Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Liu Zheng is Here?

“What? The commander in chief of the military subarea?” In front of the two-story house, Lin Luoran lowers her voice and says in surprise.

Knowing Lin Luoran so well, Baojia smiles, “I didn’t mean to hide this from you. You never asked so I didn’t have the chance to tell you…” Baojia doesn’t believe that Lin Luoran’s surprise is out of happiness. She must be angry.

Lin Luoran’s anger is about to break out, however, she has no choice but to forgive her best friend because Baojia is looking at her in a poor face and bowing for her forgiveness.

It’s true that Lin Luoran never asked about this. Besides, she is so sensitive and self-abased. If Baojia did tell Lin Luoran about what kind of family she came from, Lin Luoran must have estranged from her best friend because of inferiority. Thinking in this way, Lin Luoran feels relieved, but she pretends to be mad, “I won’t forget about this! You have to make it up to me later!”

Baojia instantly changes from a begging little girl to a queen in high heels. She runs to the front door and knocks hard, “Commander, your dear granddaughter is here! Open the door! Hurry!”

Before anyone in the house makes any response, the neighboring households all at once shut their doors and windows. Lin Luoran wonders whether they are annoyed by Baojia’s “demonic voice”, or “the dear granddaughter of the commander” is a scary existence…

Lin Luoran nearly falls over. She already knows that Baojia is vigorous, still, it is her first time to see Baojia being so “masculine”! Lin Luoran laughs. It seems that Baojia is close to her grandpa!

Lin Luoran tries the best to hold her laughter back while Baojia keeps knocking at the door. Suddenly, the door opens. Lin Luoran stands up straight at once in order to show her respect to the elder.

Standing by the door is a handsome man with gold-rimmed glasses—Why is Liu Zheng here?

Yet, Baojia pats him on his shoulder, “Master Liu is here. I will take a rain check if I knew you had come!”

Baojia is quite straightforward and Lin Luoran notices that Liu Zheng is a little embarrassed by Baojia’s words. However, why is Baojia not surprised by Liu Zheng’s presence in her grandpa’s house? When do they become so intimate?

Lin Luoran seems to be happy for Baojia and Liu Zheng to be together. She calls Liu Zheng “boss” with a smile and is dragged into the house by Baojia.

“Baojia, I’m cooking. The meal will be ready in a minute!” An old man’s energetic voice comes from the kitchen.

Lin Luoran is amazed. Baojia’s grandpa has to cook by himself? She looks at Liu Zheng who is now sitting in the hall. Liu Zheng gives her a helpless smile, which means that Baojia’s grandpa has insisted to cook.

Baojia tosses her handbag on the couch and shouts with her hands on her waist, “Come out! Commander! I bring Luoran here today!”

“Oh, Lin Luoran? I must have a look.” An old man comes out of the kitchen with a spatula in his hand.

Lin Luoran is shocked by Baojia and her grandpa. She finally realizes where does Baojia get her dignity and humor—What a commander in chief shall look like?

It must include a determined face, military uniform and straight back. Right?

How about Baojia’s grandpa? He has a ruddy complexion and walks vigorously. Wearing an apron and holding a spatula, he looks like a grandpa who stays at home every day and takes care of his grandson! The most important thing is that a cute monkey is printed on the apron…

“Hello, Grandpa Qin!” Lin Luoran comes to herself and greets.

Liu Zheng has got used to the appearance of Commander Qin, and he is looking up at the chandelier calmly.

Baojia blushes, but Commander Qin is not embarrassed at all, “Don’t call me Grandpa Qin! Grandpa is all right!”

Lin Luoran is afraid that she may be accidentally injured by his waving spatula so she instantly corrects herself to call him “grandpa”. Commander Qin is satisfied. He nods and says, “Good girl. The vegetable you sent is nice. Of course, my cooking skill is better! Ha-ha… Oh my god! My braised eggplant is still in the pan!”

Commander Qin is advertising his cooking skill when he remembers that he has left the eggplant in a hot pan. He bursts into a sigh and rushes back to the kitchen.

Liu Zheng is having a hard time holding his laughter. Baojia feels that her face is burning up, but Lin Luoran pats her on the shoulder and says,

“Your grandpa is indeed the treasure in this house. Commander Qin does have a good personality.”

Baojia is so embarrassed. Lin Luoran now understands her best friend. No wonder Baojia never takes her here. If Lin Luoran’s grandpa is like this, she may feel stressful as well.

During the meal, Commander Qin takes off the apron and doesn’t talk while eating, which finally add some qualities of commander to himself.

It is obvious that Liu Zheng is well-bred since he doesn’t make any sound while eating. Also, even he is eating Commander Qin’s oily eggplant, he still looks like a gentleman in a high-class restaurant.

Baojia is drinking soup with a huge spoon, just like Commander Qin, who is gorging meat. Everybody can tell from this that the two of them are really from the same family!

Lin Luoran is not overcautious either. This meal finishes in a good atmosphere. Lin enjoys it.

After the meal, the four of them sit on the couch and chat, eating slices of fruit. Then the topic comes down to business.

Lin Luoran takes out the Kwan-yin pendant wrapped in red silk and says to Commander Qin sincerely, “Grandpa Qin, Baojia and I are best friends. You see me as your granddaughter, and I must show my sincerity. This little gift is a token of my heart. It is not something very expensive. If you don’t mind me being stingy, please take it.”

Baojia wonders when Lin Luoran has the time to prepare a gift for they are together along the way here! Oh, right! Lin Luoran went to Sister Wang’s store!

Lin Luoran is holding the gift in both hands and smiling. Commander Qin cannot refuse it since Lin Luoran has said that it is not too expensive.

He opens the red silk and sees the jade pendant. In his position, Commander Qin has seen lots of good stuff so he has general knowledge about jade. He asks as soon as he sees the pendant, “This is not expensive? Do you think I’m old and off my head?”

It is the first time for Lin Luoran to look closely at the pendant after her refining. The material is the same, however, it has become more transparent after being infused with Reiki. In the eyes of cultivators like Lin Luoran, the pendant is full of Reiki, and in the eyes of normal people, they might feel that its transparency, color and carving are matched even they are not perfect.

“This is good stuff.” Commander Qin gently scrubs the pendant, and he is deeply attracted to the special smoothness of jade, “It is too valuable. I can’t take it.”

Lin Luoran is anxious. She didn’t expect the pendant to change this much. She only intends to fill the pendant with peaceful and pure Reiki so that it can benefit its owner. Who can imagine that both its quality and appearance are totally different from before!

It looks like Lin Luoran has underestimated the effect of Reiki. She suddenly remembers that the invoice of the pendant is still on her, so she hurries to take it out as the proof.

“Grandpa Qin, here is the invoice. I really am not lying.” God knows that others will be eager to let people perceive their gifts as expensive. Only Lin Luoran is doing the exact opposite.

Baojia and Liu Zheng are both experts in jade. Instead of going to his granddaughter, Commander Qin waves to Liu Zheng, “Little Liu, come and have a look.”

Liu Zheng, a gentle businessman, becomes “Little Liu” in the mouth of Commander Qin. Lin Luoran notices that her boss almost can’t stay calm anymore…

“Commander Qin, this pendant does worth only 10,000 yuan. It is from the store of one of my acquaintances. I can recognize the style. However, this pendant is definitely the best one at this price. Miss Lin does have a good taste.” Liu Zheng indeed is an expert. He gives the evaluation only after several glances and it’s quite close to the truth.

Lin Luoran is afraid that Liu Zheng’s evaluation may differ much from her explanation so she was staring at him without blinking. She discovers that her boss has a cute habit that he will push up his gold-rimmed glasses when he is embarrassed or anxious.

Commander Qin trusts Liu Zheng and accepts the gift with pleasure.

Liu Zheng notices Lin Luoran’s stare. He pushes his glasses up again and lightly coughs to remind her. Lin Luoran realizes that her action is inappropriate and turns her head away, blushing.

Baojia witnesses this without uttering a word and a beam of light flashes in her narrow eyes like a plot of hers has succeeded.

The four of them are talking, and the topic turns to the boy Lin Luoran and Baojia saved the other day. Lin Luoran talks about her problem of wanting to adopt the boy but being not old enough. Commander Qin scolds, “You guys want me to help you with this? No wonder this unfilial girl comes to visit me today!”

Lin Luoran starts to sweat, seeing the target is turned to Baojia. Baojia never takes her grandpa’s anger seriously. She asks, “Dear commander, you should know that we are doing good things. How can you say this? Have you forgotten the principle of serving the people?”

Baojia’s questions not only quell her grandpa, even Liu Zheng can’t stay calm. Lin Luoran also finds holding back laughter so difficult, and she joins her boss in the team of “looking up at the sky”.

Commander Qin is speechless. He points at Baojia but doesn’t know what to say.

Liu Zheng stops looking up at the sky and says, “In fact…”

Before the sound of his voice dies away, Liu Zheng finds three pairs of eyes looking at him. Especially, Lin Luoran’s eyes are filled with excitement. He is a little bit nervous, “In fact… You can adopt the boy in the name of Lin Luoran’s parents.”

In the name of Lin’s parents? Good idea! In this way, Lin Luoran can stop worrying about her age problem. Her parents are nice people, and the boy will be happy with them. They will soon live together, and it won’t make a difference in whose name the boy is adopted.

Baojia and Lin Luoran didn’t even think of this simple solution before. It seems that they were lost in concerns.

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