King of Gods

Chapter 42 – Peak fifth rank, Martial Arts Library

Chapter 42 – Peak fifth rank, Martial Arts Library

As Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei walked back side by side, the disciples looked on in jealousy and envy. Zhao Yufei’s started to blush. Her eyes secretly glanced towards Zhao Feng but found the latter was calm as if nothing had happened. This caused her to be slightly disappointed.

She only felt that Zhao Feng was the only one who could suppress her in the sect, this made her feel somewhat helpless.

Returning home, Zhao Feng went to report his gains in the Sky Cloud Forest. Obviously, he didn’t say that Zhao Tianjian had sent someone to kill him, or how he had met high tier deadly beasts. Zhao Yufei still broke out in cold sweat.

Going to his room, Zhao Feng let out a long breath: “Zhao Tianjian has already sent someone to kill me so he’ll be likely to keep on doing that. Therefore, I’ll hide my cultivation and surprise him.”

The reason why he didn’t challenge Zhao Linlong was because of this. Zhao Feng sat cross-legged on the floor and he put his consciousness into the dimension inside his left eye. In the pitch black area, the faint green glow in the middle had reached five feet nine, which meant that his cultivation had touched the doorway of the peak fifth rank.

Zhao Feng wasn’t thinking about this.


Zhao Feng concentrated on his left eye.


Immediately the green glow was replaced by a scene. In the scene there was two figures; one was the high tier Azure Eyed Hyena, while the other was the shy girl who wasn’t much older than Zhao Yufei.

Next, the Azure Eyed Hyena and the girl both leapt at each other. The girl in green seemed to meld into the air. Her body gave off a queer azure light, which was much more brighter than Inner Strength. She casually waved her wands and the azure light formed into wind blades that instantly ripped the Azure Eyed Hyena’s head into pieces.

“I wonder where that girl is from. Probably no one would be able block one of her moves in Sun Feather City.” Zhao Feng took a cold breath.

The scene was replayed again and again. Zhao Feng looked from different angles and positions to see how the girl attacked. Slowly, he began to gain some insight.

The casual swipe of her hands contained understanding which far surpassed the martial artists level. Zhao Feng already gained a small bit from just looking at her attacking. At this moment, he had duplicated the move, but the damage was very far off. But the duplication itself already reached a high ranked martial art.

This really shocked him. Wouldn’t that mean if he fully duplicated the girl’s moves, it would surpass peak ranked martial arts?

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng became more and more excited.

“Why don’t I name this skill ‘Mysterious Wind Palm’.”

That night Zhao Feng tried to gain more insight into that move. Since this move was super high tier, Zhao Feng was not able to fully understand it in a short period of time. Only till deep night did Zhao Feng feel tired. It looked like the left eye’s dimension couldn’t continuously help him replay the scene back and forth.

“It takes a lot of my mental energy trying to gain insights from this move.” Zhao Feng concluded.

Therefore, he started to train Air Crossing Breathing Technique again.He had received a blood pill from the tournament and it could increase his cultivation. Pills were different from pure plants, they contained a lot less poison within them, so cultivators were able to absorb more and of better quality from it.

“I still have three plants over a thousand years old whose values exceed the blood pill.” Zhao Feng thought for a while then decided to eat the pill.

Soon the medicine’s power started to flow from within him. The energy was very harmonious with his body. Zhao Feng immediately started to circulate Air Crossing Breathing Technique to absorb the energy.

The morning of the second day.

Zhao Feng had fully absorbed all the energy and felt his cultivation inch forward a little bit. The green glow inside his left eye had extended just past five-feet-nine.

“Peak fifth rank! The pill is indeed helpful.” Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

Only Zhao Linlong was on par with him in terms of cultivation. There was still some time, so Zhao Feng began to practice his Mysterious Wind Palm again.


His body lept into the sky and his Inner Strength spun in the heart of his palm.


A branch as thick as an arm was instantly shattered into pieces. Zhao Feng’s palm wasn’t very powerful, yet it contained the power of spinning and slicing.

“This move has reached the high level of a high ranked martial art.” Zhao Feng exclaimed happily.

Just when Zhao Feng was fully trying to gain insights on Mysterious Wind Palm…

“Brother Feng can I come in?” A familiar girl’s voice sounded.


Zhao Feng’s eyebrows scrunched up.

Outside the garden, there was a girl clothed in snow white. She was biting her lips and she didn’t dare to look Zhao Feng in the eye. The person was undoubtedly Zhao Xue.

“Come in.” Zhao Feng regained his composure and let her in.

The two looked at each other. Zhao Xue seemed to dodge his eyes.

“What have you come here for?” Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

He had a favorable impression of her since they were childhood friends. But ever since they entered the Zhao sect, the last bit of that favorable impression disappeared.

Zhoa Xue’s eyes turned red as she bit her lips: “I’ve been muddled ever since I entered the Zhao sect. I hope that Brother Feng can remember our past days and not hate me…. ”

Looking at Zhao Xue’s sad face, Zhao Feng’s heart started to ripple, but soon, it became as still as water again.

“Everyone has their own freedom to make their choices… I’ve never hated you.” Zhao Feng smiled faintly as if he was making a casual statement.

Sure, Zhao Feng had never hated Zhao Xue, but her actions had disappointed him.

I’ve never hated you!

Zhao Xue’s heart shook as she looked at the handsome youth: “Has brother Feng never loved me… even back at Green Leaf Village?” Zhao Feng was a bit doubtful after she said this.

Zhao Feng wasn’t even fourteen years old. Half a year ago, he was only thirteen. His heart was pure and it didn’t react to Zhao Xue’s love.

Now, Zhao Feng was fourteen and he strained towards the martial path, so he was a bit late on understanding the relationship between boys and girls.

Looking at Zhao Feng’s reaction, Zhao Xue’s heart became cold. She finally knew that Zhao Feng had never loved her, at most, it was a favorable impression during their childhood.

“Brother Feng!” Outside the garden came another clear voice.

Zhao Yufei walked happily into Zhao Feng’s garden. The two were neighbours and they were quite familiar with each other, therefore Zhao Yufei came in without knocking. Soon, she felt that the atmosphere was a bit different.

Zhao Feng and Zhao Xue both stood quietly and the latter was crying softly.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Feng turned curiously towards Zhao Yufei.

At this moment two beautiful girls stood in this small garden. Zhao Xue’s skin was as smooth as water and her face was extremely pretty. However, compared to Zhao Yufei’s angelic aura, she seemed extremely dim…

In terms of talent, aura and body, Zhao Xue was inferior to Zhao Yufei.

“Brother Feng, haven’t you been to the Martial Arts Library to get your skills? You can get a peak ranked martial art since you ranked top three.” Zhao Yufei said slightly stunned.

She had just gone to the Martial Arts Library to choose her skills. The top ten could choose two high ranked martial arts. The top three could choose one peak ranked and two high ranked martial arts.

“Haha, I almost forgot.” Zhao Feng gently smiled.

Looking at Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei smiling together, Zhao Xue felt sad and regretful.

She regretted her decision in choosing Zhao Yijian…

Soon, Zhao Feng arrived at the Martial Arts Library. The elder guarding the library was a white bearded old man that looked familiar.

“It’s you?” The old man’s eyes lit up.

Zhao Feng immediately recognised him as well: “This junior sees elder.”

This old man was one of the two main judges who had supported Zhao Feng.

“I’m called Zhao Yusong. You can call me elder Zhao.” The judge said gently.

“Yes, elder Zhao.”

“Come with me.” Zhao Yusong took Zhao Feng to the second level.

There were around two to three hundred martial arts in the second level. Most were high ranked, while a low number of them were peak ranked. Peak ranked martial arts were very precious to the Zhao sect.

Zhao Feng scanned around and was surprised: “Zhao elder, why is there only a token instead of the martial art?”

The second level of the Martial Arts Library didn’t hold martial arts. Instead, there was a jade token which had the skills name and short summaries.

“Hehe, martial arts of the high rank or higher are very precious. We can’t put the real copy here. When you choose the skill, I’ll go get the book for you.” Zhao Yusong explained.

Zhao Feng was disappointed. The sect was strict with high ranked martial arts which meant he couldn’t ‘steal’ any. But being able to choose one peak and two high ranked martial arts was still acceptable. He went around the second level and read all the summaries.

“What, haven’t you found a skill you want yet?” Zhao Yusong asked curiously.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twirled and laughed: “ Elder Zhao… since you’re the elder guarding the Martial Arts Library, why don’t you recommend some of the best skills for me.”

“Hahaha, don’t you know that this goes against the sect’s rules?” Zhao Yusong’s eyes twinkled.

Although he said that, Zhao Yusong still helped. He walked into the second level and slowly took a few jade tokens out…

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