Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 2 - Bracelet? Bead!

Chapter 2 Bracelet? Bead!

Li Anping takes off the bracelet as if nothing has happened. He explains, “I was intended to return it to her parents in person.”

Elly is satisfied with his explanation, no matter how unconvincing it is. She takes the bracelet and gives it a glance. Unexpectedly, it looks even more beautiful. She never believes that a rural family could own such a piece of nice jewelry.

Elly rolls her eyes and holds up the bracelet, “Beyond my expectation, it is quite beautiful…” She pauses on purpose, looking to Li Anping then to Lin Luoran, both of whom change their expressions—Li Anping out of guilt and Lin Luoran out of the thought that she might refuse to return the bracelet.

Seeing this, Elly pouts, “It is cheap, no matter how beautiful it is!”

Lin Luoran gets paler. Elly opens her mouth and doesn’t feel vicious at all. She only finds this country girl quite interesting, so she tosses the bracelet in a direction which Lin Luoran obviously has no chance of catching it—

The silver bracelet hits the ground with a crisp sound. Lin Luoran’s eyes turn red, letting go of the rearview mirror unknowingly.

Elly rolls up the car window. With a nice drift, the Audi TT is gone.

Lin Luoran has pinched herself so hard with her nails that her palm begins to bleed. She bends over and picks up the bracelet, wishing to leave immediately. The air of the place where this shameless couple has been seems to be dirty.


It is already dark outside when Lin Luoran finally gets home after two times of bus transfer without haste.

She is too tired even to turn on the light.

She has reclaimed the heirloom of her family and will have no more connection with the heartbreaker. It’s time to think about what to do next.

Her parents are old and they have been urging her to marry Li Anping for half a year. For now, she definitely will not tell them about the break-up because they could never survive from the irritation.

She had paid a whole year’s rent and she still can live here for another seven months, so she doesn’t have to worry about rent. As for work, Lin Luoran was fired a week ago. The manager spoke evasively that Lin Luoran offended someone, but she couldn’t figure out who on earth it was.

The arrogance of Li Anping’s new girlfriend today actually reminds Lin Luoran that the “someone” might be this snorty rich woman who is easy-going on the outside… It will be a lie to say that Lin Luoran does not hate Elly since not only did Elly seduce her boyfriend, this woman also got her fired. Nevertheless, there is nothing Lin Luoran can do. Perhaps she could never revenge them for the gap between them is way too big. Lin Luoran still has to support her elderly parents back at home so she can’t just go to pour vitriol on Elly’s face.

Lin Luoran and Li Anping were going to get married. They even saved 30,000 yuan for their wedding. But the money was taken by Li Anping in the name of attending training. It means that all Lin Luoran gets from this six-year relationship are lost youth, unfinished school, awkward age and the left 1,600 yuan!

Lin Luoran grasps the silver bracelet subconsciously. Her palm starts to bleed again. The blood drops through the hollow silver wires onto the bead, which absorbs the blood without her noticing!

After absorbing blood, the bead begins to glow and vibrate slightly like it still lacks strength because of hunger.

Lin Luoran stays immersed in her own thoughts and fails to notice this bizarre phenomenon.

The bead keeps vibrating like a live creature with Reiki. It appears to be anxious for having no solution to its hunger. Then, as if it has finally made the decision, the bead shines and these silver wires wrapped around it begin to move. They transform into spines and directly dig into Lin Luoran’s palm!

The room is dark. Lin Luoran is just distracted, but not blind. She certainly sees the light shining from her palm. But the minute she raises her hand, these silver wires dig into her and shock the hell out of her.

The pain is not unbearable. It seems like she is bitten by an ant. Still, Lin Luoran is nearly scared to death.

This situation is beyond the realm of scientific explanation. No normal person will be not frightened or shocked. Let alone that these silver wires have now transformed into thin crystal tubes. Lin Luoran could see her fresh blood being drawn out, dropping on the bead which absorbs all.

Lin Luoran uses all her strength to shake her hand but fails to take the bracelet off. It’s like that the bracelet is rooted in her palm just in a very short time. She could feel that a lot of blood is drawn from her because she already begins to feel dizzy, which is exactly the reaction of excessive loss of blood.

The more blood the bead absorbs, the brighter it becomes. Within several minutes, its glow changes into dazzle and even gets too glaring to look at!

Lin Luoran feels that her vision is blurred. There is no need to guess that she will die if the bead keeps drawing her blood.

She realizes that this is not an ordinary heirloom while being afraid of not having the chance of living to use it… It seems that the bead has noticed her fear. With a faint “buzz” and all the frustration, it retrieves the tubes and stops drawing blood from her.

Lin Luoran takes the chance to throw the bracelet onto the table and slumps into the tattered couch.

Her lips are cold and colorless and her entire back is soaked by sweat, as if she just got out of the pool.

Except for the glow, the bracelet returns to its normal form and the crystal tubes are gone.

Lin Luoran survives from the disaster. Although she is extremely curious, she does not dare to pick up the bracelet to have a closer look. With time passing by, the light of the bead gradually darkens into shimmer.

Lin Luoran leans forward a little bit, checking out this heirloom which has almost killed her.

Something is happening. Lin Luoran rubs her eyes, thinking that she might have illusions. However, the scene in front of her doesn’t change at all.

When the light is darkened, Lin Luoran discovers that after absorbing her blood, the silver surface of the bracelet is melting, so is the hollow silver wires which seems like a cage or a protective layer of the spooky bead…

Being alerted, Lin Luoran steps back. The bracelet gradually melts into a pool of liquid silver, lustering under the glow of the bead.

Lin Luoran surprisingly finds that the silver liquid is also absorbed by the bead just as the bead did to her hand. That poor of silver liquid disappears just in a very short time.

Lin Luoran grasps the pillow in her arms, pursing her mouth tight.

The glow of the bead becomes even more appealing. Layers of colorful light rings circles around the bead. It is more breath-taking than any jewelry in the world!

The bead jumps up and down in the air like it is singing happily.

Lin Luoran squints her eyes, thinking about how to deal with this supernatural thing… It is unrealistic to hit it with the pillow. However, within her reach, there is only half a glass of water on the table. Should she pour water on it?

Water is not dog blood which might drive out evil spirits… Lin Luoran draws on her imagination while her body stays tight. She has never been more nervous before.

The bead rotates in the air. The light rings of it move like a comet’s tail. Surprisingly, the bead dashes against her at high speed!

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