Law of the Devil

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Treasures in the Secret Room

He obtained sulphur accidentally, but how useful was it in this world?

To make a weapon? To change the trend, to change the era of weaponry immediately?

What a joke!

Duwei was not stupid. He knew that sulphur alone was not enough for making firearms. Firstly, why make a weapon? A coup to seize power? War? Duwei was not interested in those. Secondly, making firearms was not an easy task. Not to mention guns and cannons…

In his previous world, after the development of sulphur in China, people only knew how to use sulphur to create fireworks for a long period of time.

Were firearms easy to be developed? Rifles and cannons, not to mention an entire gun, even just the barrel of the gun which should be the simplest one…Duwei didn’t know how to make a single piece.

Apart from that, this was a Magic World! In this world, even if you were armed with a gun, magic was still a better tool.

For example, if a junior magician knew flying magic and simple fireball magic…

He could throw the fireball from the sky. Basically, he could be like a human helicopter with a weapon!

In this case, only some sulphur, and making the weapon with the rough technique …was there any advantage?

How useful was the sulphur?

Duwei’s thought was very simple: Profit!

Duwei was getting used to this world. He had created the McDonald Fleet and the Black Pearl by a joke, also the Captain Jack Sparrow…He started to be interested in this world.

He was interested in other things apart from Magic.

He knew that he could not go back…so he still needed to find something interesting.

Even the all-knowing devil servant could not send him back. Duwei had almost given up. Meanwhile, if Duwei was released and started to prank, the result would be hard to estimate.

At least, at this moment, Duwei only kept thinking of how to scare his poor old housekeeper.

Duwei went back to the castle and he called his favourite servant Mard. In the private coffer of Duwei, where Mard was responsible for maintaining the safety, there were a thousand goldcoins being held by this servant. The countess gave him these coins when he was kicked out from the Empire City.

“How much do we have now?” Duwei simply asked.

Mard quickly answered, “Eight Hundred and Ninety-two gold coins.” After a while, the loyal servant said, “That is because the cost of the construction of the tower and such have used much money. The pocket money has been overused for several months already, but as since from now your pocket money is cut, we need to pay for the expense with our own money.”

Mard talked with bitterness, mainly because of the old housekeeper Hill. It seems that this former groom was confined by the old housekeeper a lot.

“Also, in the coming one year, we cannot get any money from the old housekeeper.” Duwei sighed.

“Right!” Mard was a little depressed, “Master, I think you may need to think of some method…the Earl treats you too harsh. You are still a kid, and this time, he shouldn’t blame you. You didn’t want to be kidnapped, did you? But I have an idea…”

“What is it?”

Mard was looking around and whispered, “Two months from now is the birthday of the countess. If you can send a gift to Empire City on time with a pleading letter, and if the countess can help you in ask for a favour…perhaps, your order can be removed earlier.”

Duwei bowed his head and said,” “That’s a good idea, my dear Mard. It’s such a good idea, not considering pleading, I still have to do something for mother’s birthday…but, only eight hundred something coins, what kind of present can I buy?”

Mard kept silence. Obviously, this question was out of the thinking scope of Mard.

Duwei didn’t plan to let this groom continue, he just touched Mard’s shoulder and said, “Ok, I have my idea. But thank you for your notification. Now, I need you to help me to do something.”

Duwei then drafted a list quickly and gave it to Mard.

“Help me to buy all the stuff on this list…Also, I have written some names of craftsmen on the list, I need them too.”

After Mard received the list. He had a quick glance and calculated a little bit. He almost cried and said, “Little master…If we buy all of these, and include the salary for the craftsmen…we won’t have much money left…”

Mard was already a bit conservative. In fact, he would’ve liked to shout, “We won’t have any money left!”

Duwei laughed confidently and said, “Mard, just do what I ask you to do. Don’t worry, we will have a lot of money soon, not only a lot, we will be extremely rich! Just…I have a huge amount of money outside, and I am unable to get the money within these two months. But mom’s birthday will be after two months, so I have to think of some methods. Ok, go ahead!”

How to do it…. If Duwei could wait for three months, the Pirate Robbery Plan of McDonald Fleet would be completed and he would have a huge amount of income.

But right now, he didn’t have money on hand!

But what about the secret room under the study room…Duwei had gone there last night.

Guess what was inside?

Not gold, not jewellery…there was something that put Duwei in a tight spot! Those things were undoubtedly worth a lot. But…if sold it within a short period of time, that would be hard.

For example, a samurai armor made up of more than three hundred pieces of the finest gem and sewn with a golden thread! This thing was not useful during the war, but as an artwork, its value would be extremely high!

This thing probably could not be sold in this little city in Rolands Plain, perhaps it could be sold in Port York or Empire City.

Of course, if Duwei needed money, he could disassemble this thing and just sell one piece of the gems. But it would destroy this amazing masterpiece! Duwei surely wouldn’t do this silly thing.

Another example, a Miter carved from the completely finest natural amethyst! That was four hundred years ago, when the Imperial Kingdom was very strong, where the king at the time invited lots of skilful craftsmen to make it, and also embedded it with twenty-nine of the finest magic gems. There were bush flowers made of dissolved silver, and on the petals of the flower, there was a big prismatic diamond!

Duwei had seen this Miter in a book before.

People said that this luxury Miter was the coronation gift from the king to the new pope of the Continental Bright Pantheon!

But it’s a pity that during the war in the northern territory that it was the period of the rise of the Roland Family. The family won the Roland Plain in that war…

But this Miter was mysteriously lost by the Bright Pantheon!

This was regarded as a shame by the Bright Pantheon during these hundreds of years! The Pope’s coronation Miter was lost! In these hundreds of years, all the popes wanted to find this Miter back and treated this as one of their inherited wishes.

So, would Duwei dare to sell this thing?

Perhaps, the Knight of the Pantheons would find him immediately after he sold the Miter!

In that secret room, Saimel had left a total of nineteen collections! Each collection was very expensive but could not sell!

In fact, when Duwei saw these treasures, he was daydreaming a bit…how great was Saimel?

How could she get these things?!

He had asked the cloned Saimel but could not get any answer. It was because she didn’t have this recollection in her cloned memory.

So, even though Duwei got this treasure, he still needed to worry about the money in this short period of time.

He was not in a shortage of money, he just lacked liquidity.

After analysing a bit, he decided to give the remaining eight hundred coins to Mard for purchasing. In the coming three months, Duwei, the eldest son of the Earl, the Little Master in the Roland Family, would not have any money left.

But, the future magic experiments, the setting of the magic medicine, the refinement of the plant, all were consumer goods and needed continuous buying and refill.

How to get one or two thousand coins for an emergency?

During the whole lunchtime, Duwei was thinking of a method to make a profit. Lunch was still good. There were several pieces of foie gras, with that toasted bread, and a yummy seafood soup…obviously, the old housekeeper didn’t make any difficulty on this little master except the order from the Earl. He still took care of Duwei’s meal. Duwei’s favourite food was not cheap, but the old housekeeper didn’t dare to treat him bad.

After lunch, Duwei drank some tea. In this world, there was no coffee, but tea. The drinking habit here was quite different, the nobles would normally like to add some honey or sugar…also for some nobles with special taste, they might add some mustard into the tea.

Of course, the taste of the tea in this world was stronger.

After drinking some black tea with honey, Duwei saw the busy old housekeeper.

Hill was so unsatisfied with this little master! He destroyed a two hundred years old painting! Oh my god! Didn’t he know that the picture was the portrait of the ancestor of the Roland Family! Didn’t he know that this oil painting had experienced a lot?

He burnt it!

Hill, who was responsible for protecting the property of the Roland family, was angry with this little master! He had prepared to write this down on the letter to Empire City!

“Little Master, do you need anything else?” The old housekeeper was still in good attitude, but just a little bit cool.

“It is such that, if I don’t leave this castle, I can do anything I want here, right?” Duwei asked.

“…Yes.” The old housekeeper answered with anxiety…what did this little master want to do now?

“Great, I need a girl servant who can sew. Also…bring my horse to the door.”

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