King of Gods

Chapter 48 – The Power of Star Finger

Chapter 48 – The Power of Star Finger

There were no tricks and skills involved, only pure power. The result was decided with one move.

Many people had expressions of disbelief.

The one that was injured was Xin Tong!

Xin Tong was well known throughout Sun Feather City for his strength, he was at the top of the ladder, just below the four great geniuses at the previous summit.

In many people’s opinions, Xin Tong’s body strengthening technique was extremely powerful. No one thought that he would lose in terms of pure power.

“I lost… if I’m not wrong, you’ve learnt Metal Wall Technique and you have at least reached the peak of the fourth level.” Xin Tong wiped the blood leaking from his mouth.

He knew what skill Zhao Feng learnt. Metal Wall Technique was far more profound than Bronze Body Technique, but it was harder to train as well.

“You’re right.”

Zhao Feng didn’t pretend that he had learnt something else. But his Metal Wall Technique was not at the peak of the fourth level anymore, it had reached the fifth level a few days ago!

“When did Sun Feather City have such a person!?”

“His body strength surpasses Xin Tong’s. In terms of pure body defense, his is probably the best in Sun Feather City.”

After beating Xin Tong, Zhao Feng’s fame spread like a wildfire through the younger generation.

After the sparring match, Zhao Feng didn’t remain on stage and he returned to the Zhao family pavilion instead.

Zhao Han and Zhao Chi looked solemnly at him.

Zhao Han was extremely shocked, he couldn’t even beat Xin Tong in one hundred moves and Xin Tong was defeated by Zhao Feng in only one move. It looked like that the distance between them was starting to get bigger and bigger…

Obviously as Zhao Feng and Xin Tong contested in terms of pure power, only winning in one move was normal. Therefore, Zhao Linlong was only slightly stunned, but he soon regained his composure.

One genius after another showed off their skills.

Half the time it takes for an incense to burn later.

“Hehehe, it’s finally my turn…. ”

From the Zhao family, a lazy youth who was at the fifth rank came out! The one that came out this time was Zhao Chi.

In the ranking tournament, Zhao Chi was even ranked higher than Zhao Feng. Zhao Chi not only had a high cultivation level, every skill he learnt had also reached a high tier.

Instantly, he defeated geniuses of the fifth rank from the Qiu and Xin family. Especially at the end, Zhao Chi’s peak ranked martial art was extremely powerful. Now Zhao Chi’s fame had surpassed Zhao Feng’s. Next, he could only challenge the four great geniuses.

Xin Wuhen, Qiu Mengyu, Qiu Changyi.

“Qiu Changyi, I won’t lost this time like last year.” Zhao Chi was pretty confident.

“Haha! Although you’ve made major improvements, it won’t be easy for you to beat me.” Qiu Changyi was dressed like a handsome scholar.

The two soon intertwined with one another. Facing Zhao Chi, even one the four great geniuses Qiu Changyi had to go all out. This was because Zhao Chi’s offense, defense, speed were all flawlessly top class. The fact that he had also learnt a peak ranked martial art made Zhao Chi even stronger.

Qiu Changyi’s forte was speed.

Sou Sou Sou!

In the night, a white clothed figure could been seen flying through the air like the wind.

Flowing Feather Step! Flowing Feather Flying Cloud!

Qiu Changyi’s footstep skills compensated one another, making the power massively increase.

His Flowing Feather Flying Cloud had even reached the peak level. There was only one person who had trained a high ranked speed skill to the peak level in the Zhao family.

Zhao Qin said: “Qiu Changyi is the fastest amongst the younger generation, everyone who met him last year would get a headache.”

The two figures exchanged blows quickly. Zhao Chi was even in every aspect and although he lacked speed he was still able to stand his ground.

According to the rules, if the spar was even, the audience would decide the winner. After a long discussion, it was finally decided that Qiu Changyi won. The reason being Qiu Changyi had the upper hand and the judge was from the Qiu family. Although it was slightly unfair, no one said anything.

After Qiu Changyi won, he didn’t return to his family. He looked at Zhao Yufei instead.

“Lady Yufei.”

Qiu Changyi had a faint smile on and he didn’t hide his passion. Being with Qiu Mengyu often meant that he had resistance towards hot girls, yet his eyes lit up the moment he saw Zhao Yufei.

If he missed this girl, he would regret it for life.

“Qiu Changyi, do you want to spar with me?” Zhao Yufei smiled. Not a trace of fear was seen on her face.

“No! The one I want to challenge is him!” Qiu Changyi’s eyes landed on the person next to her.

The twist made dumbfounded many.

Why me?

Although Zhao Feng didn’t fear him, he felt baffled.

“I want to know what is so special about Brother Zhao, so special that Zhao Yufei had to come for another invitation.” Qiu Changyi’s eyes stared at Zhao Feng.

He knew that there was a high chance that Zhao Yufei liked Zhao Feng. To replace that position in her heart, he must beat Zhao Feng.

“What!? Yufei begged for an invite just because of him?” Jealousy rose within Zhao Linlong’s heart.

He couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng in a new light.

“Thank you, Yufei.” Zhao Feng smiled gratefully towards Zhao Yufei.

He finally knew how he got his invitation. With Zhao Linlong not putting him in sight at all, there was a high chance of him not receiving an invitation.

“We’re good friends, neighbours! If you want to thank me, beat him.” Zhao Yufei smiled like a lotus blooming.

That moment, her beauty surpassed the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City, Qiu Mengyu.

“Sure.” Zhao Feng felt a fire burning in his heart.

He wasn’t fighting for anything, just Zhao Yufei going to the Qiu family alone for another invitation gives him the reason to not lose.

“I hope you don’t let Lady Yufei down.”

Qiu Changyi seemed normal, but within his heart, he was slightly jealous and envious.

However, the real one who was jealous was actually Zhao Linlong.

“Why…. How can this branch sect disciple steal my woman!?” Zhao Linlong’s face flashed coldly in the darkness.

Right at this moment, the two figures clashed together. Qiu Chanyi’s white robe enhanced his handsomeness and he immediately became the centre of attention for the girls. However, his opponents speed wasn’t slow either.

Lightly Micro Step! Lightly Floating Ferry!

Zhao Feng showed off his speed skills. These two skills of his came from the same origins. Up till now, Zhao Feng’s Lightly Floating Ferry had reached the low level, but it was only one step away from the high level.

However the rank of this skill couldn’t be measured, it had to the potential to even exceed peak ranked martial arts. In terms of speed, Zhao Feng only used seventy to eighty percent to fight on par with Qiu Changyi.

“How… how can this guy’s speed not be any slower than me?” Qiu Changyi started to sweat more and more from his back.

He had always been the fastest cultivator of the youngest generation of Sun Feather City. But now, there was someone who was not any slower than him. However, Zhao Feng’s body strengthening technique and offensive skills surpassed his.

“Star Finger!’ Zhao Feng shouted and pointed his finger.


The finger condensed all his Inner Strength into one point and it swept across the dark night.


Qiu Changyi didn’t have the time to dodge so he had to face it straight on, the end result was that his entire arm went numb. Furthermore, there was a chaotic Inner Strength rampaging throughout his body.

Teng! Teng! Teng…

His body was sent back a few steps before he stopped.

“Peak ranked martial arts? How can I lose… ?” Qiu Changyi clenched his teeth as he started to unleash his killing move.


A hand that seemed to made out of bronze gently tapped his shoulder.


Qiu Changyi felt himself turn cold. As the opponent stood dazed, Zhao Feng had found his flaws and he had used unparalleled speed to move behind him.

“I lost?” Qiu Changyi seemed to lose his spirit as he stood there in disbelief.

But reality was cruel. Zhao Feng’s speed wasn’t any slower than his, Zhao Feng’s offense surpassed his, he had even learnt Star Finger, one of the most famous peak ranked martial arts.

“Star Finger?” Zhao Linlong’s heart lept.

Star Finger was similar to Spatial Cloud Finger, both were extremely powerful peak ranked martial arts.

The head of the sect Zhao Tiancang had once said: “The skill I’m teaching you now, Spatial Cloud Finger, is one of the most powerful peak ranked martial arts within the Zhao family. No one can stand against you unless they have learnt Star Finger. In that case, you will lose.”

“Then why not teach me Star Finger instead?” Zhao Linlong asked curiously.

“Star Finger is too hard to train, the slightest mistake would festroy one’s future talents. And even though I’m the head of the sect, I can’t allow you to go and select more peak ranked martial arts.”


The scene replayed inside Zhao Linlong’s mind.

“Phew, it looks like Zhao Feng’s Star Finger is only at the second level. If it was at the third level, then it would be difficult…” Zhao Linlong slightly let out a breath.

From the situation right now, it looked like Zhao Feng’s Star Finger hadn’t reached the third level yet.

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