King of Gods

Chapter 49 – Ten Moves Xin Wuheng

Chapter 49 – Ten Moves Xin Wuheng

Zhao Feng used Star Finger to beat Qiu Changyi in one move.

The audience of the summit erupted.

“Who is this guy? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”

“He just beat Xin Tong in one move, and now even Qiu Changyi lost to him.”

The chaos far surpassed anything before because Qiu Changyi was one of the four great geniuses. Beating Qiu Changyi ,Zhao Feng might become one of the next four great geniuses.

The few familiar geniuses of the Zhao family were stunned. Zhao Chi, Zhao Han and Zhao Qin couldn’t hide their shock.

“He won.” Excitement shone within Zhao Yufei eyes.

“There’s such a talented person within the Zhao family. Furthermore, he’s only fourteen years old… ” Qiu Mengyu’s eyes were full of worry and concern.

Competition was fierce between the three big families of Sun Feather City and the Qiu family wasn’t on good terms with the Zhao family. And the younger generation would decide their future prospects.


After beating Qiu Changyi, Zhao Feng returned to the Zhao family pavilion.

He smiled at Zhao Yufei: “Looks like I didn’t dissapoint you.”

“I was joking just then, but I also wanted to know brother Feng’s true strength.” Zhao Yufei said slyly.

Suddenly, he felt a killing intent come from his side. Turning around, he saw that Zhao Linlong was sat grimly and looking at him warningly.

Zhao Feng shook his head and knew that Zhao Linlong had mistaken him as a competitor for Zhao Yufei. He was too lazy to bother explaining. With his strength, he didn’t fear anyone in the younger generation.

The genius summit continued with many talented youths coming onstage.

At a certain point.

Qiu Mengyu went up to show her skills. She immediately beat many youths of the fourth and fifth rank.

Even with Zhao Qin and Zhao Ling’s strength they couldn’t block three moves from her and cultivators of the fifth rank such as Zhao Chi and Zhao Han couldn’t block up to twenty.

This made many people secretly click their tongues.

“Qiu Mengyu is way stronger than Qiu Changyi.” Zhao Feng felt surprised.

The feeling that Qiu Mengyu gave off was the “most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City”, but in terms of strength she was ranked second at the last summit, even one higher than Zhao Linlong.

“Zhao Linlong, your cultivation is the highest amongst the four great geniuses. Could I have the pleasure to spar with you?” Qiu Mengyu said smiling.

“Obviously. Since I lost to you last year, there will definitely be a battle this year.” Zhao Linlong stood up slowly and released his sixth rank aura.

At this moment, he surveyed the youths in a high noble manner.

“But you’ve just fought just now, so even if I win it won’t be fair.” Zhao Linlong’s mouth twisted.

“No wonder brother Linlong is the top genius of the Zhao family, then I’ll rest for a while.” Qiu Mengyu smiled and didn’t reject it.

“Is there anyone that has the courage to fight me?” Zhao Linlong smiled and scanned the Qiu and Xin family pavilions.

“Mengyu, let me go and test his skills.” A skinny youth from the Qiu family said lowly to Qiu Mengyu.

“Qiu Lin, be careful! Don’t fight him head on!” Qiu Mengyu agreed as she recovered her stamina.


A youth of the fifth rank landed in the middle of the stage.

“Zhao Linlong, will you fight me?”

Qiu Lin had intense fighting intent rising in his eyes as a faint deep green glow spread amongst his body, it was obvious that this person was of the peak fifth rank.

“Hehe, I wonder how many moves you can block.” Zhao Linlong lightly laughed and with a “shuah”, he left multiple after-images in the dark night.

“High ranked martial art Shadow Step!”

“This skill can be used to its maximum potential at night!”

The audience exclaimed.

At this moment, there were only after-images of Zhao Linlong on the stage. Qiu Lin’s heart jumped, his eyes couldn’t even see how Zhao Linlong moved.

“Ancient Wind Palm!”

He clenched his teeth and a deep green glow appeared on his palms that swept across a wide area.

Beng! Tah! Tah!

His area attack swept towards where Zhao Linlong was. However, none of his attacks even landed on Zhao Linlong’s clothes.


Zhao Linlong ghostly figure suddenly disappeared again from his sight. Qiu Lin immediately felt that something was wrong and as if to prove him right, something attacked from behind him.

“Ancient Wind Reverse!” He exclaimed and threw his palm backwards.


A loud sound sounded throughout the dark night.

Qiu Lin’s movement froze and shock filled his face. His arm couldn’t move anymore. The high level of a high ranked skill had been forced to stop in midair.


The people watching drew in cold breaths. There was a youth dressed in gold standing behind Qiu Lin with one hand on his shoulder.

Qiu Lin only felt cold sweat flow down his back and he felt that the hand on his shoulder was one too heavy.

No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t move.

“Shadow Step is a high ranked martial art and being trained to the peak level compensating with Zhao Linlong’s sixth rank of the Martial Path makes him invicible.” Qiu Changyi took a deep breath.

Zhao Linlong’s strength was unimaginable.

“Who else will spar with me?” Zhao Linlong stood in the middle of the stage, his golden robe flying in the wind making him look like a king.

“I will!” A youth of the fifth rank walked out from the Xin family.

“I’ll beat you in three moves.” Zhao Linlong laughed and left an after-image in the wind.

The two figures clashed and in three moves, the youth of the fifth rank was sent flying with a loud thump.


Zhao Linlong’s faint purple aura rose again.

“Who else?” Zhao Linlong’s eyes scanned across to Qiu Mengyu and Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng had his eyes closed and he didn’t respond as if he had no interest to fight.

Just as Zhao Linlong was going to challenge him…

“I will!”

Qiu Mengyu was like a goddess that descended onto the middle of the stage.

“What kind of skill is that… ?”

Many youths stood dazed.

Qiu Mengyu’s skill seemed to be surreal and more of a dance.

“Good!” Zhao Linlong used his Shadow Step and the after-images once again appeared.

Pah! Pah…

The two figures occasionally exchanged blows in midair. Every time they clashed, Qiu Mengyu would use Zhao Linlong’s power to help boost her higher.

“Qiu Mengyu cultivates Twirling Snake Body and it is an unique body strengthening skill, it allows the user to become unusually soft and withstand high damage. Cultivators of the same rank won’t be able to harm her at all… ” Zhao Qin introduced.

In terms of how powerful their body strengthening techniques were, Qin Mengyu was even higher than Xin Tong and just lower than Zhao Feng. Furthermore, Qiu Mengyu’s speed skill wasn’t any worse than Qiu Changyi’s and her cultivation was also at the peak fifth rank.

With Zhao Linlong using Shadow Step to the extreme, he couldn’t gain an advantage.

Thirty moves… Forty moves…

Time slowly passed. Zhao Linlong’s attacks also became more and more fierce.

Spatial Cloud Finger!

Fifty moves later, Zhao Linlong used his peak ranked martial art.


A thin line of purple light shot through the sky. Qiu Mengyu couldn’t withstand Zhao Linlong’s attacks anymore and she almost coughed out blood after defending ten more moves.

“Brother Linlong’s improvements are insane. Your Spatial Cloud Finger and Shadow Step make me look up in awe.” Qiu Mengyu smiled as she gave up.

Although she lost, it was expected since Zhao Linlong’s cultivation was too strong. Maybe only Xin Wuheng could give him a fight.

After beating Qiu Mengyu, Zhao Linlong’s last oppponent was Xin Wuheng.

“Who else will fight me?” Zhao Linlong’s eyes scanned over the crowds and as it passed Zhao Feng, disdain flashed in his eyes.

Finally, Zhao Linlong’s eyes settled on Xin Wuheng. Immediately, every person present looked at Xin Wuheng full of expectation.

Xin Wuheng. The king of the summit last year using absolute power to dominate the other three great geniuses.

“Xin Wuheng! Xin Wuheng!”

As the people screamed his name, Xin Wuheng slowly stood up calmly: “There’s no use. Same deal as before, ten moves.”


The audience erupted in chaos.

Ten moves? What did this mean!?

Zhao Feng looked at the other geniuses.

“Xin Wuheng has a nickname ‘Ten moves’”.

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

Ten moves?

“Up till now, no one has ever exchanged more than ten moves with him… Never!”

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