Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Extreme Confrontation

The problem is easily solved by Liu Zheng, and everybody is happy. After all, Commander Qin is an old man who needs to rest so it’ll be inappropriate for Lin Luoran to stay too long. It is already past eight o’clock, and Lin Luoran is about to leave.

Baojia insists to stay and keep her grandpa accompanied. She asks Liu Zheng to drive Lin Luoran home.

Commander Qin is obviously excited about Baojia’s stay, and Lin Luoran has no choice but to accept Baojia’s suggestion. After saying goodbye to Commander Qin, Baojia walks Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng to the door, “Master Liu, I shall hand over Luoran to you!”

What does Baojia mean by saying “handing over” me to Liu Zheng? Baojia is such a wicked girl! Lin Luoran is going to say something, but the door is closed with a “bang”! Lin Luoran can even hear Baojia tittering behind the door.

Before Baojia’s joke, it is natural for Liu Zheng to give Lin Luoran a lift home. Now, in the quiet military compound and under the dim lamp light, Lin Luoran suddenly feels that a weird atmosphere is generating between Liu Zheng and herself…

“You have been working in my company for quite a while. How’s your work getting on?” Liu Zheng opens his mouth and breaks the ice. As a businessman, Liu Zheng has a keen insight.

Lin Luoran is relieved since there is a topic to talk about, “The environment of the counter is good, and the work is challenging. Mr. Liu, thanks again for giving me this job.” Lin Luoran’s gratitude is heartful. Liu Zheng didn’t fire her when Elly issued the ban, which was an important encouragement for her.

“It’s so aloof of you to call me Mr. Liu. You can call me Liu Zheng if you want, or Master Liu, as Baojia calls me. What do you think, Miss Lin?”

Lin Luoran blinks, “You still call me Miss Lin?”

Liu Zheng can’t help laughing. The two of them talk while walking and the atmosphere becomes much lighter. Without knowing, they have walked out of the gate of the military compound.

Liu Zheng is gentle and Lin Luoran is slim. Walking shoulder to shoulder, they are indeed an attractive couple.

Certainly, Master Mu, who has been waiting here leaning on his cool sports car, doesn’t think so.

The ground under his feet is dotted with cigarette butts. Mu Tiannan has smoked at least a whole pack of cigarettes. Also, he is stared at by the guards continuously. Even Liu Zheng might lose his temper if he is put in this condition, let alone Mu Tiannan who is used to having extreme moods.

Mu Tiannan becomes furious when he sees his target flirting with another guy!

Mu Tiannan flicks away the cigarette butt and rushes out like an arrow—

Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng are having a good conversation. None of them have noticed the cool sports car by the gate, let alone seen Master Mu who is standing by the car like a totally dispirited man.

The minute Lin Luoran opens the door of Liu Zheng’s car, someone catches her arm. Frightened, she tries to shake the hand off—She undoubtedly has more strength, however, the guy has a flexible wrist which grasps her arm firmly.

“What?” Mu Tiannan is surprised at the strength of the woman.

Lin Luoran looks back. An unfamiliar man is gripping her arm and she can’t get rid of him. Lin Luoran is bewildered. This man must be a big shot.

Liu Zheng gently closes his car door. He can’t interfere in this affair without consideration, because he is uncertain whether this man coming out of nowhere is Lin Luoran’s old acquaintance.

Mu Tiannan’s face is contorted, “You are a thief! Give back my ginseng seeds!”

Lin Luoran is going to lose temper. Hearing the man talking about the ginseng seeds she accidentally got, she becomes guilty. Lin Luoran fails to stay calm and stammers, “What ginseng seeds?”

Lin Luoran has no talent for lying or performing. Now, Mu Tiannan begins to sneer, and even Liu Zheng can tell her insincerity. Liu Zheng supposes that Lin Luoran knows the man, so he decides to stay out of this.

Lin Luoran’s face turns even redder because of guilt. She secretly looks at the man who is gripping her arm. Lin Luoran is quite a tall girl, and she might be taller than some local men in R City when she wears high heels.

However, the man in front of her tops her by half a head. He must be over 1.8 meters in height, which is rare in R City… Lin Luoran wants to pinch herself. The man is looking at her with hostility, and she actually has the mood to check on her “enemy”.

“Can you stop being such an anthomaniac? Give back my ginseng seeds! Or I will go after you!” Mu Tiannan immediately classifies the girl thief in front of him into team “anthomaniac” since she still has the mood to check on him under this circumstance.

Mu Tiannan can’t deny that the woman in front of him has a gentle and fresh temperament. She is tall and slim, and her black hair matches perfectly with her smooth skin and dark pupil. Mu Tiannan has seen a lot of beautiful women, and this one is definitely one of them… Too bad she is an anthomaniac, either. Mu Tiannan doesn’t understand where his sense of regret comes from.

An anthomaniac? Lin Luoran is astonished. How does she become an anthomaniac? As for the ginseng seeds filled with Reiki, she just got them by chance. She did not steal or rob. Even if the man is the owner of those ginseng seeds, can he make the points clear? He rushes out of nowhere like this and he owns an expensive sports car. He must be an arrogant man from a rich family.

Lin Luoran becomes impatient. Her boss is here, watching her being grasped by a man in the street. She is not an inherently gentle person, and she is getting drastic under the man’s strength.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! Sir, you’ve got the wrong person!” The consequence of being drastic is that Lin Luoran starts to lie through her teeth.

First, Lin Luoran hates the man’s arrogance. Second, those seeds have already grown into ginsengs with an efficacy that equals those of several decades… Even if she does pull them up and give them back to him, ginseng can’t become seed again!

She shall never admit it! Lin Luoran decides at once.

Mu Tiannan squints. People who know him all understand that this is his sign of threat.

This woman is so reckless… Mu Tiannan gradually uses more strength to grip Lin Luoran.

“Ouch…” Lin Luoran can’t bear the pain. How come this man’s hand feels like a cramp!

Liu Zheng has been paying close attention to their conversation. After he figures that there are some “ginseng seeds” involved, Liu Zheng thinks that this situation is under control. He is somehow relieved. However, Lin Luoran’s painful scream comes. Liu Zheng steps forward and grabs Mu Tiannan’s hand,

“She said she didn’t know you, sir. Can you let her go?”

Liu Zheng wears his usual business smile, and the gold-rimmed glasses makes him look gentle and unharmful.

“Who are you?” Mu Tiannan’s frown turns to stare. Liu Zheng stares back without any sign of weakness. Electricity seems to flow between their eyes!

Watching Liu Zheng’s calm face, Mu Tiannan wants to beat him out of no reason. Instead, he smiles in defiance, “I don’t care who you are. This is just between her and me.”

Mu Tiannan says with an ambiguous attitude in order to piss Liu Zheng off. He has forgotten why he came here in the first place, still, he is pleased to make Liu Zheng angry.

With the help of Liu Zheng, Lin Luoran uses her strength in a sudden and breaks loose from Mu Tiannan. Looking at the red mark on her wrist, Lin Luoran is furious. She is thinking about giving this man a suplex, then she hears Liu Zheng’s indifferent voice,

“I won’t be polite if you keep harassing my girlfriend.”

Lin Luoran looks up and is dumb with surprise. She even forgets to give Mu Tiannan the suplex for revenge.

His… girlfriend?

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