Law of the Devil

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 The Fire element of Solskjaer

The next morning, the sun was rising and Duwei was enjoying his breakfast when someone came to see him.

It was…. The lying Magician Solskjaer.

After all, the people had thought that Duwei was kidnapped, Solskjaer was so stressed…He was the only magician staying with Duwei! But he didn’t have a single mark of a fight on him!

Everyone was wounded except him!

His colleagues caused Solskjaer much stress.

To be honest… He also thought that that day was embarrassing, when he was too scared and passed out because of the Grade-8 Magician before the fight even started.

That’s reasonable, right? A Grade-1 Magician(He even got his qualification by cheating), fighting against a Grade-8 Magician.

It wouldn’t be even a contest… It would have been a suicide!

“Oh, my little master, I am so happy to see you again…” Solskjaer was beaming when the door opened.


Duwei’s reply was to kick him.

Duwei just kicked him once and this magician fell down. He looked at him and then closed his eyes, whispering, “My dear Solskjaer… But I am not happy to see you.”

Solskjaer stood up and fixed his hat awkwardly, “… My little master…”

“When I remember how you acted on that day, I feel embarrassed.” Duwei said angrily, “My Mr. Magic Consultant, you passed out directly when the fight just began… You have the heart of a rabbit!”

On that day, Solskjaer was the last person Duwei had, but this useless guy wasn’t of any help and instead, merely passed out! Duwei was pissed off!

“Forgiveness little master! The opponent was a Grade-8 magician! Grade-8! Master Duwei!” Solskjaer argued, “My level is only of grade-1, my real ability is even weaker than a magic apprentice! You should understand that… Don’t you agree that I couldn’t defeat that Grade-8 magician?”

“But you should not have passed out. It’s so shameful!” Duwei was shaking his head, “As your employer, I feel totally disappointed in you… Right, where were you in these past few days?”

“I… Brought several people and went to the south, I relocated my stuff in the laboratory to here.” Solskjaer’s answer satisfied Duwei’s mood a little.

“You relocated your laboratory over here?” Duwei was surprised, “Did you expect me to return soon? Was it not for me, you think this family would still hire you?”

Solskjaer felt awkward, he could only tell the truth… He was informed that master Duwei of Roland Family was found. So he had rushed back.

“Oh, I see… If I didn’t come back, then you would have permanently left, right?” Duwei looked at the crafty guy, “With the ‘trophies’ I gave you, right?”

Solskjaer was in silence.

“Ok, bring that stuff to me.” Duwei mentioned all the things that Vivian gave him.

It was almost by instinct, that Duwei felt that he wanted to keep ’Vivian’s belongings’ all by himself and didn’t want to give any away.

Solskjaer hastily said, “Master Duwei… You are not a magician, these things can only show its true value on a magician…”

Didn’t want to give it to Duwei?


The burning candles on either side immediately flared up, and the flames flew into the Duwei’s palms to form a fireball in an instant!

Solskjaer was shocked, “Magic? Oh My God, you can use magic?!”

“You think I am performing acrobatics? I learnt this from the Grade-8 magician!” Duwei sneered, “Give it to me.”

“Can I have the magic crystal?” Solskjaer was testing Duwei, “Just a small piece… My experiment needs a high quality magic crystal to save the fire element…”

Duwei didn’t say anything but just spread his palms.

Solskjaer sighed and gave the bag to Duwei.

“Ok, don’t sigh, my Mr. Magic Consultant.” Duwei regained Vivian’s items and was feeling happier, “You will get what you want soon. I can guarantee.”

“A magic crystal with reasonable quality will cost at least several hundreds of gold coins.” Obviously, Solskjaer knew the current situation of Duwei. Most of the people in the castle knew about the order of grounding and reduced allowance.

“No worry, I will have money soon, very soon.” Duwei wasn’t worried.

The plan of robbing the pirates was still undergoing, but soon, there would be much profits to be had… Also, he remembered, under the study room, there was a secret room. Saimel’s treasures were inside this secret room.

“Right, Solskjaer, come, let’s go see your new laboratory! It is in the forest outside the castle!”

When they left the study room, old housekeeper looked at Duwei and laughing, Duwei pointed at the ash on the floor, “My dear Mr. Housekeeper… I am so sorry. Last night I was reading books. Don’t know how but the painting on the wall dropped and there was candle stand near it… Then it burnt up. I think you will let the servant clean it up, right?”

The old housekeeper looked at the place, where the oil painted once hanged, and then back at the ash on the floor.

Oh my god… That was an antique!

The word ‘spendthrift’ was in the old housekeeper’s mind, but he could not speak it out. He just lightly bit his lips and then nodded calmly.

Duwei brought along Solskjaer to leave the study room and headed to the forest next to the castle.

Within the deep forest, the a wooden tower on the riverside was already built.

There were three levels and it was well constructed. Obviously, the construction materials were of high quality.

“Satisfied? This is the magic laboratory… Our magic laboratory!”

On the first floor, there was a spacious area with basic furniture, for example, the large table to be used as a working bench that was specially requested by Duwei. There were also some glass containers on the cupboard that were requested by Duwei too… All of a different variety, some even made of crystal.

The second floor was full of metallic cupboards for storing different kinds of raw material.

The third floor was a private space for Duwei. There was a rooftop where Duwei would observe the stars.

Duwei had even personally made his telescope and placed it here.

“Satisfied?” Duwei looked at Solskjaer happily.

Solskjaer was overjoyed and said, “Great! This place is very spacious and good for my experiments!”

Duwei then brought him to the backyard and gestured towards the plants on the ground.

These were the basic ingredients for Magic Alchemy… Of course, there were still many magic materials that Duwei could not buy, not even in town stores. They could only be bought from the occasional adventuring teams, or from the Magic Union.

But since the Magic Union was not opened to the public, if the person didn’t have the magicians qualification, he could not buy anything from the Magic Union.

“The basic plants I have prepared… For the remaining, we can only buy those from the Magic Union. This is something you need to do, you know the rules of the Magic Union. Money… We will have soon, no worry, very soon.”

Solskjaer was silently contemplating everything.

He was already very satisfied!

From a normal person’s viewpoint, Magic experiments were just like burning money!

Those scarce materials might be completely wasted in a failed experiment.

In the past, Solskjaer didn’t have money to buy experimental materials. Most of the materials he acquired had come from his teacher, which he secretly stole. He also needed to work for the adventure team to earn money or to find cores from magic monsters.

Now, with the promise of this little noble, he didn’t need to worry about money again, and he could experiment as much as he wished!

Duwei had great hopes of Solskjaer.

This guy could study the method of simulating magic… He was such a genius! If this fake magician were to continue his study, who knew what kind of things he could invent!

“Oh, right, let me see what you have brought from the south!”

Compared with this laboratory, the things that were brought by Solskjaer were relatively shabby.

He brought some containers… Half of them were pottery, obviously this poor magician didn’t have the means to buy beautiful glass containers.

Inside these containers, there were several magic elements refined by Solskjaer, mainly of the Fire element.

Those are what Solskjaer had called, ‘yellow powder’.

Duwei was interested in the ‘Fire element’ the most.

With the consent of Solskjaer, Duwei opened one of the containers, and he saw the ‘yellow powder’!

When he first saw it, with the familiar smell… Duwei was shocked!

He could help squeezing some with his fingers and sniffed it…

“This is the ‘fire element’ you made? Duwei seriously asked Solskjaer.


Duwei tried to calm down and said, “You… Refined this thing, what is the success rate for refining this?”

“It depends on the raw material. The main ingredient is powdered Fire-Scale herbs, but have to refine it six times carefully and make sure there is no fire nearby… I nearly died in an accident before.”

“If I were to give you sufficient material?”

Solskjaer was thinking and calculating, “I guess if there is sufficient material, perhaps I can refine three bottles per day.”

Three bottles?

Solskjaer pointed at that container. The size was like the beer bottle in Duwei’s previous life.

Three bottles per day… Is quite an impressive speed.

Duwei tried to stop laughing and hugged Solskjaer tightly, “My Mr. Magic Consultant… I am very satisfied with your fire element… I will pay you more! I mean after I get my money! Ha ha ha…”

After a while, Duwei whispered, “Listen, we have to keep the recipie of the fire element secret! Understand?”

“Sure!” Solskjaer answered quickly.

Solskjaer temporarily used this laboratory. He he was staying here to store his containers, also some tools including several pots and some refined containers and burning tools, etc.

Duwei left alone.

The two servants, who were following him, were peering at this little master. He was barely concealing his laughter.

Duwei moved far away and finally he could not help laughing out loudly.

His laughter revealed his extreme happiness and surprise, as if unlimited gold was falling from the sky and that money was rolling into his own pocket only!

“Hahaha… Fire element! That’s sulphur! Haha, I have sulphur now!!”

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