the Eighth Level, it is said that he did it with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only. The whole Dragon Palace is in shock. Everyone from Dragon Palace is there, and we two came to tell you as soon as we heard the news.” That man continued.

“Passing the Eighth Level with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only?” Wang Yuan’s eyes were shone even more.

“Aha, let’s go. Let’s go to have a look right now. Oh, wait a minute. You go first. I will tell Fourth Sister to go with me.” Wang Yuan said.

“Okay, hurry up. We have told you the news.”

Soon Wang Yuan and Su Rou who was cultivating earnestly in her room just now walked together to the Dragon Gate.

Outside Dragon Gate, there were huge crowds of people.

Except those who were adventuring outside, almost all the disciples of Dragon Palace were there.

Genius disciples like Bai Cheng, Su Lie and others who rarely showed up but were capable of passing the Eighth Level were there too.

“Su Lie, I didn’t expect you would come.” Bai Cheng glanced at Su Lie.

“Aha, I didn’t expect you would come, too.” Su Lie smiled and said, “Rarely a fantastic talent appears in Dragon Palace. Of course I want to have a look.”

“Hum.” Bai Cheng snorted without saying another word. However, looking at the golden tower in the front, his eyes flashed strangely.

“Swordsman… Jian Wushuang.” Bai Cheng’s eyes were cold, “Target of Scarlet Kill Command, His Excellency in Grey personally ordered me to act decisively and kill him whenever I got a chance. But it is in Dragon Palace, to kill him is not easy.”

Openly, Bai Cheng was a top genius in Dragon Palace.

In fact, he belonged to Blood Feather Tower!

He was a spy in Dragon Palace sent by Blood Feather Tower at a huge cost.

Many disciples present were talking about Swordsman.

“What a surprise! All of us thought multitasking was impossible and that it was stupid to comprehend Sword Essence of Gale, Earth Sword Essence and Sword Essence of Raging Fire at the same time. However, he has passed the Eighth Level of Dragon Gate with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only. Tut-tut…”

The news that Jian Wushuang passed the Eighth Level with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only had spread throughout Dragon Palace.

At first, some of them doubted about it. However, when they arrived at the Dragon Gate, they met the level keeper of the Eighth Level. He admitted that he was defeated by Jian Wushuang with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only.

They burst into an uproar.

No one doubted it anymore.

Then, they were waiting to see how far Jian Wushuang could go.

“Hum, passing the Eighth Level, so what? Even if he succeeded with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only, what would that prove? Maybe it is because he put all his energy in comprehending it but neglected Sword Essence of Gale and Earth Sword Essence. I’m afraid he comprehends Sword Essence of Raging Fire the most now.”

Unexpectedly, someone snorted and said those words. It was Nangong Jie who had prior history with Jian Wushuang.

At the beginning, all of them didn’t have any expectations of Jian Wushuang, even Palace Master White was extremely disappointed that he comprehended three kinds of sword essence at the same time. However, Nangong Jie was happy to see this.

But when he heard that Jian Wushuang had passed the Eighth Level with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only, he was jealous.

“I’m sure that Swordsman is best at Sword Essence of Raging Fire. He will go as far as the Eighth Level. To pass the Ninth Level is impossible. If he did it, I would change my first name with my last name.” Nangong Jie groaned.

He said loudly. Many disciples of Dragon Palace around him nodded after hearing that.

They thought Nangong Jie was in the right.

If Jian Wushuang really made great progress while comprehending Sword Essence of Raging Fire, Gale and Earth at one time, it was truly in defiance of the natural order.

Of course, no matter what the results would tell.

In the Ninth Level of Dragon Gate!

The level keeper in it was a red-haired strong man. Comprehending Raging Fire Knife Principle, he fought with a saber in an overbearing way.

And Jian Wushuang fought back with Sword Skill of Blood and Fire based on Sword Essence of Raging Fire.

One strike after another, each one was going to all out causing flames which could destroy everything.

He had been fighting with the red-haired strong man for a long time.

“Swordsman, I know you, and know that you are most good at Sword Essence of Gale and Sword Essence of Earth. Use them all, otherwise you can’t defeat me with Sword Essence of Raging Fire only.”

Suddenly a saber split while he was talking and the air was split in half in an instant.

When Jian Wushuang was deflecting the saber of the red-haired strong man, the corners of his mouth quirked up.

“I have been studying Sword Principle of Fierce Fire in the last half a year. Finally I could display the Sixth Move of Sword Skill of Blood and Fire. However, it could only help me pass the Eighth Level. Fighting with the level keeper at the Ninth Level, he is totally suppressed, and more important, the level keeper doesn’t do his best.” Jian Wushuang shook his head and smiled. Then he did not keep his strength hidden any longer.

“Be careful!”

After saying it, Jian Wushuang thrust out his Triple-kill Sword immediately.


It crossed tens of meters in a moment, so did the sword light.

Fast, so fast.

It was too fast to react in time.

“Formless Swordsmanship, the Sixth Move?” The red-haired strong man opened his eyes wide. However, Jian Wushuang had already stepped toward the Tenth Level.

The Ninth Level passed!

The truth was that Jian Wushuang defeated him with only one move when he didn’t hide his strength.

In the Tenth Level, his opponent was a woman in black who used a long spear. She comprehended Dripping Water and Gale at the same time, and her spearmanship was fast and powerful. This time, Jian Wushuang totally suppressed her with both Sword Essence of Raging Fire and Sword Essence of Gale. Finally the strength of Earth Ground Realm in his body was unleashed. After several rounds, he defeated her.

The Tenth Level passed!

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