Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Mysterious Space

Lin Luoran has no time to respond when the bead hits her face… Like crackling fireworks, all that left before her eyes are dazzling light. Lin Luoran shuts her eyes reflexively.

Lin Luoran couldn’t help but shedding tears due to the light. It seems like there is no other dangers. She tries to move her hands and feet and manages to open her eyes. The scene in front of her is so amazing.

Where is she?

She is standing on a green grass lawn. These strong grasses grow well, almost reaching two feet tall. Standing there, Lin Luoran feels that she is going to float…

It is a land of less than 334 m2, where a log cabin covers over 1/3 of the area. In the distance, there is a 1 m2 pond, bubbling of spring. A sapling grows beside the pond, fresh and alive.

A red fruit in the size of mulberry is hanging on the sapling, which is even fresh with the vapor of the pond.

Lin Luoran pinches herself hard in the cheek. Ouch!

The log cabin is still there, so is the bubbling pond. Lin Luoran remains standing on the green grass—This is not a dream. Immediately, she realizes that a coincidence seems to happen to her!

Everything in front of her must be related to that mysterious bead, Lin Luoran guesses.

She is inherently tougher than ordinary girls or else she wouldn’t have survived all these years of difficulties. Therefore, Lin Luoran is fairly calm when she encounters with this kind of supernatural things.

Holding the thought of taking things as they come, Lin Luoran decides to explore this mysterious space.

She stands still and thinks for a moment, then picks up a clod and throws it out.

With a nice curve, the clod is flicked away at around 30cm from the log cabin. The cabin appears to be protected by an invisible shield. Is it the “inhibition” that is always written in books?

Lin Luoran is curious. Since only the clod is flicked away, it might be okay for the human to go closer. She walks toward the cabin one step after another. As exactly as expected, she then hits something bouncy like jelly. A transparent pit forms after she pokes it with her finger.

Obviously, she can’t get into the cabin, at least for now.

An idea comes to her mind and her eyes cast on the small pond.

The spring nourishes the fruit and both of them might be magical restoratives. Then whether should she drink the spring or eat the fruit, that is a question.

Anyhow, Lin Luoran cherishes her life so she picks a blade of grass to fiddle with the water. A long time later, the grass still remains green. Lin Luoran realizes that at least the spring is not corrosive.

She nerves herself to put the wet grass into her mouth. The taste of mud rushes into her mouth. She also tastes a bit of sweetness. Is this the sweetness of the spring? How miraculous!

Lin Luoran has experienced lots of strangeness. If the spring is toxic, she is destined to never be a protagonist. She hesitates for a while and finally bends over and drinks a handful of water, thinking that this place is mysterious but peaceful so the water will probably be unharmful.

Lin Luoran has been thirsty for long since she hasn’t drunk any water after coming back from the visit to Li Anping, also, a lot of blood is drawn from her. Now, spring water runs down her throat and its sweetness fills her mouth. Lin Luoran feels good as if she has just drunk a bottle of ice water in the midsummer, which makes her not feel anxious anymore.

She couldn’t help drinking some more.

There is abundant sunlight in the mysterious space and the temperature is appropriate. Lying on the grass, Lin Luoran waits for something magical to happen to her. It is so comfortable that she doesn’t even want to get up.

With time passing by, Lin Luoran almost falls asleep while waiting. However, she hasn’t gone to the stage that written in the novel about the situation after someone takes magical restoratives.

Lin Luoran touches her face. Her skin is not that smooth. The roughness is inevitable for she can’t afford expensive skincare products.

And her hands… What? The cracks and wrinkles caused by cold weather are gone.

Her facial skin isn’t changed, but her hands, after soaking in the spring, become much moister and smoother. Is this the effect of the spring? Looking at it, Lin Luoran becomes excited. Perhaps her whole family can live on the spring which can improve skin conditions.

Lin Luoran is not greedy. She feels glad enough after just figuring out the effect of the spring!

Her spirit is up at once. Lin Luoran gets up and walks briskly to the spring, checking on the pond that carries her hope…Lovelorn shadow is not so light as she shows. Lin Luoran is born with the toughness of lower-class people. This is the exact time for her to distract her attention to something else, for instance, the mysterious space or the small pond which might change her future.

The spring origins from the underground. It is an everlasting, shallow, bubbling pond.

Staring at it, an idea comes to Lin Luoran’s mind. Will the spring water have some extraordinary effect on plants, like what is written in novels?

She itches to have a try, but there are only grass and a sapling in this space.

Only thinking about watering the grass with the spring makes Lin Luoran’s heart aches.

Then… It has to be the sapling. Lin Luoran wonders whether that red fruit is edible.

Out of nothing, Lin Luoran begins to feel hungry. However, she couldn’t bring herself to pick it for the fruit is so tiny and beautiful.

She stares at the pond and for some reason, she holds a handful of water and pours them on the sapling.


Lin Luoran couldn’t help but marvel.

The spring water immediately seeps into the soil and the leaves also absorb all the water drops on them. In a minute, even in the blink of an eye, the sapling starts to change right in front of her.

The leaves gleam. Not only do they look greener, but also shine like jade. It seems that the leaves evolve into jadite just in a short time.

The leaves are shining. The lights are overflowing. Something like mist rises up and flows around the leaves. It then circles the red fruit and is absorbed by it greedily.

The greenness gradually fades away while the fruit gets even redder. The leaves no longer have the texture of jade, but the fruit is turning into a ruby.

With a slight crack, the fruit falls from the sapling!

Lin Luoran catches it with her quick hands.

She looks back at the sapling. It has returned to the normal appearance and all that glitter and clearness are gone. Obviously, the red fruit ripens by absorbing the essence of the sapling, which makes it so precious. Lin Luoran feels the warmth of the fruit in her palm. This thing really doesn’t look like an ordinary fruit!

Gazing at this hot potato in her palm, Lin Luoran struggles between eating it and throwing it away.

However, she has been staying in this space for quite a while. How can she get back?

The moment this thought flashes in her head, Lin Luoran finds that the scene in front of her starts to change. She actually finds herself returns to her house in a second, remaining the gesture of lying on the couch as before.

Are these all her illusion? Thinking about this, Lin Luoran looks down on her hands—The mysterious bead is once again tied around her waist by a thread of silver, soft and strong. It appears that this thread of silver comes from inside the bead for there is no joint.

She finds something warm in her right hand. Lin Luoran loosens her grip and sees that ruby-red fruit.

The warmth in her hand is a reminder that what she just experienced is not a dream, but an adventure!

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